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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Shannon Niehoff, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Shannon Niehoff

    Shannon Niehoff New Member

    I began playing about 20 minutes ago, and I am just looking for a little guidance on how best to proceed. I am level 5.
  2. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    welcome shannon there are lots of ways for you to go all depending on how you want to play your game battling attacking/ defending either way go for your achievements that will keep you on the right track for now as you play you can see how you want to play the game
  3. kennycjr

    kennycjr Member

    while atm your energy and stam are topping off when you level, keep in mind it won't stay that way for long. leveling only boosts your energy to a max of 500 and stamina to a max of 50. this is very much a stamina/attack game, but the game requires you to find your own stat balance. run the challenges, hit the world bosses as much as ya can, keep in mind that you can hit them every 15m on their last day.

    peruse the crafting to sort out which crafts would be most beneficial to you. do a job in your highest area 3x a day (or possibly more for lower areas) to get the gp, spend the rest of your energy either on adventure achievements or on which job you can craft from. spend your fp on chieftains and nothing else until you're maxed out. well, possibly an occasional stam refill, but only once ya atleast have it over 1000, though 2000 would be better.

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