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  1. John Fuse

    John Fuse New Member

    Why would out of the blue someone attack you, wins and right after places you on a hitlist without provocation.

  2. just because they hope you try to attack back and you cant win.and just to get their listing achievements.

    advice is if you cant win against them,don't retaliate.just rig ignition on them and if they keep attacking without you hitting back,the cost to ambush them of course will drop down lol.
  3. John Fuse

    John Fuse New Member

    Thank you and yes I rigged ignition and I got hit listed again...What bothers me is that I had no deaths and I was working really hard to achieve that stat and this guys comes and takes the fun right out of the game. Kind of took the desire to invest anything in it anymore.

    Hitlist should be something that takes place when you have no solution..

    owell, Happy Holiday and thanks for the info..

    John Luna
  4. Some people will list you for that reason alone because this is a war game where fighting and death is expected.

  5. Ace shooter

    Ace shooter New Member

    John no disrespect but you're basically saying that because you were listed you are tempted not to play the game because of that?? Well no offence go and play farmville where you dont die then because as it was said this is a war game and some people will list for the fun of it Veebee lol (although he has been rather quiet recently) but seriously dude its a game of fun and war. Just fight fire with fire if need be but if you look at the top players they have died a fair few times too!!

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