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    im being hitlisted over 300 times per day -i dont mind as theres nothing i can do to stop it but its been going on over 2 years + im used to it...when i get out of hospital..im straight back in...its a game i know..but i thought games were meant 2 have an element of enjoyment....im level 1186 with 1200 mobsters....thing is these ppl are over 2000-3000 levels higher than me so i think its out of order...they threaten me with inbox messages which i just delete...any ideas other than deleting my account + starting over gain..which i dont want to do...722 days ive been playing this game...tyvm 4 your time
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  2. once your level 300 your open for everyone to list

    as long as your not dead and they have the cash

    they can list as long as they want

    only suggestion is raising your income and getting full mob
  3. polishpimp

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    Yep....its just a matter of strengthening your own account and exacting your revenge. No offense...but if u were listed 300 times a day for 2 years....Its hard to believe u would have gained the levels u have....thats well in excess of 200k deaths.....lol
  4. that is very true! I doubt anyone has that many deaths!

    WHELER Banned

    i have a solution for you... buy some property to raise your base bounty,lol
  6. maddog1122

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    since your being hitlisted,how manyt imes did you hitlist those people or started a fight by puncvching one of them, I find it hard to believve that by playing 722 days, you did nothing to provoke those attacks or at least half ogff them,
  7. best way to grow up your bounty coast so when you coast much , not much players will have your bounty or not all will waste some money on you, so they will stop =)
    i am at level 668 my bounty as i remeber 80+billion (the highest bounty on my rage and over my range [as i think] ) not even get much listed.. even if i list people on my fight list.. they don't list me :)
    and re-starting from the begining is not a good idea !!
  8. why is starting over not a good idea??

    as someone did with viking

    they outleveled there old account plus made it stronger

    and did it rather quickly

    to OP: raise your income to make it harder to list you
  9. Ace

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    You may want to raise your income, that way they won't be able to list you as much... I chainlist someone who doubles my level every day because their income sucks ^_^
  10. on this gme it is hard to level.. that why it is not a good idea..
    but on VC & PC it is ok to level up...
    i can reset my PC even that it is on level 2240+
    but i wont, becuse i dont want t restart the income from 0 !!
    if my income was low or i didn't work hard to make it that much.. i wll reset it :p

    LIZARDKING New Member

    ty 4 the replies....even if my hitlist price was 500 billion..the ppl hitlisting me prob get that per hour...i used to be with SWAT but i left so i have been made a life long target..they inboxed me this.. i had big bounty but was sick of being killed every day i deleted all my property which took long time...thinking right im deleteing this sod it..but 3 weeks l8r thought id try it again cos i like playin it...so now rebuilding bak...currently on 13.81 bill hitlist price...was 781 bill b4 i deleted it...chainlisting ppl is not an option..they 2000-3000 levels above me + have 2000 in mob ....i never win a fight so thats just pointless....it might be agood option to start agen with new acc....i mean..in this account..i think the ammount of godfather points i wasted on things other than hired guns..

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