Cannot unlock Giant Lobster or Passage Keeper

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Anne Thorbjo, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Anne Thorbjo

    Anne Thorbjo New Member

    Please can anyone tell me what I need to unlock the Giant Lobster and the Passage Keeper? I have done all the adventures up to Vannaheim and have reached lvl 22 with the Serpent Sorceress and lvl 20 with the Mountain Cyclops. What have I not done/got/armed myself with? I have done all the challenges up to Vannaheim too.:(
  2. it should show a icon right next to the boss

    mouse over it it should show you what your missing

    could be some fight wins or survival
  3. Maler

    Maler Member

    the only thing you need to unlock any of those 2 bosses is level and of course no other own boss battle. If you claim you can't battle, and are in Vanaheim, send a ticket to support.
  4. Anne Thorbjo

    Anne Thorbjo New Member

    It was the lack of battles - not keen on hitting humans :) Have remedied it - thank you both very much for your help and prompt reply :)
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