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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by tudor wench, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. tudor wench

    tudor wench New Member

    Hi all.

    In Pirate Clan, when I first started playing, I chose the wrong picture for my character. Now I am stuck as a pirate-ess (?), but with the picture of a pirate..

    Can I change my picture at all?

    Thanks everyone..xx
  2. lol i made that mistake on my facebook pirate.
    im not sure if kano can change it or not.
  3. ripp

    ripp New Member

    why nobody respond to this ? i want to know fow to fix my picture plzzzz moderators anybody ?
  4. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    Yes you can change your Avatar Picture, here is how.

    Visit your Profile Page in Pirate Clan, click the Select Character button (note it costs 20 Favor Points to change your character).
  5. Red

    Red Member


    The red class is so useless.... i mean heal faster ? who cares about that, you can just pay to heal.. i should´ve chosed the green one -.-
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