[ZS] [CANCELLED] September Event Schedule Changes

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  1. Scoughman

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    [EDIT #2] After a significant amount of feedback from players in all 4 games about these proposed changes, we're going to leave the event schedule as-is for the month of September (I.E. the changes suggested in the OP will not be happening.)

    It sounds like moving these events would cause issues for players who play multiple games, and wouldn't go far enough to solve people's concerns about fatigue when playing the current volume of events. We'll look for other solutions to try and address that for now. Thank you to everyone who chimed in and helped us make the call not to pull the trigger on this next month!

    [EDIT for clarity.] None of the events have changed per se, it's just that we've moved them around to avoid overlapping and broken some events up between games, so ZS doesn't have a calendar or sale at the same time as VC, PC or LCN.

    Hey there, slayers! Big news about the schedule of events coming up.

    When the current event schedule was set up, we tried to organize it so that there weren't too many events happening at the same time. However, this got a bit more difficult when raids were added a few years ago.

    Over the past few months we've been surveying players via pop-ups in-game, and measuring how much players participate in events running at different times. One of the concerns we heard from you was that there are too many events at the same time, and it gets tiring doing everything at once. At the same time, people like how many different types of gameplay there are, and so we didn't want to drop any events at least for now.

    As a compromise, we've worked out a couple of changes to the events schedule that should help spread things out. These changes will also let us create some exciting new themes for calendars and keep things fresh for players who play more than one Kano game. Here's how it'd look for September:

    Sept. 1-5 - Faction War
    Sept. 4-6 - Sale
    Sept. 13-14 - Battle Arena
    Sept. 15-17 - Weekend Calendar
    Sept. 15-19 - Faction War
    Sept. 21-25 - Raid
    Sept. 25-29 - Weeklong Calendar
    Sept. 27-28 - Battle Arena
    Sept. 29 - Oct. 3rd - Faction War

    This is the first time we've made a large change to event scheduling in quite a while, so we're very interested in hearing your feedback and seeing how things go over the next month. Many of the other changes we're working on are more technically complex, so we thought it'd help solve some of the concerns we’ve heard while we work on larger projects like crafting and game balance. We have more background on why we made these changes as well, so if you’re curious just let us know and I’ll share that here as well.

    Thanks for reading, and please let us know what you think!
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  2. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    am I reading that BA's and FW's will be going on at the same time? Holy Stam drain.
  3. Tjak

    Tjak New Member

    :( Sorry, the changes I see are a benefit to KANO. Having BA and FW at the same time was what the former schedule was and now we are going back to what was changed to prevent the overlap? Losing the calendar during the RAID time frame is a loss for the players.
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  4. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    Congratulations Kano you have found yet another way to drive people away from your games.
    let's put everything on same weekend, even the calendar, people will just love that, they will gladly give up on their real lives to be in kano land non-stop :(
  5. can you please be more specific & tell us the days in those date ranges each individual event will occur? I do agree the time the battle arenas start could be varied. Having it start at a later time on Wednesdays than on the Saturday ones never made sense. I would think that more people (in general) have the ability to stay up Saturday night than Wednesday nights due to work & such. Thank you for the heads up.
  6. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    yes getting confused on your schedule, it is the same for ZS and VC?? how are we going to play BA in ZS and VC at same time? please be more specific for each game
  7. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    These are for the whole week, the events will not be running over one another, that's something that we are changing this to avoid. I'll see if we can get specific dates added to avoid confusion.
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  8. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    Can you "Edit for Clarity" the schedule as you did for VC so we can see the specific dates for each event??
  9. Carina anja

    Carina anja New Member

    [QUOTE = "Scoughman, post: 181279, medlem: 26739"] Hej där, slayers! Stora nyheter om schemat för händelser som kommer upp.

    När det nuvarande evenemangsschemaet var upprättat försökte vi organisera det så att det inte fanns så många händelser på samma gång. Men det blev lite svårare när raider tillsattes för några år sedan.

    Under de senaste månaderna har vi kartlagt spelare via popup-fönster i spelet och mäter hur mycket spelare som deltar i händelser som körs vid olika tidpunkter. En av de bekymmer vi hörde av er var att det finns för många händelser samtidigt, och det blir tröttsamt att göra allt på en gång. Samtidigt gillar människor hur många olika typer av spel det finns, och så vill vi inte släppa några händelser åtminstone för nu.

    Som en kompromiss har vi utarbetat ett par förändringar i händelseplanen som bör hjälpa till att sprida ut saker. Dessa ändringar kommer också att skapa några spännande nya teman för kalendrar och hålla saker fräscha för spelare som spelar mer än ett Kano-spel. Så här ser det ut till september:

    30-30 september. 2 - Battle Arena, Faction War
    Sept. 3-9 - Försäljning
    Sept. 10-16 - Battle Arena, Weekendkalender, Faction War
    Sept. 17-23 - Raid
    Sept 24-30 - Weeklong Kalender, Battle Arena, Faction War

    Det här är första gången vi gjort en stor förändring i händelseplaneringen på ett tag, så vi är mycket intresserade av att höra din feedback och se hur sakerna går över nästa månad. Många av de andra förändringarna vi arbetar på är mer tekniskt komplexa, så vi trodde att det skulle hjälpa till att lösa några av de bekymmer vi hört när vi arbetar med större projekt som skapande och spelbalans. Vi har mer bakgrund till varför vi gjort de här ändringarna också, så om du är nyfiken bara låt oss veta och jag delar det här också.

    Tack för att du läste och var god och låt oss veta vad du tycker! [/ QUOTE]
  10. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    @AlterEgoT No, sorry for the confusing OP! BAs will run Wednesday-Thursday and FW will run Friday to Tuesday as normal, they will just happen on the same weeks. @Tjak I'm sorry to hear you're not stoked — what's the issue with the Calendar not running over raids?

    @Heather J. Fox I updated the OP to help show the change, hopefully that helps. With all the BAs occurring on Wednesdays now we will have them rotate between 10am and 4pm each time.

    @ZSlayer Unfortunately yes, BAs will run at the same time for VC and ZS. With this change we have heard some concerns from players who do multiple games and that is something we're going to pay close attention to. We may end up moving BAs so they happen on different days of the week or something to help avoid this problem.

    Thanks for your patience, guys, and I really appreciate the feedback. Hopefully things go smoothly in September and we can continue to tune the schedule going forward.
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  11. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    "BAs will run at the same time for VC and ZS."
    how in the heck are we suppose to play BA at same time on two different games!!!!!!!!!
    how is this suppose to make "things" not overlap on different games?? this has to be one of the worst changes i have seen!
    now i know without a doubt Kano doesn't give a crap about people playing their games, so everyone playing all their games need to just pick ONE and never look back, thanks again!
  12. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    @ZSlayer I promise I will dig into the research we did last time we moved the BA schedule and see why we always run them on Wednesdays. If there is room to move them so they don't happen at the same time, we'll do that, absolutely. BAs at the same time in two different games is one edge case I hadn't considered, and it sounds like it'd be really frustrating for sure.
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  13. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    "With all the BAs occurring on Wednesdays now we will have them rotate between 10am and 4pm each time."
    10am pdt and 4pm pdt, different than now, is that correct
  14. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Oop, sorry, I meant 10am and 2pm.
  15. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    I will address as best I can succinctly. Players hoard UN for the events. Having 2 events in the same week negates this ability. Same with the calendars. we NEED those bumps to be able to do anything with FW, BA or RB.

    We cannot compete in the game and play the events the way they are laid out with what we can possibly accumulate in stamina. so by rescheduling the calendars high levels cannot level of an RB unless they have an account that gets beat to death only to do RB's. We need leveling UN to be able to refill to level using BA and To compete in FW.

    This is what high levels have been trying to say about the RB levelers. Anyone that's been around long built for the game you had then. Meaning enough stam and energy to level using daily boosts. New players are building for the game as it is now. With these leveling aids. It takes approximately a year or more of dedicated skill allotments to make a change to an old build. That's a lot to expect a player to invest in a game with little content for them to be able to play the game as it has become.

    Your long term players that are still around, have been resourceful. We've fought our way through the hireds being dropped in, we've fought through the change of you aren't supposed to be able to level more than once a day to the new format of gee level hundreds of times with an event, we've fought through the health change. We've fought through the change in stamina refills upon leveling. We've gotten creative to still be able to play. But we NEED certain things in place to keep being creative. It's getting harder and harder to battle through to keep playing.

    We do understand you want folks to level up to us so that we will have more players to play with at our own levels but imagine you'd been building a house by hand brick by brick, you get the foundation built and and are 95% complete with the home and they up and change the building code and expect you to retrofit the entire house. It sucks. At some point you say oh phewy on it, level the house and start over, or cut your losses and build a house somewhere else.

    But I do thank you that they aren't on the same day clarification. all having 1 day between the two does though is give us our stamina boost for the day and a 1 day max of 50% stamina. Not nearly enough to compete with someone that can level in a snap and click nearly endlessly. let's say I have 2000 stamina. so I use my daily boost for another 1000 and my daily reward for another 1000. that's 4000 stamina to use on an rb. That will NOT level me. Level: 6278 1006375 / 2645912. I will need a couple bumps of xp to do it at minimum. Now say a smaller level has 200 stamina but can level oh let's say 200 times. (and no that is not an exaggeration I've seen thousands) They just got 40,000 stamina. And what's it take them to level? And I haven't even added boosts or daily. You can do the math for BA which I quit playing under the new format. It won't level me either. Not even close. I have no idea of what kind of leveling power it gives the 200 stamina player but I venture to guess they can get a heck of a lot more attacks in then I can. Plus they get better points per attack.

    Eh well, succinctly went out the window. But in a nutshell. We need timing to hit correctly in order to make up for how much crazy xp we need to level.
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  16. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    not too mention the servers can't handle multiple platforms how on earth can they handle more?
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  17. bigk69

    bigk69 New Member

    Is the monthly calendar still going on in ZS or is it gone now with these changes?
  18. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    I think the idea, as those of us that have played for, say, at least 3 years, already know, is you can't do this forever. Sure, you can get a few hundred levels a day in the beginning and thousands of stamina, but eventually that pace will slow down. If you're not doing bosses for inventory and adding to skills, you'll be a weak mid level player before you know it, unable to fight back effectively. How is any of this our fault? It's not. Kano needed or wanted money, and now they have it. But are these players going to be around, say 2 years from now, when some of us have stuck around since the beginning, even though we're unhappy? I can't wait to see the next round of changes that will address this to keep things going. Pretty short-term thinking, in my opinion. Now they're going to bring caging to all the games, when it was expressly stated they would not. I guess everything's on the table now. The game wasn't great, but raids totally changed everything. Kano hasn't been able to keep up, and I don't think this will change. There has always been a divide between high level and low level players. Now, there's another divide between those that have played for less than a year and those that have played longer. I don't see how this can ever be fixed now.
  19. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    My guess is since it's only one event a month, as opposed to every week or every other week, that's why it wasn't included with the other events. But, you never know. I guess we'll need clarification on if the monthly calendars will be continuing or not, you can't take anything for granted anymore.
  20. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Wait...no more weekend arenas...ever?

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