[ZS] Daily Missions and Loot Cases Walkthrough

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. mi7ch

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    Thanks for your feedback, I'll be sure to pass it along to the team.
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  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all,

    It’s been awesome to see how the Daily Missions feature has been going, and we’ve gotten some great feedback around it both here and in Support! We’re seeing 77% of Missions being completed and have paid out thousands of Loot Cases, and it’s been great to watch this feature grow. To that end, though, we’ve got a small adjustment we’ll be releasing this morning to the loot table in the Cases.

    Originally when the feature launched we included version 2 of the Superior Raid items in the loot table. Getting a purple item out of a Case feels awesome, but it does kind of belie the exclusivity of that item and the thrill of earning one in a Raid.

    To that end we’re going to be rebalancing Loot Cases by adding in Calendar drops and keeping Raid Superior v2 items exclusive to those events.

    Loot Cases will continue to pay out old Raid Superiors and Common v2 items, but going forward the only way to earn Superior v2 items will be from the Raids themselves, which preserves the uniqueness of earning those items while still giving valuable loot out of the Cases

    Thanks for playing and participating in Daily Missions and definitely let us know if you have any feedback.
  3. Calamero

    Calamero New Member

    Give us more UN drops then :)
  4. darktide

    darktide New Member

    Great ideal on ba
  5. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    ok thanks. It must have been behind it. The way the pop ups block each other I couldn't make much out of it all. It said underneath you have earned a yellow case. Maybe from a previous mission? No idea but I know it was there. I mistakenly thought that was part of completing the mission not the reward.

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  6. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Still won't get me to join the new style. because It still helps folks I fight level which is detrimental to my daily game play. Especially since quite frankly the mission drops are meh. It's another component for entertainment but unless you have little inventory it unfortunately does little to help the long term player since most have already gotten comparable or better items to fill their inventory. The 500 energy I got today was useful but other than that I can't say it's really had much I could use. Yes I won 10un but I paid the 15un upgrade....ROFL yeah that's not good un management on my part.

    So basically, for anyone like me that has inventory adding BA to missions would be a skip that mission for me. It'd be great if the BA was enjoyable but it's brutal on the eyes, stamina intensive, I can't really level off it, and there is no real fun in just sitting for hours looking for one not in defense and killing anything doesn't give much of a thrill since the first half they just respawn and it's not got that fight feel of hey there's my in game enemy let me see if I can take them out.

    So I think it's a great thought, the reality is the BA just isn't fun for very many in it's current format and the reward does not cancel out the downside of aiding a possible enemy.
  7. Aknarra

    Aknarra New Member

    Would be really nice if there was a "Confirm" popup BEFORE I spend 15 UN on Upgrading the crate. That was really scummy. How many have you tricked so far?
  8. kathleen jinks

    kathleen jinks New Member

    WOOT WOOT LOVE the Chests,did another upgrade and wow!!! 5 amazing amazing amazing weapons (2 purples!!! to boot!!). Yeehaw keep it up!
  9. kathleen jinks

    kathleen jinks New Member

    reading the thread I have to agree with "slave" we really don't get to do 3 missions a day-why is that? You put out that we would-although upgrading at 45FP's a day is LUDICROUS so some type of discount should also come into play don't you think???
  10. slave

    slave Member

    yup as soon as you do one mission the other two get days added to them no matter what the timer said, and most of my missions trip before i can even view them just doing daily stuff, that the only way to get all three would be to NOT PLAY FOR THREE DAYS!!
    its still cupcaked!
    can you hear me now mitch?
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  11. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    There is some serious confusion here. Those other quests don't get anything "added" to their timers. If you had 1 active quest and 2 waiting for a refresh then your list would be in this state
    1. Active
    2. Count down to midnight tonight
    3. Count down to midnight tomorrow (+1 day)
    Now lets say you complete that active quest. Your list now looks like this
    1. Count down to midnight tonight
    2. Count down to midnight tomorrow (+1 day)
    3. Count down to midnight the day after tomorrow (+2 days)
    You only get 1 new Quest per day. So yes if you want a full Quest list you'd have to wait 3 days for these spots to fill up but it really doesn't matter. If you finish the quest available to you each day you are maximizing the Loot you can obtain from this feature.
  12. slave

    slave Member

    thats horrendous, think about it, why even have the second and third one there then? we will never get to them, ever, if your a daily player. but you would know that if you had someone that played the game on staff, you will never ever ever ever get to the second one as a daily player, so by showing us three, thats cupcaked window dressing, remove the other two and stop making it look like we have three going, aside from the first day when they were all active, mine will never see a second quest active again, and that would be the same for ANY daily player

    and your wrong, they sure as cupcakes do get time added to them if you finish the first one, i take back what i said about liking this feature, now that you have explained it in some devolopers logic, it blows, remove the bottom two quests and stop rewarding someone that doesnt play every day
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  13. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Why? Let's say you don't play every day. When you come back 3 days later you have 3 quests to do to earn some free drops. That's kinda nice isn't it? So you *can* have 3 going but you don't *have* to have 3 going. Finish them at your own pace, that is part of the design of this feature to let players interact with it at their own leisure. We already have enough features that have to be finished within X or by Y so this is a different change of pace.

    They really and truly do not. You always get your *one* next quest at midnight Pacific. So if you have 2 empty slots you are going to get your next quest at midnight. If you finish the 3rd quest so you have 3 empty slots, you will STILL get your next quest at midnight.

    You are free to not interact with this feature if you don't feel it fits your play style. However as you have noticed you are likely going to trigger some of these by doing your normal daily actions. Ultimately we are trying to drive engagement with the game, engagement with various features within the game, and also reward our players which I would think everyone would be happy with. Especially for free.
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  14. slave

    slave Member

    now you are changing your tune, but whatever you think is great, im sure you guys have a plan (well i would anyway) and whatever that plan is, is not giving anything to the people that have got you to where you are right now, i m talking about daily players now going on 5-6 years. now that you have unveiled your thoughts and thought process, this event is a complete mustard event.

    ketchup and mustard, its a way for low level players to get all the gear quick and easy to give them the feeling they are catching up, which they are to some degree, because we had to grind (or buy) our asses off to get gear that now you throwing at them every three days, most of this gear doesnt benefit a high level player akin to the calendar drops - most of that is too low to make our lists, but it will surely make a new players list and maybe even get them throw some cash at you which i bet not many of your higher level players are doing at this point, because....whats the point? so call it , what it is - its just another event allowed to let lower level players gain.

    dont believe me? when i started playing we didnt have a calendar each and every week, we didnt have one each and every month, we had them once in a while on special occasions - you didnt want to "unbalance" the game. now you throw those out like bubble gum, why? because it benefits new players more than old, gives them moderate drops which they can use, and we cant, allows them more oppurtunity to level up (even though its the same percentage for us as it is for them) but come on, i know how much easier it is to level up when your lower than higher, there still has to be a tremendous amount of xp to be had to level at my size, but at theirs, hell, someone can gain 20 levels a day between calendar and raid bosses (if not more-and its prolly a lot more), so just whatever mitch you say and do whatever you guys want, because your always going to cater to new players over old players, thats the way you have always been.

    but this feature, rewarding them to play part time over full time.......lame lame lame lame
  15. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all,

    Quick update for the Daily Missions today. In reviewing the data that we're gathering around this feature, we noticed that the Mission for completing Outbreaks was taking was less time than we originally anticipated.

    To tune things up and make this feature more engaging, we're making an adjustment to this Mission. This particular Mission will now require 15 completions (up from 10) in your current highest Location, as opposed to any available one. We'll keep an eye on the data around this change and we can look at adjusting it going forward if necessary.

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