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  1. why not limit how many boss battles we can join while were at it

    25 seems like a nice number

    thatll slow down everyones leveling even more
  2. Seth Mad Dog

    Seth Mad Dog Member

    Oh please, everyone playing this game knew about this. Not buying this whole bug excuse. They just want us paying to level. It was a fair trade for people who can't pay to level, put in the work scooping up challenge helps and you still fall behind people paying but not as bad. I'll try sticking it out and see what happens but who's going to stay just to be cannon fodder for the small group dropping lots of coin leveling. Who's going to pay to play if there's no one left to bully? :eek:
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Thanks, it was not to ban you. I was just interested to see where you were in the game.

    If she enjoys the friendships, she can still play, there is no limit to the number of times you can help like there is in the outbreaks, but alternatively the bonuses are reduced.

    With the limit of bonus from challenge help, boss help, world bosses, outbreak help, daily rewards and energy boosts, your mom can still help and get bonus XP from many parts of the game other than Challenge Help.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    When it was brought to light the amount that people were abusing the no limit help, this hole had to be closed.
  6. baha

    baha Member

    I understand all that But I have to stand on the principal of objecting to what you are doing to long term players~! Those who have had the Unlimited CH have styled their play so that Challenges can make up for other deficits that they have made IE Lower Def> fewer fight lists> ect
    There is no way they can make it up when they get this bomb dropped midway thru their game~!!
    If they started the game out with the limit in place then NO COMPLAINTS~! But they didn't ~! IT WAS THERE~!!!
    You don't care to even look at any other problems as this seems to ur mind is a quick fix~!!
    Long term ramifications will be felt~!!
  7. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

  8. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    That's just it. The amount of people relying on the xp from the challenges to be able to spend any time playing is a good amount of the people playing for any length of time. Sure the newer people might not yet but they don't yet know a lot of the tricks that everyone has learned.

    Our frustration comes from the fact that there is nothing to do. If you've played this game for very long there is really no point in continuing to play or to spend money to play since you have completed everything that is offered and there is no interactive fighting with the fight lists as they are.

    People complain about bullies and while I understand we all went through it not understanding why we were being picked on but once you get up there you realize the reason you got hit the minute you showed up on a list was because no one has anyone to fight. so if you have no one to fight and it only takes minutes to use up your stam on the bosses and your energy on the jobs why hang around.

    The problem seems to be that the restrictions to prevent leveling to the extreme has hampered the game play to non-existent.

    So if you are going to make it to the point that the only way to play more than 5-10 minutes on the game is to spend big money for un to refill stuff it's no longer fun for the end user.

    I would therefore suggest that since your minds are made up that this is not going to change despite the outrage of the players that you then find something for us to do in this game in a hurry or people will leave. Plain and simple if there is nothing to do there is no reason to play.
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    PHROST New Member

    ok so you say we abuse it and we say we use it as a tool .. if everyone knows about it and everyone can only post one at a time and there is only a set amount of people that can get on it per deal/shooter .. there is no abuse there, it was one of the finer tools to help in levelin by everyone in the game .. in all honesty it was fine the way it was .. and its not just this that you have recently changed .. how long do you sit and think about a change in the game .. how many angles do you examine before makin such change .. this game is by far one of the best games to play on facebook .. but it is startin to look as if it is about to take a dump .. as a gamer who is playin this game everyday, i must say i will be sad when the time comes to try and find another .. for if you are not careful i feel thats what it is goin to come too .. this is a super fun point and click social game that many enjoy for what it is now .. but then again this is just an opinion from a guy who really knows nothin bout anythin at all .. lol
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    If you would like to have input on the next feature to be released, Faction Wars, jump on to this thread to have some input:

    As for this thread, if you have constructive input into how the challenge help could be modified so that it closes off potential for abuse (unlimited bonus help XP) where it would still meet your needs please jump on to this thread:

    We have thought about this change, the decision was obvious. Allowing the potential to exist where players could just level up through Challenge Help alone is not desirable and was a fault in the game that had to be closed immediately. The help bonus XP was not tuned in line with how other aspects of the game works, which can throw the game out of balanced when over used as was starting to be the case in some circumstances which is why this change is absolutely necessary at this point.
  11. uschi ownz

    uschi ownz New Member


    we all got your point. well, our point is that it makes this game boring as hell. you kinda stop leveling at higher levels. leveling up is fun. not leveling up is boring. (now we are actually capped to 1 level with boosts and maybe another with helps and and completed challenges thats 2 - after that we can log off for the day, cause it just makes no sense to be online for the reward of maybe 1000 xp/hour). Its even bad to heal out of hospital, cause you can get killed again, which makes you lose the experience of maybe 3-4 hours of playing.

    there are only few people to fight, i cant search factions for enemies, ppl i win against hide all the time. wow i got 16 xp for an outbreak help here. merely worth the click. i can think of so many changes/new content that would eventually make the game more interesting. like challenges you can play vs others. like having the vehicles have a travel speed, and players travelling between towns/countries for some time based on distance and movement speed, with maybe random thing happening (fights, loot, treasure, illness, whatever). like towns with marketplaces where people can sell stuff they dont need any more but that is useful to others or where people can meet for a high noon shootout with only one of the slayers getting away alive. maybe big coop outbreaks that need many players to get finished. (world outbreak events with special rewards for people travelling there and helping?). like a real class system with differing playstyles between a doctor and an ex-military (special abilities? heal squad member? double fist punch once a day?). like letting people choose if they wanna be living or undeads, and give livings fight bonus at daytime and undeads fight bonus at night. or crafting items that actually make sense to craft. this is just what i make up in 5 minutes.

    you spend all your time on a stupid gift system (retarded, i really HATE those gifts, one click for some useless shit i just do it to get rid of the notification), a GP system (that has no use at all, it only shows if you are active or not, and there are so many other indicators for that), and now a war point system which is in the end as useless as the GP system is. well, you are working so freaking fast (hello, irony), you are not even able to introduce something that could be designed in 2 hours, like new world bosses. so i guess it will take years for you to implement some useful features. And under this aspect, i totally refuse to pay for a game thats developed sloppy and only going for some fast money. If i had that money id go out and buy some real games, where people put real work in it. the recent content updates and changes that were done could have been made up by a horde of children/demented people/AAs/grannys/monkeys on rollerblades. I actually played a browsergame that was done by a single person for years, and it was in a constant phase of development, financed by a maybe 1000 premium accounts (2$ monthly) and some advertising for the non-premiums. i cant see that kind of development here, though the staff and the earnings should be much bigger. this game is just freaking expensive if you decide to spend money on it. the price for a level is ridiculous compared to the general quality of this game.

    you fixed that "bug", well, fine, now the game is less fun. good job. maybe your game designers should better quit their jobs, as they are clearly failing in what they are doing when a bug is such big fun compared to the rest of the game. or quality is just not kanos way to go, i dont know that. but maybe they should mail me, i have more good ideas while taking a crap than they had in the last months i played this. you want input on how to solve your issue? i give you input. people dont really care for the challenge help. its just another click like all the others. people want XP. they want to level because, as stated before, leveling up is fun. just make fight, boss and outbreak xp scale more with player level, people keep leveling, are having fun, everything is fine.(It doesnt have to scale 100%, level 1000 shall be harder to do than level 2. but dont let the xp lost on death scale if the rest of the xp doesnt. but i wont do the maths now.) level will be based on how active a player actually is, and thats the way it shall be. or, even easier, raise the help limit to 50, this still prevents the massive abuse you are suspecting and lets us get that xp we all need. you dont even have to put much work in it, as we all know you dont like that.

    I hope this wall of text hits you critically right in the face. Over 10.000.

    enraged greetings, Uschi 0wnz.

    greetings also go out to my mom and all the people i have punch wars with. punching is the only fun thats left here, i'd love to have a punch button on the forums too please.
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  12. MamaMUAHAHA

    MamaMUAHAHA Member

    I have to disagree very strongly with this, Kendall...
    It's going to stop people squadding with lower level players, who then won't be able to get help with Bosses and Jobs also.

    How was it being abused....???
    Surely you can only join challenges that have open spaces?

    I think you'll find a lot of people will challenge you over this... as when you get to the higher levels, if you don't pay to play, it gets very hard to level without the challenge helps!!
  13. Rex

    Rex New Member

    what a joke 1 point to help...well i aint gonna waste my time doing them then am i....leveling is what the game is about.those that want to put the time in should be rewarded,those that dont want to put the time in get out what they put to ruin a great game well done kano.... looks like i wont be spending any more money on this game .:mad:

    now what...bosses done
    stam used
    energy used
    job help done
    turf wars help done
    may as well become a one hour a day player at least i will have something to do for the hour.
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  14. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    You are now helping .................. You earned 1 XP. Start your own Death Deal! :mad:
    Perfect Kano! You messed it up again. What's next? Limited help on bosses, only one attack on the worldboss a day?
    You add a lot of senseless stuff to this game, but still haven't got the time to add the outstanding coop bosses.
    I should start to delete my squad, cuz i punish myself if i have more than 25 squadmembers from now on.
    I need about 450k to level and lose like 18k when i die, will you reduce that also or do you just want more money from me than you already got?
  15. alka

    alka Banned

    I hope the measure opens the game up to force more people on the field of battle, and not leveling from er.
    I hear people banging on about high levels, but it's no fun having an empty fight list, knowing some of those guys are logging on only to do jobs and challenges and logging out again.
    Having played many apps that don't have leveling tools such as jobs and challenges, I see those players getting on without problems. This is only an issue now because KANO have allowed us to rely it, which is a failing they have admitted to. I don't like it either, but lets get positive, the game is about fighting, not freebie leveling.

    You are now helping xxx. You earned 1045 XP. Start your own Death Deal
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  16. jon french

    jon french Member

    If you are going to remove XP potential from the game because of what you perceive of is a bug then you need to add content to balance the loss.

    Playable content. Content you need to not be hospital to play.


    You know, where you give us new things to do to encourage us to play your game for hours on end and buy UN.

    Your world boss adjustment ignore all players requests for being able to stack hits etc etc.

    Faction Wars? Wait and see pudding till you actually roll something out. Somehow doubt thats gonna help me level in any meaningful way, in fact i expect it to probably be a hindrance.

    As game stands now, your best bet is to log on, rip through your energy, reward and energy refills, spend stam on fighting and bosses (IF YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A FIGHT LIST!), get your GP (who knows, it might actually be worth something other than a pointless rossette ONE DAY!), do 25 challenges, whatever deal/shooter you have up. When thats done in 1/2 hour then put yourself in hospital and come back in 24 hours (to undoubtedly find yourself dead as everyone has gone punch crazy as there is little else to do if you are going to sit on ZS for any length of time).

    You might choose to pop out every 4 hours for a world boss but as the the xp gained will be pretty much what you will lose being punch killed inbetween these 4 hour micro visits to ZS that will be a bit pointless too. Might be worth it if it was a NEW world boss, but hey, i aint holding my breath.

    Great game, going down the pan if you dont give your PLAYERS something to play.
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  17. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    And if i did, it only would help me to level one time. So f...k that.
    Please tell me where i can find you in the game. i'm gonna kill you over and over, maybe then you will need this "bug" again.
  18. If you truly wanted to keep people from abusing this with thousands of squad members then how about preventing the thousands of alts that are in the game to this day.

    How about you fix those problems instead of taking away something that some people actually need to advance in the game? Not because it's all they do to advance, but something they do after they have exhausted all other means of gaining xp.

    Also, to speak of the outbreak help as a good source of xp is an insult. At best it's a very small amount of xp gained and just a drop in the bucket when it comes to anyone over a certain level, say 200-250. Uschi Ownz had a very good idea to have the xp for fights, bosses, outbreaks and other things scale in the same way that the xp lost for deaths scales with your level. You're so concerned with balance and fairness. Where is the balance between the xp lost at higher levels and the xp gained from the same tasks? How is it fair that a level 590 can lose 2059 xp when killed and get the same xp for an outbreak as a level 100, who loses far less xp when killed?

    Here's another idea. How about allowing all 40 attacks that you can make on another player in a day give xp? What about allowing more than 5 of those attacks grant top xp? Maybe have the xp drop every 10 attacks or so. Maybe not have the xp drop at all. It's not like it gets easier to beat that person in a fight after the 5th attack.

    I see some of the highest level players in the game ride the hitlist for hours. One, because they are bored with nothing at all to do. And two, because they need rivals just to be able to spend their stamina for a minimal amount of xp from much lower level players.

    The way I see it there needs to be a lot more thought put into the xp system instead of a faction war system that is nothing more than lipstick on a monkey meant to keep the vast boredom off of players minds. After a few weeks the lipstick will wear off and people will be right back to seeing a plain, boring monkey.
  19. The simple fact of the matter is that you let this supposed bug stand for a year and people included challenge help into their strategies.

    We don't need a solution to this supposed wide spread abuse. I don't care. And I'm joined by many others.

    I much rather you had spent the time and resources spent on this change adding the missing co-op bosses and challenges.

    Or maybe fixing the fight list. The undead was a fantastic addition, but it has it's problems as well. Undead fight wins, for example are seperate from regular fight kills and have no achievements associated with them. Undead is a last resort, even for me, about as non-combatant as it comes.

    How about adding some real rewards for GP's? Perhaps achievements. Maybe a few UN points.

    How about increasing the number of outbreaks I can assist in? 10 is way too low, particularly since the xp reward is often quite low.

    Or changing things so that a level 800 person can't hit list a level 400? Or decreasing the amount of xp loss per death?

    I guess I just don't see the intrinsic imbalance of allowing people to assist as many people per day as they'd like.

    Usually, I like to see a positive change to help balance out a negative change. I can't tell you the number of games I've left in the past because certain features have been "nerfed". This may just be the latest in a long history of doing just that.

    I'm taking a wait and see approach. Maybe I didn't help 25 people in a day. I doubt it, but it's possible. If this change don't affect my game play, I'll probably stay. I can't tell you the number of times when I've been close to leveling, but I'm out of stamina and energy, and have no rockets or cards left to play in a challenge, when a challenge assist comes up, leveling me. If those days are in the past, so am I.
  20. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Congratulations Kano.You have successfully made a bad change.You will find the challenges being played less and will find lower levels struggling to find squad.You are killing your games.Congratulations.

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