[ZS] Changes to the Battle Arena Effective for October 10, 2013

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Oct 9, 2013.

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I think making it visible is more for the benefit of the person playing legitimately. If we didn't make it visible then chances are if they tripped the red or cooldown phase then having the power of their attacks decreased without a visible reason would be much more frustrating. At least with a visible bar, in the rare event that a person goes into red or cooldown, they can see why the aren't hitting as hard as they were before.

    In my experience, most people who don't play legitimately tend to be less observant and take advantage of the status quo.
  2. slave

    slave Member

    im quite confident that i will be penalized and be in the red for attacking too much even though ill be attacking legitimately

    but your solution....simply switch to another target and you get a new green bar
    while in the meantime eveyrone else is feasting on the target of your efforts

    it sounds like this change, no matter what else it does, will penalize anyone with high stamina, im positive your developer did not take into consideration that some people (like me) can start on a high health targets with 2,3,4,5k in stam and burn the entire thing

    this is exactly how i tripped the throttle
    and this will be exactly how i get timed out
    again i will implore you to share details publicly, again you will decline
    again people will assume im using an auto clicker to be successfull and again i will ask how much stamina they play with, cuz i know how much i play with

    i cant believe the things you come up with
    this is just totally put in to screw hi stam players, plain and simple

    proof will be in the pudding
  3. slave

    slave Member

    and in my experience mitch (with kano) ive been screwed again and again and again in the arena
    i cant even begin to tell you how many times ive been screwed with throttling, slowdown of my account, attack speed decreased, what else?

    whats next? tokens in arena ?

    so we can watch paint dry faster?
  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    It's a fair concern, slave. Since this is a new change, we'll have developers watching the Arena tomorrow to make sure that things don't go sideways with the bar. Chances are that you won't be affected (owing to the green bar being different for everyone) but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  5. slave

    slave Member

    and i take quite a bit of offense about the comment you made about "spamming attacks
    eveyr attack i make is for xp, since you have been unable to provide a fight list in the regular game
    every attack i make costs me stam, that is not spamming attacks, your lame excuses of this change is equivalent on scale to the change made in challenges, and to me your spamming changes with no good reason to change them

    ONE_EYE_JOE New Member

    The BA is over to soon. Ive won it once and I belive it could last alot longer than 5 hours, lol! We dont know how many attacks we get before it goes in the red. Im eager too see what this gets us.
  7. Silent Death

    Silent Death New Member

    Just my opinion this update only benefits the cheaters who use multiple accounts to bring down targets and get them with their main I have watched certain accounts that are basically dead and only used during the Battle Arena and faction wars. The accounts in question have a high attack count & very low actual kills here are examples #1. Battle Arena Total Attacks: 115363 Top 5% Finishes: 0 Total Kills: 15 #2. Battle Arena Total Attacks: 40324 Top 5% Finishes: 0 Total Kills: 1 these accounts are being used to bring down targets then when they are being killed they go in defensive stance then you come back and they been killed or been killed attacking another opponent I personally have put some of those accounts in defensive stance and gone after the account who got the kill.

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    This change will just promoting sniping activity and it definitely will slow down the arena. Do tell me, will I make it into the red bar if I attack someone with 100M health all the way down to 0?
  9. slave

    slave Member

    if it happens on a 100m target then arena is ruined, but im concerned about 200m or 300m or higher towards the end of the arena, when people have billions....to be put into timeout when you have a chance to take your opponent out and then have to sit and wait while he gets closer and closer to his defensive window would be extremly disappointing.

    it will force people to play together in gangs (something i know kano doesnt like), sighs, the things they think they can change....
  10. slave

    slave Member


    please, i can take out any moderate health target without any assistance
    at least i could until this change

    100 million is gone in about 20 seconds, why on earth would anyone waste time on one acct and switch to another, i suppose you think they are killing of those alleged alt accts and getting fat on them too....
  11. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    Wow, this idea is pretty much as bad as the inclusion of additional hired squad in fighting, that's my benchmark in which I rate all of Kano's implementations. I do my fair share of sniping and even I think this idea is G-d awful. As if the regular throttle wasn't bad enough, I still get throttled and I do not auto-click, just get penalized for being a fast clicker. I can't imagine how bad it will be tomorrow. Does Kano even run click tests to see at what rate they can click at? Or do they just listed to whiners who message them directly because they are slow clickers, and thus getting their targets stolen. This is another implementation that would likely NOT go into effect if developers at Kano actually played their games. There is a huge disconnect between the developers and players, and I strongly believe it's because they do not play their games.

    Know what I'm doing this arena? I'll be looking for partial health targets and killing them. The way it sounds now, you'd have to be crazy to waste stam and take anyone down from full health. It's open season for snipers.

    Just one more thing: STOP MESSING WITH ARENA! Arena was best when it began, it ran for more than an hour, non-def players had a chance and couldn't be killed in half a second, and we weren't throttled.
  12. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    honestly kano this is by far the worst thing you can do to ba... the players buying un will stop i for one wont spend a thing tomorrow and will have my turn at sniping... i dont even know what to say or where to start on why this change is just ridiculous slave and pimp have both stated some of my concerns... im a player that everytime i try to kill some one i click as fast as i can just like it was the hitlist , now i do this on every target big small as long as my hand lets me sometimes useing other hand..lol but that is the only way top get ur kills.. is speed manly b/c it gives less time for my target to be seen.. now this bs will more then likely allow my target to be seen by many more incraesing the chance of a snipe if i dont get cool down..and the attacking more then one target is lame to that also gives more of a chance for it to be seen...i like ba b/c its fun and great leveling tool per dollars spent... and other then my faction mates the ba is the only reason i still play...very unhappy right now and i promise tomorrow when it efftect the players like myself who do alot of attacking they will be here telling you how dumb this is...
  13. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member


    That is pretty much the exact opposite of what I enjoy about the arena. :( Certainly I won't burn through as much un so hey at least my pocketbook will be happy.
  14. Silent Death

    Silent Death New Member

    @slave... Yes they are because if certain account is attacked down then goes in defensive stance then you come back within 3-4 minutes then it's dead killed attacking another opponent or killed off by a sniper there is it says it all that account was farmed for it's health I myself kill people from full health myself with no help I use the arena to level since I don't have much of a fightlist.
  15. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    I haven't read all the the posts, but I'm pretty sure the entire reason is to catch people using autoclicker. The problem with this is that MANY PEOPLE CLICK FAST. I have made video proof in the past showing how I could hit the throttle with no programs open except my web browser, and the program used to capture my screen. What makes this any different? You're going to sorely underestimate your player base again and they are going to be pissed when they find out they can't even kill people in arena because anything more than 3 clicks per second is considered too fast. I wish I could vote this down. Seriously Kano, you have the worst business sense I have ever seen.
  16. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member


    How is this different from when we attacked too fast and had to wait? Do you remember that negative feedback? Do you understand the frustration of the user?

    There is very very very little to do for a long time slayer. As mentioned why bother using much of what you have spent your skills on? To get to a higher level where you get called even more names because you dared play? The BA was the one time we got to have a little fun. the all out blitz at the beginning was exciting. Trying to build your health to survive the next wave. Then as you get to top ten it was can I get this killed before the other 9 peak in and notice I'm taking it down? Again more excitment. It is not exciting to plan out how often you attack. That is way too much like work.

    What the slayers want to know is why with so many much wanted additions do you continue to change the parts we like about the game. You designed the BA we offerred our input. We all settled into something that was agreeable to everyone. Yet you want to tinker with it.

    We ask that you quit tinkering with the parts we like and explore new options. New bosses outside of the countries. New Countries. Treasure hunts. Collections of limited items for say an extra 1 stam or 1 attack or 1 energy. Heck bring back the unicorns. But we do not want to render our characters obsolete just for the sake of a change that does not show promise of making the game more fun. We do not want fancy chats that do not work. but more than anything WE DON'T WANT MORE LIMITS! Everything we do is restrictive. I swear you are getting just like the US Government for crying out loud. Listen to your players. ALL of them.

    Slider bar messed up the balance of the game? Take it out. Don't add another restriction.

    I will give it a shot, as you said legitimate players won't notice a difference then fine shouldn't matter one Iota. But we all know that isn't the case. You may extend the game but at what cost? Who is going to continue to drop the stam neccessary to take out the targets? Are we all just going to probe around until at the end of the 3 days we finally get something killed?

    I am really trying to keep an open mind. But further restrictions does not at all sound enjoyable.
  17. Jim Wells

    Jim Wells Member

    YEA!!!!! WHAT THEY SAID, AND DOUBLE IT FOR ME!!!!! oh look, we put a meter on the throttle, like it now morons. aint this a kick in the teeth.
  18. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    ps. Doesn't the lag the game experiences in essence do this already?

    Just sayin'
  19. Wow, is this post ever different that your original post!! Polish and I were talking about this issue, as we always do, and he told me this had been edited to be completely different than it started out, kinda like Obama's version of events on EVERY thing he has ever said, lol, but I had to come back and read it for myself.

    So, what was said, originally, was that this change was meant to add some sort of strategy to the arena. Not a word was mentioned about a bar, green, blue or rainbow. Now we have a bar that is supposed to change color if we attack an opponent too quickly? Ummmm, isn't that the whole point of the arena? I'm pretty sure, having participated in one or two, that killing my opponent as quickly as I possibly can is the best way to ensure my kill isn't stolen by a sniper. And clicking as fast as I humanly can, is pretty much the way to do that.

    So, instead of this whole thread being about a new "strategy" being introduced to the arena, it has now morphed into this being about some kind of "security" feature designed to catch auto-clickers. While I whole-heartedly agree that the cheats need to be caught, why would you tell a cheat exactly how you plan to catch them? lol Didn't Kano already address this issue in another thread about some kind of throttle or something like that? That was NOT how this idea was presented to us in the beginning.....not even close! We were informed that if we clicked too quickly on a specific target, once we reached a certain number of clicks, our efforts would become less effective until they reached nil. At that point, having depleted our own health, we would have to walk away for an indeterminate amount of time until our cool down period had expired thereby opening the door for someone else to profit from our hard work.

    When playing the arena, you WANT to hit your opponent as quickly as you can right out of the gate and continue to do so until they are dead. Why? Not only so it isn't stolen by a sniper but also so you can move on to the next target, of course. Seriously, if Kano can't see that, then why have the arena at all? Let's just call if another failed experiment at giving the higher level players some PVP action. After all, that was Kano's original intent, unless that thread was edited and changed also.
  20. Silent Death

    Silent Death New Member

    This new feature isn't doing anything to improve the Arena I for myself hit people from full health. So now I'm not going to waste my stamina and health for the snipers to get the kill others I know feel the same no refills on stamina no un being use = kano losing money. In my opinion the change is going to decrease player participation.
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