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Discussion in 'Ideas not being Considered' started by Demonik1, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    I think this is a pretty awesome idea, i know there will be complaints from the higher ups but putting those few aside....i think you should change the rewards to a set of 2 weapons and a warrior like the hunter challenges in a sense but a different percentage and the rewards would be in the range of your level...or if not by level then make it a random chance like the crates...common on through legendary...keep the monetary payouts the same. i think that would add a bit more to look forward to in the game and promote more activity during the 3 days at the very least. in the long run its win-win for using vc terminology but this would be for all games and it would especially benefit those that play zs since the limited weapons play a much bigger role. if they have a chance at a legendary payout at the end then you DEFINITELY wouldnt want to miss out on that
  2. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    wow, that sure is one heck a doozy there demonik...10 from me!
  3. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Did you pick up ZS Demonik?

    I would beg to differ on item values in game vs game.

    ZS probably has the lowest value for limited items, esp after you already have a full (123@lvl130-244@level3000+) set of items.

    All of my Items that I use for attack make up a about 4 percent of the strength.

    and buying new items, a new item to replace some crap I bought well over a year ago out of the sales bin, would give me an amazing 2-3 skill points worth of strength.

    best advantage you get from new limited items in zs is battle arena, and loyalty items do just fine there unless you have no defense stance to bother increasing, or no intention of actually playing to use the attack side.

    Not a bad idea, but I dont have much intrest in it. so im not voting

  4. Sour_Rubbish

    Sour_Rubbish Member

    I think 3-day calendar in ZS all right. But wanted to add a sentence about the items. I suggest not to do the same 3 things and do different - as in normal sets Challenges
  5. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    yes i been playing on kanoplay ever since you suggested it haha and my idea is for all games but the emphasis on zs for the newer players or older slower levelers that dont have there inventory full of 300+ attack and def would promote more activity from the little guys and the more active they are the higher they will get and so on and so forth
  6. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    im seriously shocked there hasnt been more feedback for this but i guess nobody cares what we get from the calendars and feel that its fine the way it is.
  7. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Other than increasing our artists' workload I don't see anything too bad about this. :)

    I mean there is the potential downside of people not being able to complete all three weekend calendars and therefor not being able to get a more powerful item on the third go.
  8. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    thats why id like to see a change, if theres more to offer than more will likely try to complete all 3 and promote more activity
  9. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    yeah except you can stay dead for hours on end and do calanders.

    Id see this more as promoting favor point sales than actual game activity.
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Not sure why u think higher levels would have an issue with this (unless i missed something). I like it as long as we all get the items we missed retroactively and older ones that we nl longer use get updated numbers like loyalty and limited items. Should be pretty easy to figure out what and how many calenders we've all done
  11. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Took this idea to the developers today and unfortunately it won't be nearly as easy as I thought to implement this one, so unfortunately I'm moving it to "not considering" for the time being.

    Our item-creation pipeline is not set up to accommodate this idea right now, but if that ever changes we'll take another look at this one.
  12. amanda

    amanda Member

    what about the same reward but the att an defense goes up every time you complete the calendar.
  13. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    so kinda like a free upgrade on it?
  14. amanda

    amanda Member

    Yea kind of but I think It will help new members an well make everyone play more
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  15. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Spin off to the idea, maybe choose defense or attack weapon/warrior? on a calender same stat's but choose. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    The best ideas are the hardest to implement, doesnt mean it should go down in flames.....tell them ill give em all a dollar and a christmas card if they get this one in the works ;)
  17. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    A dollar huh?
  18. close to the edge

    close to the edge New Member

    I have no problem with finishing 3 fact I finish late Saturday night so I can rest Sunday. What I would like to see is that we get all points on our hunter challenges... now the calender xp's sure they should drop, but not the hunter challenges... we need those,, it's not fair that they should drop too. We should not be penalized for playing the game. There are not that many hunter challenges anyway. Don't take away our xp's there. This is just not fair. I know you have a way to do this, so please keep our hunter challenges the same amount of xp's. You can drop the calendar ones as they go along, & then as the game keeps going, they can come back like they are suppose to. Don't rid us of our minimal ones. This is just plain mean. I mean, 1xp for a hunter challenge, come on, give us a break. We work hard setting our clocks every 30 mins to get to a door, & for those who play more than one game, come on,,,some people can't count. LOL much less tell what a watch is trying to say, which has nothing too do with time. Still, I have no problem with making 3 calendars easy. Even with my appointments. I have a phone, most do. If you want your goodies, you will do your best, get them done, rest & still have time to watch your Sunday movies. Just please give me my entire hunter challenge xp's!
  19. lori rooney

    lori rooney New Member

    a whole dollar?????
  20. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    Ok, maybe a dollar was a bit not made of money but at least 50 ce.ts

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