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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by slave, May 21, 2012.

  1. slave

    slave Member

    First of all, to jon (moderator), that was not a slam on dave.

    second, to kendall, im sure you think that just throwing a number of 654 out there means a lot, but it doesnt meant that much when you have completed most of them.

    As i pointed out in my original, most of the achievements you have are for beginners, i was asking for some real achievments pointed towards people who have completed the beginner achievements like a year or more ago. you updated the fight achievement, bravo, now why cant you do the same for the others? single boss. and coop boss are beginner amounts, hitlist achievements are beginner levels most people have those done by level 100? nothing after that?? I'm asking you to give us something to shoot for, make it the moon but at least make it something to give us a focus point, i could care less what the reward is....i just want to have a goal.....if you dont want to make it skill points then dont, but your argument about skewing the game with more skill points simply is not true if you make the goals lofty enough, if you give a skill point reward for a finishing off a level 100 boss, how many people do you think will have that? it takes time, it takes patience, its not easy, i dont want them to be easy. Getting 250,000 fight wins is an acheivement, congratulations you put one out there that takes time, why cant you do that for all categories? What is wrong with making a 5 trillion bank acheivement. 10 trillion, 50 trillion, 100 trillion, those achievements are not going to happen overnight, they will take time and dedication, dont you think the people going for those amounts should get an achievement or are we all done once we get this mythical magic number of 654, which really means nothing, when the majority of them are BEGINNER acheivements.

    I hope i got my point across, people are outpacing your game, when people outpace your game, people lose interest, i support your efforts in new re playable content, because im bored spamming the hitlist tab and having to answer 20 math questions an hour because there is nothing else to do.....when people reach this point in the game, what do you really think is going to happen Kendall?? And be honest. People will find a different game to play becuase this one is losing their interest. I am merely trying to point out we need a little more, its not the total amount of achievements, its the quality of them, nice job you put in 600 for the beginners, but only 54 for the veterans (im merely guessing with those numbers) but you see my point, we are running out of things to focus us out!

    thats all im asking, and i dont think its asking too much.
  2. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    There are very little incentives to fight. The fight achievements are paltry compared to the level achievements and all of the other achievements. You receive 8 skill points for 250,000 fight wins. This is the same as completing an outbreak, less then killing a Level 1 Coop, less then completing a challenge 10 times. The reward is a slap in the face. Good thing I like fighting otherwise I would have stopped long ago. Other fighting achievements should be extended as well such as hits placed and counter attacks, and new ones should be added for fight kills, punch kills, booby traps, and anything else we already have a stat for. Why bother keeping track of the stat if there is no achievement for it.

    And while I do agree that the bank achievements should be increased, you would DEFINITELY need to increase the Hits Placed achievement to balance it out, as the bank achievement encourages cash hoarding which is boring for everyone. Why not an achievement for money spent? Total cash spent on bounties would be interesting.
  3. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    I just want to throw out my 2 cents on achievements as high level. Currently my level it takes 396k exp to level and some are even worse. Now I have 1k energy which gets me about 16k-20k exp and 1k stamina which gets me between 30k-90k exp depending on the bosses stats. Lets say I get luck and find a good boss target and end up with 100k exp/396k to level that's roughly around 25% needed to level. As you can see adding more skill point achievements would in no way allow higher levels to constantly level like kano seems to fear. Stamina and energy refills are both capped and at high levels your stamina and energy barely make a dent in the exp needed to level. I get roughly around 75-80% of each level through challenge/outbreak helps and world boss attacks and as my level grows that % will only increase. I would still like more achievements though just for something to do.
  4. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    ....and we are not worth it to get new content to keep us entertained? Since i hit level 3k i do nothing than the same stuff over and over without getting any reward. You talk about this battlearena stuff for a long time already, in the meantime you could have given us something to do, like for example new bossachievements. A few of my bosses will soon hit level 500. Most people stop posting their bosses cuz after level 10 they have no competition anymore, which also makes it harder for me to level. Currently i need 910000 xp to level, sure, boosts & challenges help a bit, but i can't use my staminaboost when there are no bosses i can jump on?
    You really should rethink your gamepolitics before you lose more players than you already did, listen to us for example.
    And before i see some mod or admin now who thinks he has to teach me without even being in my gamesituation i have to say you better keep your mind-ejaculation for yourself!
    We real highlevels play since this game started and are not less worth than all the others.
    Regards, tri
  5. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    first off no one is more or less worthy than anyone else, and you are not the only high level in a game lol you are just one of many in all the games :)
  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Are you on board with the re-playable content such as battle arena and limited adventures, where rewards scale with a players level?

    Those are the initiatives that we are prioritizing.

    As for the battle arena, we have hit a couple of snags in development and will hopefully have ready for release to ZS as early as next week. Battle arena is targeted for late game play where rewards will scale with the players level.

    All that being said we hear your concerns and are looking for ways to extend content where it extends play for everyone. We do have some new achievements in the queue but need to take a look to see where those are at.
  7. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    LOL, you're the one i was waiting for, i know there are many high levels in all games, but if you click on the topic of this thread first before you say something you will see that this is a ZOMBIESLAYER thread. So please think twice before you try to be smart but don't have a clue of anything going on in myspace zombieslayers. Too many who helped raising this game have quit already and since more and more follow them i think it will be more than dead pretty soon.

    Cooter Brown lvl 2607, original owner quit over a year ago, runned by the 4th guy already
    Ice Pick Annie lvl 2131, quit half a year ago
    Dead Man Walking OG lvl 1826, quit a year ago
    Hashshashin lvl 1804, quit in february
    The Lion OG lvl 1756, quit a few months ago

    Those are just a few to be mentioned, so if you don't see a problem there you can't be helped.

    I'm up to everything what helps keeping this game alive, just doubt it will help much since you couldn't keep people from quiting the game yet.
    I also don't play that much as i used to and the reason is that i'm pretty bored too.
  8. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    As I have mentioned previously we have some new achievements in the queue. It is unlikely that we will extend boss achievements. With time, as you mention, all achievements will be achievable so we will be back to square one.

    With battle arena and other initiatives, we are looking to add replayable content, much like the hitlist, to keep players at every level busy with goals.
  9. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Adding additional hits placed achievements is something that we are not looking to extend as that will just incentivize listing of cheap targets.

    With respect to fight achievements and rewards, we hope to address the majority of the issues you brought up with the Fight Arena, which will be available in the later stages of the game.

    Money spent is interesting, something I would have to think more about.
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Thanks Jessica for adding your thoughts! More achievements are on their way.

    Battle arena should help for additional XP.
  11. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    So are you saying new achievements alone will be enough to keep yourself and others engaged?

    Like I have said previously we have new achievements in the queue.

    I have also taken the liberty of deleting all the off-topic posts. I understand and can appreciate that emotions can run high, but please treat each other with respect including mods. Mods are volunteers and players of Kano Games just like yourself.
  12. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    I think that if you give your players something to work on it might keep em entertained. people want to work on their accts, so why should someone, just for example now, get the same amount of skills for killing his boss 10 times, like someone who killed him already 100 times? you changed the fiteachievements, so where is the problem in changing the boss & levelingachievements too? why should a level 3000 be able to have the same amount of hired squads like a level 4000? thats some things you were slacking lately.

    If i offended someone then i'm sorry, but i think it's kinda weird that a mod who has no clue of what i'm talking about is tryin to tell me how to play my game or even better tells me to leave the game. is that what mods are here for? make your players quit? then i must say you should rethink your modpolitics, looks like some are not made for that job. just because she's level 3k something in pirateclan doesn't mean she knows what it's like being level 3k something in zombieslayer. i also don't tell her what to do
  13. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Well hopefully these planned achievements will give you something to shoot for along with the battle arena.

    Mods are here to help and are players like yourself! Respond to threads, moderate threads, provide helpful insights etc.. Linda was merely trying to help with the issue raised, there is no "modpolitics" and will leave it at that.
  14. I just wanna say that I agree 100% with Slave and There Will Be Blood.
    Maybe, just MAYBE if you did increase the Fortitude Achievements for attack and defense more ppl would be inclined to add more than 500 attack and 500 defense before they add 1000 energy and 500 stam and MAYBE that would help with the constant whining and complaining about "OMG I'm being bullied on the fighting game I play"

    Come on Kano... Throw the fighters in this game a bone here.
  15. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We will look to extend the character achievements by the end of this week. Sound good?
  16. Sounds excellent to me
    Thank You
  17. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    Thanks, i already look forward to those changes. hopefully they bring some fun back into the game.

    Regards, TRI
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  18. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Your right, we can delete posts and edit threads, that's what mods do. Like I just did here, as I had hoped my final "let's leave it at that would leave it at that".

    This post was for an idea, to have more achievements in ZS. Cutting out the side talk and sticking tot he issue at hand "more achievements" will get more achievements out the door quicker.

    For example, instead of putting together more achievements, I am here moderating this thread.

    More achievements are on the way! Sooner than you think if I don't have to come back to moderate this thread!
  19. alka

    alka Banned

    I guess if you announced the achievements in the first place this thread wouldn't exist.

    BTW, deleting posts only serves to drive people away from the forum.
  20. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

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