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  1. sparky1968

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    just asking how many citys are there in tijuana pls i am lvl 390 nearly going to 400 and medellin, but so far i have only got the border house for tijuana and nothing else is showing is this the only property in this city, thnk you
  2. Bo Baby

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    there is just one city for the rest of them...
  3. sparky1968

    sparky1968 New Member


    ok thnks for that
  4. cesarr

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    There is one in Tijuana and one in Medellin which has an income of $35,000,000
  5. Ace

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    You won't like the one and only Medellin property, since it's ridiculously expensive, so are the following.

    Building a good income is pretty hard on this one.
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