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  1. mashy

    mashy New Member

    Hi all,

    Just a couple of questions about bounties. They've probably already been asked but been unable to find the answers so sorry if they have been answered for someone else. I haven't managed to get one bounty yet but by goodness, I'll keep clicking until I do.

    1. Is there a particular part of the day when bounties seem to be more frequent?

    2. If you was say at level 600 and you see a bounty on a person who's level 1000, would you attempt it even though you know you'll probably get retaliation or would you leave these ones alone until you're at a similar level?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me
  2. 1)that literally varies since everyone is from different time zones

    2)if you dont care about being a punching bag for the next 24hrs(or longer if that higher bookmarks you)

    all depends how much you want that bounty

    i will say this though(although most prolly know it already)

    sometimes a bounty is meant for a particular player to collect

    steal it away and youll probably end up on bounty yourself for stealing it

    hard to know sometimes if this is case or not

    but again it all depends how much you want the coin
  3. mashy

    mashy New Member

    Great stuff, thank you.

    I'll just keep an eye on it for now, see what names have placed the player on the bounty and who's been hitlisted. i'll probably (hopefully) figure out who i can go for and who i should stay clear of eventually.

    you're a diamond for your advice, cheers
  4. I've found that bounties do have a more prevalent time than others. I'm in the PST time zone, so these times are based on that, but around 11a.m. to 1p.m. (lunch time) and again starting around 5p.m. to 7p.m. (East coasters finishing with dinner) The other time is at night, 11p.m. to midnight or slightly later. Oh, and when the East coasters wake up, about 6a.m. PST also.

    As for going after a bounty of a higher level player, depending upon the nastiness of that player, you may pay dearly for that. If it's trillions and you get it, it's worth it. LOL Only you can decide if the amount of the bounty is worth the risk.
  5. lol kill them all id go for hers for sure hehehehehe
  6. Level makes little difference, only makes it slightly more difficult to catch it (sometimes). Maybe the instant flashes of the lower levels could be harder to catch.

    This seems like a pretty relevant place for my very first Viking bounty catch...


    Notice the damage i did. I know it's not quite 1 but you still don't see that every day!

    In my opinion, you should go for any bounty that isn't going to ride for an hour or more.

    It doesn't matter if you win or not, you can simply 'swoop' the kill from someone else... As demonstrated by the above 2 damage kill ^^.

    I don't remember what level this BadMoFoSho was when i killed him, doesn't really matter because shouldn't his name have an extra "Fo" in it?

    BadMoFo FoSho ???

    Anyway i think that says it all... Go for every bounty you see, as quick as you possibly can!

    Try...Try..Try again and eventually you will get to mash many billions into your hoard!
  7. Yes, go for everyone. Only a game. not like it's real money and you die for real.
  8. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    If the person hitlist or kills you they can not attack or kill you again until you attack them. So like they say go for all.
  9. Ace

    Ace Member

    You've been answered but I'll post as well, since I'm free to.

    1) I'm not sure, but keep an eye for wars between clans, several bounties go up, but then again, they're very hard to catch.

    2) Go for everything that can die. With this, I mean go for everything except for people who are just too tough and manage to heal and stay alive, such as Mike Ketil on Facebook, since you have no hopes of getting it. Those cases are numbered though, and in case they manage to heal much, just stop attacking, you won't receive retaliation since you'll drop off their rivals anyway.
  10. Justin Keeton

    Justin Keeton New Member

    can someone make a bounty for me so i can get a leg up in this game i just started. please and thankyou
  11. Good thinking!

    That 941billion sure made a good start on my Empire at lvl 254.

    A little more information would be helpful though, such as which network you play on and how big of a bounty you think you would be able to manage...

    Don't post your personal strength or Clan size here on the forum, just yet at least. Unless of course you are cocky enough and simply don't give a sheet (of corrogated iron).

    Because i am both, or rather i may just be the first without giving the second...

    My ATK is 666 : DEVILHORNS:
    and my DEF is 1225

    My Clan is currently 1148 strong...

    Come and have a gan, if you think you're hard enough!
  12. Whitelock

    Whitelock Member

    I'll take you, clan 1440 atk 1144 def... well now lets leave that one... and I'm at half your level....

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