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    As I've read many times over in the forum the overall vibe is Crafting sucks. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on how to improve Crafting and make it more viable for today's player? The game has outgrown Crafting so it's time for some improvements.

    The only idea I had was to extend the Elite/Optimal crafting out. Add a couple more options beyond Optimal. I know for me by the time a new city opens I'm already accumulating drops to craft Elites and once I finish the jobs I'm already on to Optimals. And those usually aren't long for my weapon list.

    Let's share some ideas and maybe Kano will respond with some efforts to make Crafting worthwhile again.
  2. I am thinking Crafting as it was originally intended has been outgrown by the player base. It's probably not feasible to make crafting the last city items into something worthwhile statwise and at the same time avoid undesirable side effects with regards to balance.

    So I think Kano should probably walk up a completely new path. 1000s of low level boss drops just lying around, make that sorta useful for everyone, or at least basis for some added fun.


    Crafting various combos of obsolete boss drops into money
    Crafting various combos of obsolete boss drops into random effect in the game, for instance random Godfather list
    Crafting various combos of obsolete boss drops into stamina/energy refills
    Crafting various combos of obsolete boss drops into loot cases

    Monthly crafting event - recipe crafts into a specific high stat item (should use hundreds of such obsolete boss drops, only usable once)
    Monthly crafting event - timed crafting competitions, individually or perhaps even between syndicates; craft a specific list of crafts in the shortest amount of time, win spectacular prizes huzzah!
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