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  1. Snowtiger

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    Hum, but once you hit that full guild to where you are pretty certain that you have at least 51% damage done, no one else is going to bother hitting it. That would leave us with a bunch of less than half full guilds. You would have to actually blow the rest of your tokens on that guild to finish them off instead of moving on to another target.
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  2. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    An interesting twist that might work while going with your idea is to have a guilds health automatically regenerate a little at a time just as it does in the normal part of the game. That way, if you have ran out of tokens running a guilds health half way down, someone else may see the health has moved up a bit and take them all the way down while hoping they managed to get the 51%.
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  3. Hagar the Horrible

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    Craig, it's a good job you mentioned the word "cheat" in the forum and not world chat. I mentioned this word in world chat and was instantly banned for daring to mention that people were cheating in the game. That was about a year ago and the ban is still in place. No communication from Kano over length of ban so I have to assume its for life. I've since started playing Clash of Clans, CSR Racing, CSR Classics etc so it's not a problem for me. I play Viking for a limited time each day, or sometimes each week now and spend zero real money. At the end of the day, if Kano do not grow some balls, take a hit on the income the cheats give them, it will ultimately mean the downfall of this game. ... and bye bye Kano as a business.
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  4. George Burd

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    yes but the problem lies in code there, does the health regen reduce the damage oercentage from the guild that took it to 51% that would really force people to commit and stop sniping lol you could lose the kill reward, I like that
  5. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    Yeah writing the code for that scenario would be a monstrous task, and one other thing to take into consideration. What happens if the guild you are trying to kill runs down its own health while attacking other guilds, and does not bother to heal? How would you even determine if you had gotten 51% of the needed damage? I guess given all that, we just need to hope Kano can figure out another way to stop the script snipers.
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  6. Birkebeiner

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    I figure we'd be determined enough to get most guilds 51% damaged at the very opening of GW and leave them there. Of course, if we come up against people with auto clickers we'd have a problem. Getting to that 51% would be the equivalent of a snipe - I'd strategize to "game it" and people would, no doubt, cry "unfair" or worse...

    Kano nerfed the defensive builds, the turtles if they must be referred to in this way, and handed BA to stamina builds and auto clickers (if I understand what's being said), why propose nerfing anyone dedicated and active enough to work hard to get snipes? I'm fighting my corner, and my guild's corner here, in arguing against nerfing the snipers, but I guess if there's certainty that snipe programs are used to cheat and there's no way to get rid of these programs, then GW should be changed... by why change it in favor of auto-clickers?

    I think we should shelve fighting our corners and just look to put pressure on Kano to make the games secure so we can fully enjoy them - especially when a proposed change would simply shift allegations of cheating from one program to another.
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  7. George Burd

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    I am not fighting a corner just proposing options, I will gladly listen to options proposed. as for nerfing, sorry no sympathy from me I got nerfed to death in arena. I could hang till last 5-10 then get my att and xp boost and kick butt now pfffft glad I built my pc account the way I did
  8. DarkIsis

    DarkIsis New Member

    Yes. I can agree with you Craig. POOF , in Guild Wars on the last hit & GONE !!! Many, Many times & nothing is ever done. Some have even copied stats (which are impossible) unless you have cheated ALOT !! I say something most definitely needs to be done here. It would be nice to see the cheaters banned.

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