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  1. although we now are in beta testing for the new boss fights, there seems to be a limit as to how many times this can be done. i started and finished a few fights yesterday, yet this morning i was greeted with locked timers still counting down. i wonder why this is ? the number of times we can help other members fight their bosses is also hampering the number we may initiate. once a fight has concluded, why is this timer not reset ? it just doesn't seem to have continuity. i hope that this is something that will be addressed
  2. drop items on mobwars boss attack

    drop items on mobwars boss is so bad attack and defence and the same on viking clan only best drop items from boss is pirate clan great attack and defence :)
  3. Kendall

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    Since the Bosses are in Beta we are collecting feedback and yours have been noted, we can shorten the time after all friends that helped have collected their reward.

    And as for the drops, if you are higher level in the game the drops for the lower level bosses will likely be too weak to use in battles. The higher level bosses that are planned to be released will have more powerful drops.
  4. good news

    thats great news >> thanks Kendall :)
  5. (London Coop Boss) dam boss is now take for 2 days 2 finish and no many help and i use all my 350 stamina on my boss and there is no more play in mobwars i dont have any stamina left to kill rivals !!!
  6. This question was asked on the DB so I am going to paste it here since you guys seem to respond here first.

    "Jeff LeMay Is there any point is doing the bosses past level 10? You get the level 1, level 5 and level 10 acheivements, but what is the point in going further with the bosses?
    54 minutes ago · Report"

    Since the experience gained is not that great it seems like a good question.
  7. i had mentioned this as well on the pirate app.whats the point going after lvl 10 since thats the last achievement for the boss.
  8. Thunder Sis

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    I completed a boss fight by myself. I was within the 50 stamina that it would give me for leveling so I chose not to collect the reward at that time. I started a new boss fight to burn off 50 stamina and now can't find the fight where I can collect the reward. Will I have to complete this boss fight to open up the collect reward on the first one?
  9. your going to have to finish off your current boss.collect reward,then view last battle result for other boss.and hope you didnt blow yes,your right
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    Next time I'll send the collect reward notice so I can go back to it when I want to. It seems like I would be able to collect my own reward anytime just like I would be able to if I'd helped someone else. Lesson learned.
  11. jedi master

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    you can go to your mob feed. there should be a post where you completed the boss fight, click on that and then review results and you should be abel to collect your reward
  12. Mr Killer Man

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    could use some help with a boss war. Is there a way to get help when no one will help you? I've helped a lot of my members with their wars even if I didn't do enough damage to recieve a reward. I still did something to helped them fininsh the boss fight.
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    I'm quite a freshman with that game, so I don't have any significant stamina yet.
    (to be honest I was collecting energy first... nevermind)
    Well, I'm currently fighting the de Luca family on level 2
    It's really hard, since most of my friends that join the fight just attack once (maybe to get a bonus and not to help me here), only two hours left, and much more of their health (de Luca, not friends ;)) to shatter into tiny little pieces.

    Long text no information....

    I'd loooove to have some more info on the boss' health than that bar.
    How many health do they have in what level, how much to beat them and so on.
    Now, writing this post, another friend just stepped in and killed them (lucky me)
    Back to the issue...
    It'd help for users like me (low on stamina, maybe low on attack too because on a low level for sure) to calculate the time.
    It was really close now (just 2 hours left) and without help I wouldn't have won.

    So knowing what health the family has in a certain level could help calculating the effort (stamina, time) to know what's needed.

    And what's strange one of my friends doesn't have that much a bigger mob (I think three mobsters) and is on a lower level than I am, but he causes much more effect when PowerAttacking than I can cause; why is that?
    His attack skill isn't that far away from mine, so this alone can't be the reason I guess.

    Well, I think I must wait with the level 3 families until I figured how to cause more damage, since it's getting worse each level, and the health of the families go up each level...

    Help me to understand this please, I'd like to beat them some day ;)


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