Can't Fix a Game and reply to us all too. Got to do one before the other

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by LCNMOBWARSPlayer, Jan 4, 2012.


    LCNMOBWARSPlayer New Member

    Just how it goes friends. Got to let them do there thing while they fix it and then they can get back to you and tell you it's fixed when you already log back in and start playing. Hey at least Wrecks the Hitman isn't killing us all right. LOL. Well all of you at least.
  2. Rex Hayward

    Rex Hayward Member

    it only takes a few seconds to come online and tell us what the problem is . but not a word ..... just bury the head in the sand .
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We are looking into it now.
  4. Rex Hayward

    Rex Hayward Member

    well at least its a reply..only took 8 hours or so.... but it's a reply
  5. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    We seem to have had issues start at about 1am PT, looks to be some connectivity issues that we are looking into now.

    Usually we get alerts when things like this happen but we didn't for this one.

    We apologize for this outage, delay in being alerted to it and hope to be back up again shortly.

    We will post future updates here:
  6. VittoriaVice

    VittoriaVice Member

    What are you?? 12??

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