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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by tim, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. tim

    tim Administrator

    We are proud to announce a brand new feature in Viking Clan that we call Bosses. Note that this feature will continue to be tweaked and refined but we wanted to get feedback from the players!

    Key points we want feedback on include:

    - Any difficulty points for the lower level
    - Bugs / Issues using the feature
    - Confusion points
    - Etc

    For more information, please view the Help and please note that any Boss stats that you may rack up while the feature is in BETA may be lost until we make an official release. (Achievements, Drops and Boss Victories will not be lost)

    Hope you guys enjoy North Midgard's Serpent Sorceress! Look forward to seeing more bosses in the near future to challenge all you higher ups!
  2. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Wohoo!! Nice new update!

    Thanks developers!! :D
  3. Bendik the Great

    Bendik the Great New Member

    Bendik The Great has dealt 46026 dmg and taken 339 dmg in 22 attacks, gaining 1025 XP and 2668405 coins.

    Nice update. :)

    But this boss was rather easy. Took her down in less than a minute, didn't even need to heal.
  4. Griff

    Griff Member

    Way too easy Bendik... BUT correct me if Im wrong Devs.... That was just the first location boss and they will be one for each location that gets tougher as they go up... Is this what you guys are planning? If so, please dont forget to make the drops for the higher bosses actually worth something to us higher level clans. At least equal to or higher than the Muspell drops. Still nice to have another way to gain XP and skill points without doing the tiresome boring buddy leveling we tend to have to resort to at the higher levels. I have seen no bugs yet using Firefox/3.6
    Again, I thank you guys for working on the new additions. I will be looking forward to much harder bosses with some "usuable" drops in the near future.... Griff
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  5. Solomon Gesti

    Solomon Gesti New Member

    I don't really get the point of this. It seems like it's just a way to drain stamina points and distract from battling.
  6. Exp rewards vs stamina expenditure

    The current amount of XP rewarded for each point of stamina is too low, though this may be related to the fact that I currently outlevel this area. When I can get better than 50 xp per stamina point from a close battle 2 points regardless of the number of stamina expended is far too low.

    My second point is that if I spend five points of stamina to perform a power attack I should receive at least five times the XP for the attack. Perhaps use the damage scaling equation. Any less experience than five times the XP for a normal attack is something I perceive as a penalty for attempting to kill the boss as fast as possible, as damage scaling appears to be roughly six times the damage of a normal attack when a power attack is used
  7. Sigdrifa

    Sigdrifa New Member

    As mentioned in another thread, I enjoy this feature, especially the amount of XP. I actually got a god point yesterday from one of the boss battles I participated in, which I thought was pretty cool.

    I would like to see bosses in all of the worlds, and it get progressively more challenging... and with usable weapons. While a drop of 15/30 is GREAT for someone level 100-200, past level 850 (in my opinion) anything with less than 40 for att/def is an inferior weapon. I won't get rid of the boss drops for now because I assume we might need them for the future boss fights, but I am hoping that there are really big bosses with really strong drops.

    In any case, it's something new to do and I'm having lots of fun with it so far. :D
  8. Steve B

    Steve B New Member

    I guess I'm closer to the level this boss was aimed at.

    4 of us attacked - all are between level 20 and 30. Two only did minimal damage, so essentially it was 2 attackers level 25.

    The battle took us about 3 hours (we levelled up a couple of times, but mostly it was waiting for stamina to regenerate)

    In terms of rewards - the sword and armour made it into my army, and the experience gain was comparable to what I get elsewhere, maybe better. it was also fun to do!

    In terms of the interface, the graphics are good, and the tabs useful - a nicer boss fight set-up than other face-book games.
  9. Janet

    Janet New Member

    I can't figure out how to call for help from more of my clan members, when fighting a co-op boss that was challenged by another of my clan members. Does anybody know how to do this?
  10. The Randy Viking

    The Randy Viking New Member

    How does the rewarding of killing the Bosses work? I did the most damage in a 5 person Co-op battle, however was not the person asking for help nor the person to deal the killing blow to the boss... yet I received nothing for my contributions. (or at least there was no "Collect Reward" button to be seen, nor any updates alerting me to any rewards). Whats the deal?!??
    Either way, good way to use up the extra Stamina before leveling!! nice addition guys and gals.
  11. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    so far from what i've seen in the boss battles only the owning boss can ask for more help, those that join in can only message and attack... the messages can be in the boss window or private.

    Also with help for Para, it's best to have everyone wait on killing the boss til you get the max amount of help (10) thus you can unlock the power attacks that are on the rt upper part of the boss window.

    finally haven't determine how many attacks/damage is needed for rewards to be collected.
  12. Steve B

    Steve B New Member

    For me, the collect reward button arrived OK for both boss fights I've been on. Vaguely remember it was blue, and on the right just above the picture. Final loot seems to be gold, experience, and a chance for the armour and some god points (I got the armour, but no god-points)

    Damage seems to be about 45k total required.

    I saw the "call for help" on the boss I summoned, but not the one I joined, so I guess it's a summoner only feature. There is however a url under the picture, but I've not tried posting that to see if someone not in the clan can join.
  13. wolfie

    wolfie New Member

    ok another new boos today and now i have even more dead bosses that have no collect reward button, my list of bosses is just getting full of dead ones i cant collect from and remove, pls fix existing bosses before adding new ones, or shall i go for a collection of wasted boss fights,
  14. toeeatingdog

    toeeatingdog Member i just killed both available bosses in under a minute. I guess it'lll get tougher soon...?
  15. Fable

    Fable New Member

    I always fight against level 1 bosses. But they never become level 2. Is this normal?
  16. self

    self Member

    I see that too, but when you go to battle, it will appropriately name your level. I.E. level 1 or 2.

    I can see a use for rediculously high stamina (>750) in the near future. It looks like you can battle each every so often. so at some point you will have 10 bosses unlocked and fightable every few days.

    Dislike, a boss battle should count toward your battle wins.
  17. i love this boss stuff so many ask me 2 help and call me good names after i kill they boss haha thanks Developers good upgrade


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