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    Thought I had this figured out but obviously not.

    Income per Hour: + $10,042,500,000

    Hitlist 68.289 billion

    Whilst we know the "Godfather" takes his slice of the pie surely this seems to be an odd % he's taking. Any idea's??

    Also - what is the % mark up on listing someone? Is it a constant % ie 15% of base price? Or is it 15% of current list price ie I've been listed numerous times, so now i'm 200b to list next hit is 200b + 15%?
  2. for lower i THINK theres a strange high mark up.

    for those higher than lower but not high level i believe it goes up by base

    for high levels it seems to go up by half of base

    i cant give exact levels cause im not even sure.

    only devs can give the exact levels

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