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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by Linda, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    I would like to see the slider choice set to the lowest minimum damage not Double it, and why is it set to double, when we have new baby bosses that we have worked to hard to get to and have our clan hit to the slider, even if we ask for them to use single hits, alot do not , they hit to hard, hit the slider , and the bosses do not last long enough sometimes to give everyone a chance to get on them :(
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  2. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    Agreed. The slider should be set at the minimum damage level, especially for the baby bosses.
  3. petelegpeg

    petelegpeg New Member

    I totally agree. Slider minimum is now set at double the dmg needed for min rewards. If ye can't set it at min, can ye set it at no more than 1 & a half times the min needed for rewards?
  4. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    I agree 100 percent. The slider needs to be set at the min rewards. Especially when its dealing with the low bosses starting off in level. If the player of the boss wants to move it up later they can. But you cannot get enough players during a level 2 or 3 boss before it gets killed off. Put it at the amount listed for min damage and not the doubled amount of the min damage.
  5. anchorage Douglas

    anchorage Douglas New Member

    I agree, even tho I request clan to just hit enough for rewards and state I have many friends to share with they still go to the slider limit.
  6. redwing99999999

    redwing99999999 New Member

    I agree the slider damage that is set is what should be the only damage that can be done. I have several clan members who put max on every boss that is sent out it should be kept at the slider damage.
  7. Butcher Ludmilla

    Butcher Ludmilla New Member

    I will agree that a change to slider is need so that boss owner can set slider to real minimum damage.... then captains all have equal chance to hit & owner of boss can move up slider if need more damage to kill.
  8. dicky

    dicky New Member

    well!!! I have never seen so many moaners, in a game............. and it is always the same bunch. If you played the game more, then you would not have time to rabbit on .............. leave the devs alone so they can do constructive thing to the game !!!!!!!!!!!

    All you bunch do is post negative things that you lot want in the game......... The game is done by the devs, and they are the ones that should decide what should be done... what ever new thing the devs bring out............ I can guarantee that it will be the same bunch complaining they don't like it ,, just give it a rest and play the game they way the devs designed it .............. there is nothing wrong with were the slider is at presence,,,, get rid of the dam thing as many of you set the slider so low that it can not be killed and people lose xp because the boss goes over time get rid of the slider
  9. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Coming from a person who picked that name go figure. But the answer to your question is some of us like making sure we can help all of are players and friends out to get them stronger to deal with bullies in a game. And the answer to your last statement if you really were one of the players who played the game as much as you do. You would have realized bosses can always get defeated. On the last day of the boss down to the last 2 to 4 hours if there is a slider on it the slider does come off of it allowing other players to kill the boss if they believe that person is not going to make it.
  10. RAGM

    RAGM Member

    seems alright
  11. dicky

    dicky New Member

    Rikki King
    There should be achievements for fighting through counter attacks..
    They be responsible for half my losses
    They get them for setting the damned things don't they

    this is typical of the ideas that come from the group, this idea has come from a loser , counters are there to help players not to get bullied....... yet the same person is crying that he cant sell off rule to set up bounty traps, because he is bullying, the person that is setting the counters, and then putting him on bounty .............. as you can see 99 percent of the ideas... come from a selfish view on the game, it has nothing to do with improving the game in general ,, it is just to improve their game personally.. I have been reading the posts on rock the devs, and have not actually seen any thing constructive to improve the game.... all the comments that seems to get posted are mud slinging accusations, mourning to the devs,loosen up it it a fight game, and if you are weak in the game then it is not the devs fault it is your own fault, how do players beat you, because they have allocated their skill points in a positive way, so they can win, and it always the losers in the game are the biggest whiners, because they want to win but at no cost to themselves they want every thing free and the game set to suite them
  12. Reine Williams

    Reine Williams New Member

    I agree the slider should be so we can set it to a minimum not double the damage to the bosses.
  13. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    What does any of this have to do with this thread?

    Ive no doubt that players ask for game updates for selfish reasons(such as convenience)...I would go even further and say most ideas are selfish to one extent or the other .....but with that said.....a persons selfish reasonings MAY very well be whats best for the game as it is want or necessity that breeds new and innovative ideas. I personally think that slamming on an idea simply because u dont like a particular player without taking the time to consider the pros and cons of the idea to be even more selfish with zero chance of contributing to the games what so ever

    I like this idea because it allows for a player to have more control over their own boss and im yet to think or hear of a negative side were it to be implemented. I vote a 10

    Its an alarming trend that the players that routinely rate threads low do not give their reasonings as to why. I realize some may not like the confrontation...but i have a feeling the majority of players that do this are just spiteful lil cowards who simply dont have the compacity to argue their side
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  14. diva of destruction

    diva of destruction Active Member

    Introduction of the slider was a very good move from the developers, as so many were killing bosses outright, without any mateys getting a chance to benefit. perhaps the minimum should be less than double damage, but to set it to minimum is Too Restricting. I try to do 100% damage for rewards, but sometimes it rounds up and I miss rewards by just a few points in damage. I am sure there is reasoning behind the slider being at double......but I am not sure what the answer is. I will rate this thread six stars.
  15. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    it is just suggestion for an option to do it, and if some one wants to use it fine, if not fine, my reason was based on the baby bosses since many do not use the 100% plus one more single hit method, and we can watch a baby boss ( makes on up) die in 2 to 4 hours instead of allowing for different time zone players to get on , the slider can always be raised after a full boat to whatever the owner would like to raise it to .
  16. alka

    alka Banned

    There are too many restrictions on the game as it is. I always hit a boss with 10 stam. I get around 1400xp plus 500+ and when it dies I get another 400/500 xp.
    The problem comes when you have hit the limit of bosses and your xp drops to 1xp.
    Your system will flood the feed with bosses for all and eventually no one will finish them because of the 1xp problem.
    Also, if you don't do enough damage to the boss you lose the bonus.
    I bet you only launch one boss at a time to the feed. Try launching a single and a coop at the same time then you can help more people, which I think is what you want to achieve..
  17. Post your suggestion in the ideas thread that if you rate the thread you must comment on it. Personal attacks do not help your case. Otherwise quit complaining.

    Also, because of the nature of this site, I am able to rate threads but I cannot comment because the device I use to view it does not recognize this box as a comment box. I did come back today to voice my opinion, below.

    The boss damage amount is set so that the maximum number of helpers can do the maximum amount of damage on the lowest setting. On a boss that allows on 10 helpers, you can do 10% damage max, at 40 helpers it is 2.5%, and at 50 the damage amount is 2%.

    If you set it to the lowest setting available, then everyone will have an equal shot at getting to help. The only problem is that the boss owner is not limited in the amount of damage they can do, so the problem is not with the slider but instead with the boss owner.

    I gave this suggestion 1 star because 0 was not an option.
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  18. NYG Fan

    NYG Fan New Member

    Why does it need to be set for a particular position at all? What's wrong with letting everyone decide for themself where they want it set?
  19. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    limit on bosses and i xp ?? not following you there, :( bosses never drop 1 xp :) you can do as many bosses as you want there is no limit except your stamina, this idea is to insure people do not take too much off a baby boss so that there is not enuf to share, I would never use 10 on someones boss , let alont my own, 5 stamina hits are the norm for me, but if a clan has a baby boss like a make, sky, poser or Dino, i I would only use 1 stamina hits to reach the 100% of damage which is the min, so my friends can get their min in also , hey a level 45 and above, go for it all the way some of those min are over 1 mill lol, people need all the help they can get when they get that high and higher lol
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  20. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Accepted! Rumor has it this is in the works! :)
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