[ZS] Changes to the Battle Arena Effective for October 10, 2013

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Oct 9, 2013.

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  1. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member


    Spam your attacks?????!!!! Wasn't it Kano who put the stamina slider in the game?? I can throw some definitions back at you if you like. Why isn't more of an effort being made to catch the auto clickers????
  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    @Robert Belrose This is being implemented to catch auto-clickers. If someone with an auto-clicker attacks another player then they will enter cooldown faster and since they are continually clicking they will not have an opportunity to let their green bar regenerate all the way, limiting the attacks they can do as compared to someone who is manually clicking and watching their green bar.
  3. Kenny Scantland

    Kenny Scantland New Member

    it does not matter how they do it i will get 10,000 or more atts and its not auto clicking and most likely it will be easier for me to kill players cause i dont got to worry bout them att me back they have to stop
  4. Radu

    Radu New Member

    Robert (your inner child), you're one of the best players in game, you will still do great in arenas even with this change !

    just find a strategy "ffs" (as the mutual friend always says).

    am curious how XXXXX and XXXX will do in the next arenas.

    good luck everyone !

    please don't quit !

  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    OH brother.....its worse than initially thought. So cool down on a particular player means u cant attack them at all unless u recharge? Space out our attacks? U dont think this helps sniping? Sitting around waiting to recharge or simply attacking at a slower rate is going to be sniper heaven. So kano thinks that sitting there dinking away at a player slowly until they near the kill and then pouring it on is strategic? Has anyone there actually played an arena? The longer it takes and the lower your targets health gets the more opportunity other players have of stumbling across the target youve invested so much time, stam and health into. What this means is there will be potentially numerous players lying in wait as u plunck away at your target....when your target gets close to death numerous players will be "pouring it on" and greatly reducing the players who brought the target down chances of getting the kill. This will be magnified in Kanoplay?Ms as participation numbers are already low and half the players start in defensive stance. Available targets are at a premium in the beginning of the arena and at the end when we are left to wait out those in defensive stance. This is a poorly thought out idea and invites sniping like crazy
  6. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    That's an example, not the be-all-end-all strategy for the update. I'm sure there will be plenty of ways to attack your opponents without kicking off cooldown.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    UGH....why not admit Kano games have succumbed to the cheats and they are being made unplayable due to Kanos efforts to curb the cheats. Maybe its just time to close up shop and start anew? You guys never even bothered with the math equation thing in the arena.....now your going to sell us on this as a way to curb cheating? Ive played these games for years and have enjoyed as much success if not more than anyone. Ive never used a bot or an auto clicker in my life and have never been surpassed for any reason other than cutting back on the amount of time i play. You guys dont even ban the mother accounts of all the alts.......the last thing I wanna hear is this is all in an effort to stop cheats.

    Btw thanks for editing your original post rather than just adding to it. Now half our posts look pointless.
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Thats half of my earlier posts point Mitch. We wont/dont know how to strategize . How can we do this with out knowing about this in way more detail? Does this update effect every player in the arena exactly the same other than style of play? Or are there other variables that come into play such as level, Sp allocation, strengths, weaknesses...etc etc ?
  9. Just put it back to 1 stamina attacks, don't limit attacks >.<
    You're just gonna alienate more people, and encourage sniping, because people won't be able to finish killing an opponent.
    You really have outdone yourselves this time, KANO...
    (insert sarcastic rapturous applause here)
  10. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    OK, I'm going to give this one more go, this is directly from the developer behind this with a bit of rewording.

    When you attack another person in the Battle Arena, you will have a green bar on your screen. This green bar represents a sort of fatigue level. The more you attack this one person, the more tired you get. The more attacks you do the bar changes color, first it turns yellow and then red. When it gets to the red or below your attack effectiveness diminishes, you'll experience less damage inflicted per attack but will still be allowed to attack. If attacks persist at "max fatigue" or during the cooldown phase, attacks allowed per time period will drop.

    We're not trying to stop you from attacking people as you can jump around from target to target. You can keep attacking someone while you're in the red, but your attacks will slow down slightly. The actual amount of attacks you can get before the bar turns red is very generous, the majority of players may never even approach this state. During the upcoming arenas we will make improvements based on data collected from this feature.

    Green and Yellow: Full attack effectiveness as you would normally experience during a past Battle Arena as many times as you can click the mouse.

    Red and During the "Cooldown" Phase: Attacks begin to diminish in effectiveness the more you attack while your bar is red or while you are in the cooldown phase. You can continue to attack during this phase. If you persist in attacking during the cooldown phase you will first experience a decrease in the effectiveness of your attacks and then attacks allowed per time period will be dropped a small amount.

    I think I need to stress that the actual limits on the feature will be very, very generous. As stated above, most players, if they play normally, will not even notice the green bar.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    So is it exactly the same for everyone despite level, Sp allocation, strengths, weaknesses....etc etc?

    If a level 10k and a level 1k are hitting the same target with the same number of attacks at the exact same speed will the "green bar" that indicates a "sort of fatigue" and the corresponding amount of time it takes it to regenerate be exactly the same as one another in every way?
  12. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The green bar and cooldown period are different for everyone, as I've specified before. However, the the amount of attacks needed (which again are different) to deplete the green bar and even enter the red or trigger cooldown are so high that most players, regardless of level, won't see it or enter that phase. It is scaled accordingly based on the player.
  13. Just Dreym

    Just Dreym Member

    Mitch, i love u guys to death, but there is no way around it this is the poorest choice u guys have ever made for the arena. Your helping out snipers, and your decreasing UN sales. If the arena is even playable tomorrow, i'll be seriously surprised.
  14. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I think, in retrospect, that we went about announcing this change the wrong way.

    For most players (I'm going to hazard a guess and say 99%) the Battle Arena will essentially remain unchanged. Yes there will be a green bar, but we're going as high as we possibly can with it in order to lessen the actual impact it will have. What we hope to do with it is use it to weed out players who will actually be decreasing the bar into the red and beyond, because they will be the outliers who aren't participating in the Battle Arena legitimately.

    I apologize for failing to adequately explain the actual function this bar will have, and a lot of the misunderstanding in this thread stems from that. Hopefully once the Battle Arena rolls around tomorrow things will become a bit more clear.
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    OK, So whats considered "playing normally"? I click pretty fast and lead my particular platform and game by far in number of attacks. Ive never used an auto clicker and have never tripped the arena "throttle" that has been referenced numerous times here in the forums. In reference to the throttle Kano also stated that "normal play" would not trip the throttle. Is it safe to assume that if Ive never tripped the "throttle " that i will not ever have to worry about my "fatigue bar" being anything other than full green? So if clicking fast but totally within human capabilities there should be no worries of "fatigue" and the corresponding waste of stamina?

    This is very important because anything but being fully green would mean that we are essentially wasting stamina. Hitting a target at anything other than full strength (full green) would mean that other players hitting the same target while full green would have an advantage (snipers).

    Its also important for us to know from a strategic stand point how fast this "fatigue" bar will regenerate. How long will it take to regenerate from the first instance when we lose full "efficiency" back to full efficiency?

    If it is humanly possible to lose full efficiency than its completely unfair as it it is essentially penalizing stamina which is clearly the most valuable resource in the game.
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    UGH.....surprise surprise....lol Why would it be different....can we please know the determining factors so we can build our accounts accordingly?
  17. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The fatigue bar regenerates very quickly (I don't have the exact number but once you let off it should go back to full almost instantaneously).

    The only way someone will not be able to continually attack at full green effectiveness is if they say, program an auto-clicker to keep attacking someone at such a rate that it depletes the bar into the red, kicks off cooldown and doesn't let up long enough for the bar to regenerate.

    There will be no need to adjust your traditional build to account for the green bar because for most people it will never leave the green.
  18. Morgar

    Morgar New Member

    So. As a low lv player (1550) i would need maby 2000 attacs to kill a apponent. I think that i am a fairly "Normal" player. Am i allowed to do my 2000 attacs in 3 mins without hitting the cool down? I have no clicker but a fast finger.
  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Sy Mitch, Im not trying to be a jerk....I just have questions. I know your just the messenger, its Kanos fault for dumping this on us at the last second. They should know full well by now what kind of reaction they will get to stuff like this.

    If its not going to effect the mass majority and its meant to identify and punish auto clickers than why not just have it run in the background where players cant see it? If its visible it only stands to reason that the cheats will figure out the rythym/cadence/timing of it all and adjust accordingly.
  20. slave

    slave Member

    so in otherwords....all the bs you put into the throttle didnt work and cant catch the people using it? so all those arenas that i continuously tripped your untrippable by human hands throttle, now you put in somehting else

    i wonder if your world class developer has the same restraints on someone who has 500 stam vs someone who has 2500 stamina or more
    i cannot even begin to tell you how pissed off i will be if i see myself in the red, attacking "legitmately" and all because i had the persereverance to put 2500 stamina on my account, if i cant burn through my stamina going for a high profile target and have to "time out" i will be pissed beyond belief, while some sniper who didnt put 100 pts into stamina is sitting with the prize that i worked oh so very hard to get....

    lemme see how this plays out

    i tripped the throttle repeatedly, people think i cheated, all i did was click the mouse

    now we put in a meter, now i will click repeatedly and get timed out on the meter and everyone will believe i cheat again
    all because i have extreme high stamina....

    so because i have high stamina, i will have to watch what i do and pay attention to the meter while other people will never see it because you programmed this a la the throttle which snipers didnt have a prayer to trip because they only attacked a few times and then wait, while someone like me who attacks non stop for 15 minutes.....oh sorry slave, you have to slow down...you attacked too much too fast
    so sorry why dont you sit on your hands and wait while other people fight for the prize you spent 2000 stamina on...

    that sounds fair, thanks kano
    with the changes and things you are putting into this game, its a wonder your still in business

    i wonder how many people in this game actually spent 2000 stamina on a single target?

    i hope your world class developer took that into consideration...

    oh wait? he didnt? his model only used 500 stamina people as guineas? oh so sorry slave
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