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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Smack, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    First off, thank you for all of your patience over the past 24 hours while we rolled out the new Daily Reward system.

    If you check your Daily Rewards now you will see some new UI as well as some new rewards for the "Random" stream. Below are screenshots of each.

    Day 7 Loot Case/Chest will not contain Lottery tickets. I promise!



    What has changed?
    Reward Stacking is no longer
    Stacking of multiple days of rewards has been removed meaning you will need to collect your reward on each day if you want to apply it to your character. If you choose not to collect your reward by the end of the day you will still get credit for your daily login and there will be a new reward to collect on the next day.

    When is my next day?
    In the old system your next "day" was dependent on the exact time you last logged in which had its issues. In the new system each "day" is a Kano calendar day which is based on Pacific time and can be referenced in the Settings panel. So for example you could login at 11:30pm Nov 28th and collect a reward and then once midnight passes and we move into Nov 29th you can collect another. No more waiting 22 to collect your next.

    Will Stamina/Energy remain at the Day 7 level beyond day 7?
    Yes they will. Stamina now maxes out at a 60% boost and Energy remains at 100%. Any subsequent day beyond Day 7 will keep these amounts.

    What about Random rewards? Beyond Day 7 will I keep collecting a Loot Case/Chest?
    No you will not. Random rewards will always cycle through Day 1 - 7 rewards and then tour Day 8 will be the same as Day 1 again.

    How do I change my rewards and what happens to my streak?
    To change your reward preference use the radio buttons on Desktop or dropdown on Mobile. If you have a pending reward you must collect this before you can change your pref.

    Changing your reward preference will also reset your "streak" back to a Day 1 level reward. For example if you are on Day 10 Stamina you would have a 60% Stamina reward as your most recent. If you change to either Energy or Random your next day will still say Day 11 however the value of your reward will be that of a "day 1" from the images posted above.

    I could not collect my daily rewards for over 24 hours. This stinks!
    Again we appreciate your patience. Below are some rewards for you to collect in the form of 10FP and either 50% Stamina or 100% Energy.

    These rewards will expire on Friday Nov 30 at 11:59pm Pacific (ie Server Time)

    Mob Wars: LCN
    Facebook: https://lcn.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/555?t_1=forum&t_2=er_555&d=facebook
    Kano Play server 1: https://lcn.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/555?t_1=forum&t_2=er_555&d=kanoplay&game_server=server_1
    Kano Play Server 2: https://lcn.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/555?t_1=forum&t_2=er_555&d=kanoplay&game_server=server_2
    Kongregate: https://lcn.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/555?t_1=forum&t_2=er_555&d=kongregate
    Armor: https://lcn.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/555?t_1=forum&t_2=er_555&d=armor

    Viking Clan
    Facebook: https://vc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/553?t_1=forum&t_2=er_553&d=facebook
    Kano Play server 1: https://vc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/553?t_1=forum&t_2=er_553&d=kanoplay&game_server=server_1
    Kano Play Server 2: https://vc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/553?t_1=forum&t_2=er_553&d=kanoplay&game_server=server_2
    Kongregate: https://vc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/553?t_1=forum&t_2=er_553&d=kongregate
    Armor: https://vc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/553?t_1=forum&t_2=er_553&d=armor

    Pirate Clan
    Facebook: https://pc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/546?t_1=forum&t_2=er_546&d=facebook
    Kano Play server 1: https://pc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/546?t_1=forum&t_2=er_546&d=kanoplay&game_server=server_1
    Kano Play Server 2: https://pc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/546?t_1=forum&t_2=er_546&d=kanoplay&game_server=server_2
    Kongregate: https://pc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/546?t_1=forum&t_2=er_546&d=kongregate
    Armor: https://pc.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/546?t_1=forum&t_2=er_546&d=armor

    Zombie Slayer
    Facebook: https://zs.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/548?t_1=forum&t_2=er_548&d=facebook
    Kano Play server 1: https://zs.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/548?t_1=forum&t_2=er_548&d=kanoplay&game_server=server_1
    Kano Play Server 2: https://zs.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/548?t_1=forum&t_2=er_548&d=kanoplay&game_server=server_2
    Kongregate: https://zs.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/548?t_1=forum&t_2=er_548&d=kongregate
    Armor: https://zs.kanoplay.com/rewards/collect/548?t_1=forum&t_2=er_548&d=armor

    As always post your feedback below as you start to interact with the new Daily Rewards.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  2. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    So Smack, Kano and Mitch. I will try to sum this up from the player perspective:

    Everyone cares about stacking (just not kano, so you remove it)
    You reset us if we change reward type (was not like that before and now we can use the reward types but have to stick with 1)
    You claim to give out better rewards, (but suddenly it is only for stam)
    You say better rewards (but change time from 22 to 24 hours, meaning nearly 3 full rewards lost pr month)
    And to top it of, this has for many active players a direct negative impact of over 100 fp lost pr player pr month

    Am I wrong in any of the above points?
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  3. Please can you answer my question from the other thread - if we switch between stam and energy daily reward, will we reset to day 1 each time?
  4. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Active Member

    Smack...No one cares...Most everyone who pays attention to this stuff doesn't want it. They want stacking. Not having to spend your reward every single day in order to collect the next one. You all have made things worse and harder on us, not better. Please just call it what it is. A way to force us to buy credits in order to compete in your Raid and Arena events.
  5. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    sighs sad sad bad change kano......the old way players had a choice of collecting or stacking .......many would stack for days before a raid or even battle arena...WE had a choice on what we wanted to do
    this collecting every day is WRONG...it hurts all the players, more so the non spenders and only gets the spender pissed off :mad:
    every player has a different want/need......i personally do not want loot..not unless it at the very least over 500 a side....you give free lottery tickets, meh :rolleyes: my chances of winning are slim and none so .......you give a cash boost..i don't even know what i ma getting with that cash boost..how much am i getting not that i want need it anyways
    energy and stamina everyone can use, either for jobs, bosses, fighting arena raids.
    so now with no stacking means you expect players to BUY more refills for all of the above

    Still don't understand WHY the change............there was no confuson on the players side .....i agree with the greed theory
    alll the stuff you give us is virtual.....come on stop being greedy :(
  6. Mabest

    Mabest Well-Known Member

    This change is not change for the better. So not happy with Kano's idea of change. You guys at Kano are getting closer to the end time of your games. Keep it up. It should be interesting to watch.
  7. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    loot.PNG loot.PNG
    Low end loot? that only helps new players...........cash that i know i don't want/need ........a case that will hold more useless stuff i don't need ...favor points..hmmm wonder how many at a time 1? 2? oh boy mighty generous

    YaY way to make us ALL happy ......booooooooooooooo :mad::(:rolleyes:
    see that loot case.totally USELESS as energy is the only thin i get worth wild
  8. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    I just added to the OP, but yes. Your login streak will remain but the type of reward you will get will reset to a day 1 equivalent as shown in the screenshots in the OP.
  9. Rhenkle1

    Rhenkle1 Active Member

    Some lube and a kiss would have been nice. I didn't enjoy this even a little bit :mad:
  10. WHAT!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS??????????????
    So much for a better reward system - this is a complete and utter farce
  11. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    Cant imagine why you guys sat around discussing this and thought the players would like this change.
  12. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    These are brand new loot cases/chests for Daily Rewards with different items than what you just posted.
  13. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    That is totally unacceptable Smack. I have not missed a day and have 1718 day streak. I switch between energy and stam depending on the event coming up. How in the hell is this fair to switch me to day one reward when changing from stam to energy or vice versa!!! Please explain to me how being a daily player is being rewarded!
  14. PimpDaddyDuke

    PimpDaddyDuke Member

    I'm still bothered by my Pig that flew away unexpectedly with my 64 WP's I had in there. "Maxwell the Pig" took off with no CLEAR warning and took my 64 FP's! -- WEEEEEeeeeeeee....! There he went!

    It should have had a "redeem now" button on the Piggy Bank clearly visible, with some form of timer to let you know when it had to be collected by.

    I guess I would have known that if I had read these forums, but I don't usually take time to do that. - Who wants to read the initial post by the developer, then 50 more posts after that trying to figure out all the finer details of how the thing actually works! Not me. -- Not to mention the irrelevant posts to the actual main topic discussion, such as I have done here in this post!

    Concerning the Pig - I think the pig was bad design, not clear at all, many did not know to redeem it.
    Concerning dailies - There will be a lot of posts about it, but the change has been made with no going back. So not much to say. Over and done.
  15. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    beginning of the end of the raid event.. due to death of stacking daily reward
    I change my mind, I AM AGAINST THE CHANGE ... we agreed the calendar day was need to be fix, not anything else
    so u screw us again, we quit the game
  16. Geoff Heretic Wild

    Geoff Heretic Wild Active Member

    I think the day 1 and 2 random should be 100% energy and 60% stamina. Not 20% every week...
  17. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i save up mine in stam for raids now i cant? which means you now want me to buy fps
  18. Marsikun

    Marsikun New Member

    I can understand why we can't stack our 7 dailies... For exemple for raids event, every players will loose 6 dailies (so 60 FP). You probably hope than players will spend for 60 FP more in real cash?
    ---> The only advantage isn't for the player...

    But why reseting the reward when the player keep energy and want change for stamina???
    I'm really disappointed with this update because initially you only had to add a third category (Fp, loot case ...), but in the end the players are losing A TON of ressources ...
  19. I'm glad I took up Amazon's offer of Kindle Unlimited for £1.99 for 3 months - guess what I will be doing when raids are on in VC and PC...........
  20. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    why revoke reward shifting as well? that i dont understand and is more of a problem then not being able to stack.

    the way im seeing it the only changes that really occurred were these -
    • more rewards a person can obtain
    • Stam is now capped at 60% instead of 50%
    • only random has the option for the new reward additions
    • no more stacking
    • no more multiple collecting (both a pro and con but a con in the way it is implemented)
    • rewards reset to day 1 whenever you swap from one preference to another

    There is a potential to turn this around by reverting some of the changes, this is more of a revert with a cherry on top then a benefit to players. Swapping from energy to stam helped majorly for everybody that plays daily based on what events were coming up. On the off time of raids i have energy and when raids come i swapped to stam to get a few extra lvls. Now when raids get here if i swap ill be at day 1 for stam even though ive played now for -
    Day 1474

    I was trying to think you guys would have made the daily system better but without stacking which was fine but reverting to a more primitive reward system? why would you do that, it hurts every player more then any benefit of a loot chest or rng favor points for a daily...
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