Daily Reward System: Maintenance and Rework

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Nov 27, 2018.

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    SOHAIB Member

    From FB
    I guess this means u need to collect before maintenance tomorrow otherwise boosts will be lost :mad:
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  2. Tony Two Thumbs

    Tony Two Thumbs New Member

    I like the idea of the new daily rewards but can we keep the old system as weekly reward for logging in seven consecutive days? That would be a win win.
  3. Chasity

    Chasity Well-Known Member

    Seems to me that we already get "daily rewards" in the way of daily "Boosts" of energy and stamina. Ever since you, Kano, implemented the whole daily reward thing, with ability to stack the rewards into 7 days' worth, I have been taking full advantage of it. Please don't take this away from us, when we get so much pleasure out of deciding for ourselves when to cash 'em in!!
  4. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    So kano is rolling it out with plenty time eh?
    it is something that had everyone happy..
    if you get rid of the 7max days stacking it is a MAYOR CHANGE FIASCO..

    i do not like it
  5. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    So basically the part that isn't great about the daily system is that we "cheat" you out of some cash because we save up dailies, and that you wish to destroy. Gratz on another money grabbing change, that has no real game added value, just a change to get a bit more cash out of us.

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    Just another change by Kano to screw everyone who tries to find ways to do more without spending hundreds each month. I started by building my mobster to level with the plan to reach cities and use bosses and job drops to stay competitive. Then Kano slows down on cities and I pass the last city by 11 or 12 cities. Making leveling basically worthless. Then with raid drops and loot cases, Kano makes job drops and bosses worth less while lower levels catch up with better items with raids and loot cases (most loot cases I get items that are less than what I already have)..... finally I set up my mobster with a ton of energy to utilize the 7 days boosts for energy to do more in raids and now Kano changes that???? Kano needs to quit f***** with things and improve the game without screwing over older players.
  7. Tony Two Thumbs

    Tony Two Thumbs New Member

    Where does it state you can't stack? I think Kano is just attempting to establish more Insensitive to log in and play daily in order to boost the numbers of community and keep you playing. I know it's happen to me a few times were I don't log in for a few days and a friend asks me to play something els and poof, I get caught up in a new game. We should help with positive feed back as players to improve upon not rant.
  8. Why can't you implement this change on Friday AFTER VC raids have started and we've collected our saved dailies for raiding?
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  9. Considering how I've been trying to cut back down on spending on this game, I can only thank Kano for helping me out.

    Extra FP I will be spending on energy = 0
    Extra FP I will be spending on stamina due to Kano instituted change = <0

    You sure did the math on this one Kano.
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  10. they are forgetting one thing .... if a player misses a day, then the rewards reset, so their theory of trying to get a player to log in daily is seriously mistaken. The ONLY way to stack the rewards IS to log in daily, therefore, they are kind of cutting their own throats by forcing players to accept the rewards daily. I set mine for all energy so that I can get at least 1.5 levels just off jobs at the end of a long hard week of fighting. The "extras"? .... let's be real, you want to increase daily play? Have better drops from jobs and have stronger items that you can build in the workshop. If I want to BUY a stronger mob, I can do that. But in the description of the game, it says BUILD a stronger character.
  11. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    Maybe we are getting caught up in the language of how the notice was written but this is what I read, "We do recognize that our change will eliminate the ability to use several large Boosts in one go; you will instead use Boosts on a singular basis. However, players may still select to receive Stamina or Energy boosts in preparation for specific events."

    This says on a singular basis. So when I read this it means I can still save up boosts but I now use them one at a time instead of all 7 at once. Which if this is the case that would be a wonderful improvement. If this not the case the wording should be updated to say singular daily basis (can only use one boost per day). Got to be explicit. If you leave things to the interpretation of the masses anarchy will reign down upon us all.
  12. Hope is the color of light green, Kano is the color of Piggy Bank pink
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  13. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Hey all,

    There is a LOT of feedback about this planned change as you can see in this thread so I wanted to address some of it before the morning.

    As posted earlier, depending on which event you are waiting for or currently playing there was never going to be an "optimal time" to release this.

    In terms of collecting energy/stamina, you will be able to cumulatively collect more than you can now over a 7 day period you just won't be able to collect it all at once. This is much more in spirit of a "Daily Reward" especially given you can collect Energy and Stamina Boosts each day.

    Despite some of the sentiment here this is not a "greedy" decision. The existing system has caused confusion and issues for players for a long while and the rewards themselves haven't changed in years. We are revamping this system with more varied rewards while still maintaining pure Stamina/Energy for those that want to continue collecting it. We are also simplifying what a "daily login" is by removing the rolling time window based on your last login and moving to a calendar day system.

    And to answer a common questions of, should you collect all of your rewards before this change? YES. Any rewards not collected before we enter maintenance will be lost.

    I appreciate all of your feedback, positive, negative or indifferent and we as a team take it to heart. But we also believe that this is going to be a better Daily Reward system overall moving forward and in time hopefully all of you will too.
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  14. Why Smack that does actually sound like an improvement! You need to work on your presentation is all! :D
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  15. L1LOne

    L1LOne Active Member

    This will cut back BA players a lot in ZS, seeing how they save stamina for them, so hopefully it isn't another cashcow. And the rewards are actually worth while...
  16. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Active Member

    So we cannot stack seven 50% stamina rewards anymore? You do know that a lot of people rely on that to play battle arena and other things. If we can't stack them you're cutting off that event for a lot of people. Why on earth would you do such a thing? Every time you make an update it makes battle arena worse. Look at the number of people who join...It's simple math. You have to have noticed it. It completely baffles me that you all keep doing this. Stacking seven energy/stamina boosts is just fine how it is now. If you want to update it please, please, please keep that feature. You're going to cut a lot of people off from battle arena and the small amount of entertainment that it brings. Just making it worse. :(
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  17. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    seriously you could of made this change on friday to monday...
    thats the optimal time but no, it had to be just before raids...
  18. darktide

    darktide New Member

    Sounds like no more ba in zs. Good job
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  19. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    I am curious, about your so called improvements Smack:
    First, you remove the biggest gain from it by remove stacking
    You add random drops that like in the cases are of nearly zero value for any player over level 8k (old players)
    You say it makes it more simple that it is based on the the calendar day. I am curious, who's calendar day, because as far as I know, it isn't more simple for the players when you base it on your calendar day. So when we have daylight savings it will give issues, and since you will no force people to get on daily => probably as many non-expected resets. And if you are in doubt that this timezone thing makes it complicated, just look at Mitch's first post in this thread telling us too look up the time on www.thetimezoneconverter.com
    If you get online, use your daily 100% boost, don't have time to burn the stam, and your daily gift is also stam, then what, another reset?

    And yeah, it is a greedy move, why is it so hard to accept that, when it is the only reason for removing stacking.
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  20. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    This complete bull chit Smack 'plenty' of time does not include 11 hrs to use up stamina when not around that we have saved up. I asked this question (post #8 Yesterday at 5:49 PM) just over 8 hrs ago. Can you not see the logic in this? I'll be sending in a ticket for my saved boosts I guess, cause am not able to use them in such short amount of time=not being on line. I'll suggest to anyone I know that got fecked over by this do same, 'support team' be ready for a 'few full days worth or reading tickets' if this goes through as planned tomorrow. :confused:
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