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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Jess, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Jon Thomas

    Jon Thomas Member

    I'm starting to think that ZS and LCN's item lists are not on par with each other : ) That may be why we have 2 different views on the matter.
  2. Jess

    Jess Active Member

    I suspect the same thing.. That's why I've put [LCN] in the title :) So I'm upset about players from Zombie/Pirates downvoting my idea for Mob Wars.
  3. Kehvyn

    Kehvyn Member

    I didn't derail. You missed MY point. Which was if you use the system incorrectly then of course you're going to create items that are inferior to ones you already use. The point of the system is to replace items you don't use anymore with stronger forms, not to upgrade every single thing as soon as it's unlocked and make yourself weaker. If looking at what items you do or don't use anymore is too much of a hassle, then that's a problem with your laziness. It isn't a problem with the crafting system. Also, if you've gotten to a point where even if you craft something to it's max it still won't be used, then that's great! That's how it's supposed to work. You make yourself stronger to the point where crafting a particular item won't help you, and then you move on to the next one. Also, you're complaining that the crafts are too expensive? What, did you want everybody to get stronger for free? If you save up and don't fling your money around it's not difficult to put some money into crafting, and it's a very good investment.

    Here's my own example of proper crafting (I play LCN, but I'm too low leveled, so I'm using my VC account as reference): On VC I'm around level 3700 with my next major craft being unlocked at level 4000. Currently, the lowest attack and defence item I use is at 51. Anything below isn't used anymore. Put both together, and any item that meets both criteria are 100% useless, while if the item only meets one it's 50% useless. At my level, the land with the previous boss I had unlocked gives me several drops during battle that are 46 attack and 51 defense. It takes 20 of these drops to be upgraded into a single, more powerful version. The upgraded version sits at 69 attack and 69 defense. My attack will be increased tremendously with the upgrade while my defense will suffer since I'm still using the drops for that purpose. However, I'm still 300 levels away, and I already have almost 4000 of these drops saved up, with only about 2000 being used for my defense in battle. By the time I hit level 4000, I will have already unlocked stronger weapons than those drops, and other crafts to keep me busy in the mean time. At the same time, I'll have collected upwards of 6-7k of these drops while none will be used for battle because I will have already become stronger and my lowest items will be around 53-54 attack and defense (that is purely an estimate based on my own progression over time). So, once I hit level 4000 I can upgrade those 6-7k drops I don't use anymore and make myself much stronger. (Doing the math if my lowest was at 53 attack and defense, then I would benefit by an 5950 increase both in attack and defense assuming I had 7k to craft) Of course, none of that includes all of the other useful crafts I would have unlocked along the way either.

    That is how the crafting system is supposed to be used. There is nothing broken about it. It isn't even a high level secret. It just so happens that higher levels know about it because it's part of what got them there in the first place when they were lower level. Some figured it out, while others didn't. With the help of one of them (Thanks Jade!) I was able to figure it out, just like a multitude of others. Other than maybe a few improvements, the crafting system is fine the way it is. I rest my case.
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  4. Jon Thomas

    Jon Thomas Member

    first of all lets forget cost all together, you can make money everyday. That's not important Item quality is the real debate here.

    Now you come out pointing that i'm wrong and lazy (I didn't call you names now did i?).

    I said over and over again I play ZS and only ZS... Your comparing different games and if you bothered to read
    my previous post I had already pointed out the problem here...

    Pirates Clan - 1000 Friends 1000 NPC's

    VC - 1000 Friends 1000 NPC"s

    LCN - 500 Friends 500 NPC's

    ZS - Are you ready for this?? Here we go 20 Friends 20 NPC's

    The problem in ZS is very different. Crafting old items into better ones is important when your trying to equip 1000+ people, but when your down to 40 + yourself every stat is very critical and you have to be clever at getting the best item you can.

    In ZS.... the craft system is junk...
    Items for sale - Base items you buy for missions
    Craft Items - Normally 1-10pts on Attack and Defense BETTER then Items for sale
    Boss Ddrops / Assist Drops - Normally 15-35pts better on attack / defense then Craft Items

    At lvl 865 I just unlocked a new Item I can buy and a new Item I can Craft compared to items i've had for hundreds of levels already there useless. And I over spent in Energy and stamina I don't have a very high attack or defense for my level, but these things are easy to farm and I only have 60 of 100 friends as well.

    I can now buy
    Baja Dirtbike (Level 1)
    64 Attack
    54 Defense

    I can now Craft

    Slasher Car
    68 Attack
    58 Defense

    I can still going to use this boss drop from ~200 levels ago....
    Yoga Boss Drop
    Flying Carpet (Level 1)
    84 Attack
    74 Defense

    I can easily attack and get the min damage needed from any of the bosses below and get a better Vehicle
    El Diablo
    Dr Voodoo
    Yoga instructor

    SO yeah.. craft system is very useful (Albeit it does need improvement), but in ZS.. it's junk up to level 900 so far.

    Yeah sorry about this discussion taking up a large part of it, I changed my vote to 5 stars for you.
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  5. Jess

    Jess Active Member

    if you mean the mob/crew amount, then it is 1k/1k for Mob Wars as well :)

    Thanks for the 5 star vote :)
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  6. Kehvyn

    Kehvyn Member

    Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings with my elementary remarks? I was pointing out a common theme that most people seem to line up in when they start complaining about the crafting system.

    While ZS is quite different, that doesn't mean absolutely everything is different. The idea is still the same in ZS, except you're using consumable parts. I understand that, but here's my issue; you're complaining that the item quality is crap for the first 900 levels, but did you take this up with another player to see if it was the same for them? The fact of the matter is you're pinning this entire argument on your own experiences, and then going as far as to say that the system needs an overhaul because you think the items aren't good enough. They may be exactly what another player needs to become stronger. It should be a fantastic thing that you can't craft anything good in your range. That means you're so far ahead in items that you should be stronger than most around your range, and can just save up your consumables for items later on down the road that can and will benefit you.
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  7. Jon Thomas

    Jon Thomas Member

    Didn't hurt my feelings just no reason to be rude just because you don't like my side of the argument.

    If nothing I have been able to craft between levels 50 and 870 have been anywhere near the items reasonably attainable by me then anyone who's circumstance is different where those said craftable items ARE useful is using a poor strategy and does nothing to justify a craft system that fails to be useful.

    The point is the only 2 kinds of people who would use the craft system IN ZS are those who can't make friends or lack the knowledge of a better way. The solution to both of these is in the ZS New Player section in a post I created:

    I keep it up to date and currently working on a Boss Item List composition to help even further (see third post (Placeholder))
  8. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Fine, I'm butting in on this, crafting for VC is 1800 levels behind me and I'm level 8703, so take couple 100 and deal with it, it'll only get worse.
  9. Jon Thomas

    Jon Thomas Member

    or... we ask Kano to improve the system like I suggested. My original thought that started this was that the craft system isn't worthwhile enough to invest time into improving it unless it included a overhaul of the item system. You seem to agree that the item system is subpar as well.

    Either way... Kehvyn if you want to message me for further discussion feel free too, we have hijacked this thread into the ground i'm afraid and owe Jess an apology.
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  10. JARVIN

    JARVIN Active Member

    can't everyone see how complicated this is?
  11. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member

    I think one thing that crafting could be massively improved by is complete reverse crafting (this is for me speaking for a Mob Wars LCN perspective and I'm not sure if it has already been rolled out in the other Kano apps but I do feel it relevant)
    Notice how everyone is talking about how experience in crafting and knowing what is worth crafting and whether, in the long run, an item is worth crafting now or waiting till later for?
    By introducing a fully-reversible crafting system then players could initially craft an item and then undo the crafting without losing the item. There are some reversible crafts in LCN, but only a small amount. If a fully reversible system was introduced then you wouldn't be punished for experimenting with the crafting system. You learn through experience with crafting, much like you do with anything else. So, in particular for new players, this would allow people to exercise curiosity and play around with their loadout. Furthermore, it means that you can craft an item that uses random boss drops at a low level (a prime example being a Tsar's Velvet Coat in LCN) and then using reverse crafting the item at a later level for Elite/Optimal Smoking Jackets.
    This option would not only benefit new players unfamiliar with crafting but would also reward those that do regularly craft by allowing them to keep the crafting fully up to date without compromise as they climb through the levels.
    I would also like to point out that my suggestion would also include a small fee for reverse crafting (say 40% of the original crafting cost) this way the reverse crafting stays viable price wise as well.
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  12. JARVIN

    JARVIN Active Member

    not to shoot you down, but wouldn't this make it even more complicated? so you have to craft items now, and uncraft them later so that you can use items to recraft other ones later that you can actually use? too much work for me.
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  13. Jon Thomas

    Jon Thomas Member

    I'm with JARVIN it's not like money is hard to come by in any of these games. The benefit wouldn't be worth the time developing it IMO.
  14. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member

    How would reverse crafting make anything more complicated? You unlock elite weapons many levels after you unlock the initial crafts so it's not exactly a quick process that you'll lose track of.
    Furthermore, as I mentioned, by having reverse crafting you can make mistakes without consequences. In the current system, once you craft an item it cannot be uncrafted. So if you make a mistake you cannot change it. And as Jess quite rightly pointed out, some people don't want to 'Put the work in' (it's not exactly rocket science but that's my opinion) but those that do craft should be rewarded for using the craft system.
  15. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

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    Down, at the Blueprints you can already filter by the City, and in each city there are 4 normal blueprints and one Elite and one Optimal, a total of 6 blueprints in each city, its not so hard to find what you need:

  16. Jess

    Jess Active Member

    Good luck finding items for the blueprints you don't know the items for, by sorting by city. (read: hidden/secret blueprint)
  17. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Reese , there is an uncrafting option,I know all the games have it, not sure if you can uncraft everything but usually the upgraded ones you can.
  18. Jon Thomas

    Jon Thomas Member

    Any idea where it's at on ZS? i don't happen to see it. I never noticed it was a option.
  19. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Yes go to the crafting box and it is there,the last option in the all first row under all items
  20. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Be prepared to spend a lot of time figuring out if the items that you have already crafted should be uncrafted so that you can recraft something else.

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