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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Petera Hansen, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Petera Hansen

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    can someone explain to me the logic behind the Daily Reward?

    I was under the impression that as long as I played at least once every 24 hours, I would be rewarded the next level, up to a maximum of 7. However, the last few weeks I have not reached level 7. Initially I thought I might have left more than 24 hours between plays (even though I got a full score in Daily Gamer Points), but paying special attention to this, I know for certain that both last week and this week, I didn't reach level 7 - only level 6 - despite playing at least every 24 hours

    Today I logged in at 4.30pm - the Daily Reward level was 6. I logged in again at 9pm, and the Daily Reward level was down to 1 :S

    Has the system been changed so that level 6 is now the highlest reward level possible? I haven't seen any news about this, if so


  2. Bo Baby

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    yeah they played me on my day 7 last week as well so i dont know what the deal is, not even 12 hrs from seeing 6 days i was back down to 1 so i was upset of course...lol
  3. egghead

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    daily rewards

    As is explained beneath the reward history: You will never be shown that you reached Level 7 if you stockpile them. Each Level is shown at the end of the day. Means Level 1 at the end of day one and Level 7 at the end of day seven. BUT, if you have not collected your reward at the end of day seven its set to zero. So you never see a 7 if you stockpile them ... You will however get level 7 if you collect daily - the Level advances nevertheless.
  4. Wonder Woman

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    I think that this has been explained above. The 'Daily Reward' is a reward earned for playing Viking Clan over consecutive days. The more days you play in a row, the better your rewards become. Keep an eye on the Main Menu which indicates how many rewards you have waiting to be collected. You collect all your pending rewards everytime you come to the Daily Reward page. That means you can stockpile multiple days of rewards to collect them together. However, if you miss a day of play or don't collect your rewards by the end of the 7th consecutive day, they will be removed as your new week begins.
  5. Bo Baby

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    please do not state something that u know nothing about...LOL, obviously if it doesnt show u until the end of the day then nobody can EVER collect day 7 bc u cannot collect until it gives u the option to collect whether u do em daily or not so once again...do not state a "fact" that is truly fiction

    so tell me this...ur basically sayin that u collect lvl1 when? on day 2 as u stated, correct? so when do u collect ur day 7? on day 1? come on, did u really read what u wrote b4 u typed it or were u just tryin to act as if u knew what u were talkin about???

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