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Discussion in 'Mobile Version' started by Yeet Scarlet, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Yeet Scarlet

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    So I'm still new and I maybe missing something but there are a couple of features on the browser-facebook specificly- version of PC that are not on mobile and vice versa. And I understand you can't cram everything from a computer based game on to a mobile device but there are some basic things that could be implimented. Such as:

    Needed For Mobile:
    • Inner Circle Clan Members
      • Sorting
        • On browser you can sort by level, search name, sort by who has you in their inner circle. You've got options.
        • On mobile, it's sorted by level and you have to keep clicking load till you find the one you want to add to your inner circle. Then scroll all the way to the top and select add and scroll all the way to the bottom again.
      • Labels
        • On Browser, you can see who has you in this inner circle
        • On mobile, you can't. Makes it easy for people to SAY they've added you and want you to add them but you can't really tell.
    • Auto Heal option
      • On browser
      • Not on mobile
    • Replying to Clan Messages on your home feed
      • on browser
      • Not on mobile, frankly looks terrible and congested as well
    • Gifts
      • Replacing wishlist items
        • On browser, easy to compare stats of an item because the current wishlist items are off to the side or at the top.
        • Whole separate load screen. Remember the stats and what you're replacing
    • Notifications
      • Browser, small line at the top depending on what it is.
      • Mobile, takes up 50% of the screen
      • Example: Healing in Armada wars
        • Takes 2 seconds to heal on browser
        • Takes 5mins on mobile due to confirmations and notifications pop ups
    Needed For Browser (FaceBook)
    • Gift items
      • Sorted
        • Random mess on browser
        • Sorted by level on mobile
    AGAIN, I understand you can't cram a whole browser game for computers on an app but some of these seem pretty simple to fix.
    Better sorting and indicators of inner circle clan members for mobile. Easier exchange of wish list items on mobile. The ability to better contribute to Armada wars are some big and fairly easy fixes.

    It'd be nice to have these changes, if possible. Add to the list if you'd like. I'll update if I notice more.
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  2. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Thank you for the detailed and concise notes. There are some known issues here and a few new ones so we appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Healing in the Armada Wars on Mobile is cumbersome and we plan on addressing that real soon.

    Stay tuned to our TGIF posts as that is where will will often discuss changes that were implemented in the last week as well as what is coming up next.
  3. Yeet Scarlet

    Yeet Scarlet New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it and will keep watch. Glad that the armada healing is getting some attention, though the main issue as I played it was the notifications and confirmations. The same issue is presented when the raid bosses appeared a week or two ago. New players, not knowing health is a factor in this type of raid, may spam the attack and restart the raid. If the notification bar was smaller, you could see the health better and may be able to place a "Low Health" warning on the health bar. But that is irrelevant if the notifications are in the way.

    As I said before, I'll keep posting some suggested changes here as I notice them. Such as:

    For Browser:
    • Inner Circle
      • General and Activity Tab
        • Could be made into one tab. I dont think people really care when a player was added to their circle as it's not advantageous to remove unless you have 1000 already. But it is good to see when they last played and whether they have you in their circle as to decide whether to add them to my circle.
    • Looking for Armada's
      • Search function for finding an armada.
        • Say I remember the name or the tag of an Armada I want to check out, possibly join. The only filter you have is for "Recruiting". It doesnt seem to be sorted in any reasonable manner. A search by name, filter by recruiting and/or division, sort by number of members or name or tag would be helpful.
    • Raids
      • Number of people
        • On the main raid screen, before entering raids, it doesnt tell you how many people are already in the raids. It's on mobile. Seems like it should be on browser.
    For Mobile:
    • Battling
      • Power Hits
        • Are included with Browser games
        • Not included Mobile, allowing for possible kill hits.
    • Crafting
      • Appears on Browser, bit hard to find.
      • Does not appear on mobile but I may be missing it. Didnt even know crafting was a thing until I did some exploring on browser.
      • Browser: Available on player name, armada page, chat, messages.
      • Mobile: Only available from chat or submitting a ticket. WHAT!
      • Additionally, I dont know how your ticket system but just by a quick test. It's a start THOUGH, if a person clicks REPORT on a player/armada's profile, they probably want to REPORT that player not submit a problem or a bug. The ticket should just AUTOFILL with the accused's information and "Abuse or Violation" already picked. You can make that even more detailed by adding check mark boxes of possible violations or abuse. Then a short description of the problem should be submitted.
        • It's a lot of work but its more in detailed and precise than what you currently have. Even just added more concise options for reporting would make your ticket process 10x better as you could categorize 10x better. File by Department, Type of Concern, Common Concerns. If its a violation. File by Department, Player/Armada, Type of Concern, Common Concern.
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    2 things noticed lately was can't delete messages from guild feed on app, and the level up pop-up still occurs even if in latest location. (thought level up was a tutorial thing?)

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