[VC] Changes to the Battle Arena Effective December 7

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    The point is: why change something that was good before and players loved to play!??!! The players have already come with the amazing constructive ideea : "PUT BACK THE OLD ARENA THAT WE LOVED TO PLAY" Why to do experiments on features that worked just fine, come with new features if you want to have something new but keep the old Arena
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  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I understand the compulsion to be less than enthusiastic about these iterations to the Battle Arena based on how the last round went. Our intention was to make good strides in changing the Battle Arena, however it ended up being quite the lemon. :(

    While it may look strange not to get any Health after killing another competitor, this Arena is all about the score, so if you build up a lot of it before getting taken out, you'll be looking pretty good especially with the Score lost on death being 5% instead of 33%. Giving people Health boosts also made it so that several account basically became un-killable and coupled with the empty Fight lists led to a mid-event lull where not much was happening. This made it a lot like the old Arena before the changes, which is what the addition of Score was supposed to help avoid. Besides you will still get the Health reward from attacking other participants, that has not been removed.

    With the old Battle Arena the concern was that players were doing well for basically not being an active participant compared to others, and the answer to that was to put in place a minimum attack threshold to be considered active. While that was fine in the short-term, to make that a viable we would have have had to keep raising the minimum attack number higher and higher every few months and would have had to look at a different implementation of the Battle Arena eventually.

    We are certainly not trying to take the fun out of the Arena and I would hate to think that people feel as thought we are categorically ignoring feedback. We will be participating in the Arena and watching the data on our end and the feedback here in the forums, just like last time. We will be going over these changes with an extra fine-tooth comb before hand and if things don't work out then we are not afraid to take everything back to the drawing board (completely if necessary, not just tweak it).
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  3. ben

    ben Active Member

    it dont need to be put on the drawing board it needs to be put in the trash can ... cant kano see really no one likes it and we are losing players more and more ... :(
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  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    This issue of a lull midway tells me first off it was a major holiday here in the states, people cannot be on 24/7 for a variety if reasons ,work,sleep,eating,family obligations so no one can just keep reviving if they

    are not available to even play 24/7.
  5. As I mentioned can we have an option to remove ourselves from this farce of an arena!!
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  6. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    If I were to be revived while at work or whatever after 8 hours to be fodder for anyone ,count me out.
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  7. Birkebeiner

    Birkebeiner Active Member

    Realizing that there are different servers, these comments pertain to the Kong/AG server.

    BA was over within a few hours prior to the latest BA version - there certainly was no "mid-event lull". So, in that sense the minimum 100 attacks BA version worked well. We had the 100 minimum attack level for a while and we did not experience a trend of progressively longer times for the BA to finish, so, to date, there is no evidence to support the notion that the minimum 100 attacks would have to be increased over time.

    With respect to, "the concern ... that players were doing well for basically not being an active" - the "concern" sounds reasonable, but you are 100% equating activity with spending stamina (which, of course, is what the new BA is all about), and ignoring all other aspects: character builds, tactics and loadout choices. The problem with rewarding only the expenditure of stamina, is not that it favors higher level characters, but that it favors them disproportionately - what you end up with is a tier of high level players getting all the rewards, thereby widening the level/ability/equipment gap and making game play problematic for everyone and creating an unnecessary and ever-increasing challenge: What do you offer higher level players in terms of rewards and challenges after you've created a two-tier player base?

    I suggest that Kano hires someone with an economics degree. Then you'll have someone in-house who can clearly explain the negative consequences of proceeding with BA in the direction you are now taking it (and how to structure other game events so that the right incentives are provided and balance achieved); and, as a bonus, you'll get a good insight into why the trend of always providing more powerful weapons and warriors dis-incentivizes players from spending their FPs.
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  8. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry mitch but this is just completely idiotic. You think taking the kill rewards away will make the untouchable touchable? Speaking of server 2, the number one will be untouchable either way as 99 percent of the higher echelon will be. My last bit of advice on this issue is this....listen to the people that have been here since the beginning or you will soon see the end. The things kano is doing right now are the exact opposite of what they claim to do and thats listen to their players. Youre all making a huge mistake
  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Well in the PC arena last night one player ranked in the top ten with 100 min hits and prob 5 hours of DEF MODE, while other spent their resources and put themselves out there, got kills did thousands of attacks and took a risk of being taken down, all while actively participating, while this one sat there waiting it out, it happens every arena, these are the players that need to participate and put themselves out there, these turtles are a joke. So good on the point system, But revival still not interested in it or a 3 day BA event.
  10. John Gilli

    John Gilli Member

    I kind of like the idea of no health bonus for the kill, so long as I get the score and that's what you count. I was killed in the elimination round with more than 700 FB vc players remaining, but I still placed 13 overall because I racked up so many points. and the players i couldn't attack all had huge health, so there was no way i could ever kill them. the big really did get bigger than ever before. i guess i'm willing to try it. although, for the record, this anonymous stuff calling everyone "viking" is for the birds.
  11. Justgiver

    Justgiver Member

    Why you continually fucking up Vikings. When is it Pirates, Mob of Zombies turn. When are you going to listen to your customers! REVIVAL ruins this game.
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  12. John Gilli

    John Gilli Member

    I guess you could even argue that my results question the rationale for playing at all during the first two days of the Arena, since I got all the points I needed during the elimination round, and had been killed several times previously. hmmmm, i may have just decided my new strategy :)
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  13. denishar

    denishar New Member

    So all we need anymore is stamina, tons of stamina,you don't have 10k stamina and you have attack or defense or health? you suck:D just stamina and all attack:)
    well i really cant understand you guys....
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  14. RedTurtleGames

    RedTurtleGames Active Member

    So, what I don't get is... With the new rules, wont people just wait until just before instant death period and then start to play? (Thereby saving stam until the end when it really counts, and preventing from dying which reduces the score?) Or did I miss something?
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  15. RedTurtleGames

    RedTurtleGames Active Member

    Oh, and is there still the 100 kill minimum? Or is that replaced by the score?
  16. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    Is it April 2 ?

    I have played BA as a low - mid and high level player on their diferent games.. i and most of us dont need to see it to actually get an idea of how it will end.
    Kano i thank you for trying it but BA was fine, or at least much better witout these changes for the most players.

    Just bring us old BA style...
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  17. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    BTW you could just add another change for placing on top 20 ... 1000 attacks at least.. wich is enough for a kill and others wouldnt call you Hider turtle etc
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  18. ben

    ben Active Member

    i dont think they really think a bout that one ... i think making money is there prime target here and this is the way there trying to do it ... even a blind man can see that ... as i see it with theses changes ba has went out the window ... the number has drop more in the last ba on kp2 pc and with this its not looking good at all ... and kano seys they watch ... really now ... hate to see it when this ghange comes to pc which i hope it dont ...
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  19. RedTurtleGames

    RedTurtleGames Active Member

    I think to be ranked in the end, one should have to have 1000 attacks and at least one kill... That way, people couldn't just do their 100 attacks and hide.
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  20. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    1000 attacks is no different than 100, to easily done with the slider, takes less than a minute even with slow internet. Then players will ask to raise the bar again on attacks, it's a never ending story in my eyes on that.
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