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Discussion in 'Ideas not being Considered' started by Darth Vader, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Darth Vader

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    And why trash bags ? Rather female players will make modern bag Yves Saint Lorraine ...
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  2. Darth Vader

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    I never noticed so far this character shoes like the little Muk lol
  3. YodaYoda

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    I think this is a very good idea! It does look very boring if everyone has characters that look the same. It would be good if Kano can seriously consider this, maybe they can do different outfits too with different colours.
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    That's what it comes Dave I love when everyone has a personality which differ but for the game will be more fun if there is such a mini game with colors and I am sure that if this is a free feature many people will like to deal.I did not mention anything about additional accessories such as clothing and weapons because I know that it means extra work for artists and developers and will make this function paid
  5. Marc14

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    I know, just for fun :) I understood the concept.
    And as long we can't change anything in the game, we might as well do it here :)

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  6. neill1990

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    i think it is a good idea, if you want i can start a thread called fan artwork or something and then we all just post the modified pics or original pieces there. think that would be fun
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    good then![​IMG]
  8. I think it's a very good idea. I still refuse to buy the upgraded character in zs (the pirate lady) simply because the artwork is horrible. She looks like a constipated fat man. If I could upgrade to the better stats character & still keep the pilot lady pic I would have. The outfits were a nice idea imo, but they were offered for characters I don't have so I didn't purchase one.
  9. Marc14

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  10. haha! I love it. Maybe you should do this for them. They might get more sales. :)
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  11. Marc14

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    Had nothing else to do today :)

    VC Alter 04 hond.jpg
  12. Kirsten

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  13. Smack

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    hah! Sorry we don't plan on bringing "pets" into VC. But if we did.... I think you nailed it :D

    How have I not seen this thread until now. Nice photoshop work @Marc14
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