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  1. Dale Barrie

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    Ye I can relate to this as most high levels punch people who post bosses or say hi, its hard for us to get rivals so we do this but the lowers should not react and attack back, when i fought back i got 7000 death count by like level 1000 lol, its just how it works lowers will all ways get picked on, Only thing that could change this is if our undeads dramatically increased, but even then highers like me would be greedy and still push for more
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  2. Aapje

    Aapje Well-Known Member

    Perhaps it refers to the other guy being stuck behind his PC, clicking like crazy:

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  3. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    'Tis a brave man that plays any game with a tablet. ;)
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  4. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    You should be chained for calling an Apple a PC lol ;)
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  5. SwiftlyInnocent

    SwiftlyInnocent Active Member

    so true because everyone hates trash talkers
  6. Blue Nose

    Blue Nose Active Member

    The important thing to take from this is that this game isn't for the thin skinned or hyper sensitive.

    If attacking annoys you... Use it as motivation to get better.
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  7. Ojba

    Ojba New Member

    protection is garbage give me blacklist!

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    Seriously? Just look around a lot of the players who are in the 1500 to 3000 range now and see their time played. I know of a level 2500 right now on Kong who was a level 1500 when I had been playing for just 5 months and now 2 years later has only gained 1000 levels. Just from doing and completing the monthly, weekend, and 45 minute week long calendar you can get probably 12-15 levels a month - so you figure 350 levels over two years just from calendars. That leaves about 650 levels but lets just make it 700 to be really conservative. And two years is 730 days... but again, make it 700 to be conservative. That is one level per day. And this player plays all the time.

    Not counting any levels by leveling partners over the past 24 days, I have gained 81 levels. A lot of players do purposely get killed and try to avoid leveling to try and be the baddest level they can be so the players who play and level like you would expect from just normal play cannot attack them once they are out of range. So much easier to be the big man in a small pond when you have played three years and most of the people around you have been here half the time or less but are your same level. I guess anyone who hits 17 years old and is still in Kindergarten could brag about how they have the hardest punch in the class.

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    I posted in WORLD CHAT just to see if it is true. I am curious to see who attacks me and who lists me. Be nice to have some rivals to kill. ;-)

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