[PC] Caging/ Drops and possible Glitch

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Tracy Bingham, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Tracy Bingham

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    Dawn Monteleone-Lynch ‎(my post from rockin') Am I the only one who has noticed a major increase on cagematches? I used to go for days without being hit more than maybe once by a cager, and a few pirates who I battle with regularly. Since this battle drop business, it seems to have brought the cagers out of the woodwork!! Now I have heard these drops to not apply for caging, but did anyone TELL THEM THAT?!? The cagers are bothersome when I am trying to bounty hunt..and you know, this one guy keeps it up even after reaching the limit. I even listed him 14 or 15 times, but he has not learned. AAAAARRRGGHHHH!!
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    Hi Devs -- got this question in our new Pirates helping Pirates Chat room... not sure what the answer is??? How can someone reach the limit but continue to cage???

    Also do you get the battle drops when caging or just when straight attacking?
  2. Kendall

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    You do not get battle drops in cagematches.

    I can't remember what the limits on cagematches are but I think that after 25 attacks rewards go down to 0 and after 50 they should no longer be able to attack.
  3. Tracy Bingham

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    Thank you for response Kendall. I kept looking back for responses and missed that you had responded. I will now post response to player that asked in our help room.

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