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  1. John Luna

    John Luna Member

    I dont think you play as much as CDog, Kel or KMA. There is a reason why these complaints are at its highest, currently you can obtain tools/aids to assist in just about anything in these KANO games and regardless of the complaints from the players KANO does nothing.
    Read the thread which should sound old by now and look at what KMA posted to make sure we all understand that its out there and its been out there for quite some time. Many create alternate accounts build them up and use the tool. "if caught" they wouldnt care because its an alternate account and they got what they wanted from it. They would simply create another account and more money for KANO.

    Therefore,,its not so ridiculous unless you condone it and/or are participating in it.
  2. Lucifer

    Lucifer Active Member

    Explains a lot! last guild wars on kong our guild had the same 5-6 guilds taking us down at almost the same time & when we got close to death? guess what? the same guild killed us 3 times in a row! even tho we had lots of players on in our guild trying to suicide on any guild but the one that killed us! with all this cheating going on & nothing being done about it? makes sense now why more & more just don't play, let the cheats, bots, auto clickers have the game, I & a few of my friends have stopped supporting kano apps a long time ago, lets see how long the current card users keep the dead apps going..................
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  3. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    It won't be long before Kano has to learn to detect how to stay in business without a bunch of their real players if something isn't done.
  4. Marius

    Marius Member

    Kano posts the number of permanent bans every week, if those numbers were correct the game would be empty. How many people here can name more than a handful of accounts that they know for certain have been banned? Kano should list the player names that they say they've banned for cheating and alt misuse as well. I think the long and short of it is simple, we have lost trust in Kano. From the original post here, to the everyday flouting by players that we all KNOW are cheating, we get nothing done.

    I genuinely believe that Kano has a responsibility towards us as players, and any contract or terms document will state that. Seems we may need to be more pro-active to get results.
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  5. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    I am not mad because I got sniped. I am mad because everyone got sniped. One member of CCC had 4 level C Guilds stolen right from under him in a period of 10 minutes. I only got sniped 3 times this time. But when the member mentioned it and other members of the Guild also said it happened to them I decided to throw a question out in WC. I received confirmation there that it had happened to others. Therefore, I wrote the original post. I did not get a kill sniped and write that post because I was sulking. I wrote it because I am tired of the cheating and the lack of action against it.

    Based on the players that responded to this thread and the presentation of the Screen Shot posted above its pretty difficult to deny the evidence presented. The poster who indicates that its not happening and has engaged in calling names and making sulk accusations is either in a state of denial or as John said condones or participates in it.
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  6. James Wright

    James Wright Member

    Craig, I got kills sniped at least three times, all level C or above. it seems a bit odd that I can take someone down from 5 or 6 million health and then a lucky shot nabs it on the last hit! Something very suspicious about the last guild wars and it needs investigating asap..................
  7. Chris Groner

    Chris Groner New Member

    The guild I am in used to be a top 5 guild in GW, but most have lost the interest to play based on the amount of kills that we have sniped from us. I don't doubt that there are a few players out there cheating and ruining the game for the rest of us. KANO needs to very seriously investigate these problems, but I doubt that will happen as their time might be spent on next years April Fool's day joke or adding stuff that long time players are not interested in.
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  8. James Wright

    James Wright Member

    Yeah, agreed. That chicken I got is so useful LOL
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  9. cricket_jumper

    cricket_jumper Well-Known Member

    Unreal. Im a bit naive when it comes to this stuff... so much so, I spent ages looking at what was wrong - I never imagined it would be as blatant as a massive SNIPE button!!!
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  10. Kris Lee DUke

    Kris Lee DUke Member

    Jades, I looked at your pic there for about half a minute trying to figure out what was wrong with it, then the incredibly obvious thing popped out at me. That massive snipe button, lol. Ok, Ok, I will rescind my statement made towards C about "sniping in guild wars is as ridiculous an idea as a person hunting from hospital" I guess the person cried wolf so many times about so many things, I had deaf ears to it. But in this case, C and the folks who felt something was going on in GW was indeed right.

    So, back to the facts: I take pictures as proof, (and videos, grin), and indeed Jades photo looks like very solid proof.

    How the heck would a "snipe" button work... I am assuming you just mash it over and over, and it somehow verifies the current health of the target? Then only actually uses a stamina to attack the target if it is under some tiny amount of health left? Something to that effect?

    Well, put me the last arrival on this bandwagon.... KANO definitely needs to address this topic and figure out a way to detect who is using this sniping tool in GW + ban their a$$et$ from the game.

    Apologies to folks for saying "who would develop something to snipe in the guild wars", for it looks like indeed someone has developed a Guild Wars Cheat.
  11. cricket_jumper

    cricket_jumper Well-Known Member

    If Kano cant find a way to solve it, maybe they should publish their own for the rest of us to use and we can have a massive snipe off! It at least gets rid of the unfair advantage - until they develop the next cheat of course!
  12. Birkebeiner

    Birkebeiner Active Member

    I'm with Cricket in terms of naivety here... and I'm taken aback that these programs/apps or whatever are allowed to integrate into the Kano games, but... I quoted Lucifers post because I wanted to present the other side to these specific instances that he mentions.

    Basically, every time Lucifer's guild's health got into "killing range" our guild had five or more attack oriented players unloading at them full speed - so I it's reasonable to assume the three kills in a row were "legitimate". There was no sniping, but multiple players from our guild unloading as many tokens as they possibly could - to have a good chance at effectively suiciding, Lucifer's guild would have to have a lot more people unloading at full tilt than we did. More could be said about the "math" involved, but I hope the point's been made: a sniping program would not have helped and the kills were fair.
  13. T-Gar

    T-Gar New Member

    just saying.. when a user get busted of ANY cheating,, let the cheater loose 10% or 20% of his current level each time he/she get busted,, what is so hard to give a punishment that really hurt?
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  14. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    If you haven't already can you send a link to where you got that image off the web. In this case, I suspect that to create the screenshot the person just updated the stylesheet (which is really easy to do in modern browsers) and that no tool exists as shown, if there is a download it is likely malware but something we can look into. With all suspicions like these we do take them seriously so if you can send the link through to support we can take a look.
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  15. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    This isn't just happening in GWs.. it is wide spread with every aspect of the game. I know how to play as do the others that have chimed in and know what is normal and what is not, but no amount of tickets sent in seems to do a damned thing.
  16. Jaegermeister

    Jaegermeister Active Member

    wow, i wish i had that tool. isn't that against the terms of use? maybe not, based on the feedback here. if you have the tool, send it to me so that i can use it. at least, until kano shuts it down.
  17. hollie woodes

    hollie woodes New Member

    That is seriously a mess. Kano you need to track this cheat and eliminate it. Why don't people publicly shame the cheaters , hmm I know why because it's wrong. Well I'm done with battle area because I'm sure some people are using something there to get kills too.
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  18. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Your are already well aware of it, actions done is different story some might say.

    [VC] TGIF! This Week in Dev and Community July 21 - 25
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  19. Lucifer

    Lucifer Active Member

    Here's something truly amazing! how can 5-6 different guilds have players on at the same time & attack us & LOSE bringing our guilds health down 3 times in a row for the same guild to come in for the kill every time! Must be nice to have friends in every guild that does not care where their own guild finishes just so 1 guild gets the kills, like i said? a lot were on in my guild & we watched it all 3 times, all these players saved tokens just to take us down for another guild? GET REAL! easy to prove, all one has to do is look at the attacks against us, one guild had over 5500 losses lmfao! Fantastic teamwork! all this teamwork from players not even in the guild that got the kill EVERY TIME! amazing math right there! & we had more players that you said were attacking us trying to suicide on a different guild! arena already went to auto clickers! guild wars was the last thing left to play, whats the point? let these apps die if nothing is done.
  20. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Not breaking this down into segments,
    but if try to suicide, health lost is not the same getting attacked
    You will lose "some" health, but no where near being attacked.
    Just a thought to ponder
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