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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by General D, May 25, 2011.

  1. Hashshashin

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    Nah it's not. DD/Shooters happen every single day.

    These Calendars happen once in a blue moon, and EVERYONE posts the help at the same time.

    I saw about 35 go up in 4 minutes last night on MySpace. Luckily mine reset at midnight so I was able to get full XP...I'm down to 1 now.

    Anyway, my point is this, Shooters/DDs are daily things...where as the Calendar challenges are not. Considering everyone pretty much posts them at the same time (except people who cry about having a job, I just stayed up late oh well).....I just think they should be separate due to the fact that it's not a daily thing......sorry I probably said tha tlike 5 times but I'm multi tasking and trying to get a punch kill lol
  2. I agree special event challenges should be seperate from regular DD / shooter help. DD's are regular daily occurences and calandars and the like are one-off tasty treats for us all.
    They shouldn't come to us with a giant bite already taken out of them, what would you do if you were at some fancy pizzeria and the piƩce de la Cuisine arrived at your table lacking a few slices?
    What would you do if you found your Advent Calendar at Christmas time had no chocolate behind the door? :eek:

    What would you do...
    If you finally killed some high profile target​
    But received no giant bounty​
    You would feel robbed !
    Where is the fun in killing "For FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" ?
    (serious question)
  3. Rex

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    well it seems to be working...... no one is abusing the challenge help any more now i have mobbies screaming for help as no one is clicking.and i am not gonna bother clicking for 1 xp point

    i have been able to do my 50 allotted in my first hour or two by going back several hours helping.
    this morning there are heaps there but i have to wait for my timer to reset.
    well done chaps.....looks like i will have to find another game to spend money on this one is going backwards
  4. Kendall

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    I have updated the per game threads on this topic, but for closer here is our response below:

    "Since the Calender Help is a special type of thing and does not occur very often and is a celebration we have gone ahead and removed the Calendar from having any type of XP help restrictions. Enjoy!"
  5. Brilliant news i just wish i hadn't taken 4 or 5 1xp's earlier :(

    I'll just take the xp i missed out on from other people and call this case closed.
  6. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    lol I think I've done around 175 so far, thanks for removing the restriction on that!!! :D:D
  7. MOJO1916

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    thanks........the levelling is brillent
  8. LittleAizu

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    ahem... do you mean BRILLIANT?!

    PERTINAX New Member

    Zombie Slayers Limited Edition.

    because everything's limited.

    You need a Cap up your Anus - a steel toecap.

    We are pioneers for backwards gaming lol.

    I recon Kano must have been bullied at school and is getting revenge....roflmao.
  10. Sour_Rubbish

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    Minus that that people aren't strongly torn to help
  11. alka

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