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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Aug 17, 2017.

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  2. I know that decision had to hurt. You can't please all people at all times. Sorry that it is causing some head scratching and reconnoitering on your part. I think that you have identified that most people's gaming lives inside Kano seem to rotate around that 4 week rotation. Okay! Start from there.
    You have some who love each of the features you provide and some that loathe them.....like that's a revelation. You also have plenty of us clamoring for yet bigger, brighter, and better attractions to be added to the game. I think you all have figured that the Worlds must need to go on, and all they encompass. But WHY do you need to limit yourselves to the schedule functions of Raids, Guild Wars, battle Arenas, and rotate them only on those weekends? Why can't you be willing to drop GW one month to just once that month or move the Raid Boss off the schedule a month, Pull it and provide something else? It would seem to me that you invented a couple of events and you have boxed your minds into keeping them in a set order or balance. Or the cash cows are set in that mind set. Believe me, your cash cows will pay should you provide something challenging and fun enough. Raids are just not all that and a bag of chips. Or say that 3rd weekend where you provide a BA gets pulled and that's where you provide that other event. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be? Come on- let's allow ourselves to think outside that box. I know you are trying to think along those lines, thinking outside that lead lined box. But in order to do it, it may require that you plug and pull. Interchange those events, instead of drumming them into our calendar of events. Why can't a Raid Boss event be quarterly? Why can't GW be once a month? BUT..line your ducks up and be able to provide some creative new events that would make the masses at least sit up and take notice. You really do not have much to lose. The pulling of a Raid weekend or BA weekend would probably receive far less static for individual player based events or events where one would build their own teams. Or if you are aiming for a guild function- pull a GW and plug it there. You have the guild crowd already keyholed into showing up at that time. Just give them a different function to do. I think you need to ask who the target audience would be as to when you would plug it in.
    We, your loving and adoring fans, are going to bitch. It's what we do. But I think that you can do this. Just decide what you want to provide, who is your target audience, pull an event that would have been serving that audience and plug in a newer event. As you receive feedback, you may decide to keep it or scrub it. You can then expand that event calendar or not- but think who you are serving. Change things up, but we will all be doing it together. This game is not the same as it was when we started over 8 years ago. It will continue to change. It is a dynamic, fluid, and is dependent on some mutual respect from both sides to remain lucrative and fun.
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    the achievements for LCN coming out this week, and others to follow, so when achievements out for VC and what achievements are they and plz dont just say soon cos we had this reply before and it lasted 3 months before anything was done
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    @Terror of The Scioto Thanks for this detailed reply :) This is actually exactly what we have in mind for new events, and trust me, running new and exciting types of events is the number one thing I personally want to do with the game. Making totally new events takes time, development and a lot of game design work to get right, and so while that's going on we've been hunting for quicker changes we can make to help improve people's day-to-day experience. Coming up soon we have a change to Faction Wars that'll make divisions more important, and you can look forward to tweaks to existing events and gameplay while we work on bigger stuff.

    @bully thor I'm hoping we'll be able to announce the achievements for the other games very soon after the LCN ones come out. We are already working on outlining what they should be for VC etc. and then all that'll be left is sharing them with you and building them.
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    People forced to endure adverse conditions beyond their control tend to develop a sense of comradery. We've got carpal tunnel syndrome 'cause we've all got builds with tens of thousands of points of stamina (since that's the only way to play BA and take advantage of the Raid Bosses); we're sleep deprived from trying to hit world bosses once every four hours and special calendars every half hour (or 45 minutes), and by the time Friday rolls around it's time to twitch every minute on the minute to kill a world boss. Not sure messing around with the schedule of events would make any positive difference unless all events happened at the same time so we could relax and enjoy normal game play instead of saving up energy/stamina for the events. To conclude, Kano, don't worry about player feedback, if we suffer we'll all just feel more in touch with our fellow players and our sense of community will become unparalleled;)
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    In other words... misery loves company. You could have just said that.
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    Thought I'd just dwell on some of the issues, as I see them. I get the feeling that players leaving do so mostly because they're burned out - all the effort of repetitive clicking finally outweighing the fun.
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