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  1. Tracy Bingham

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    Dear Devs,

    I am curious about something and am hoping you can clarify.

    Bosses --
    We all think we know that the higher your health, the higher amount of damage you do on bosses. Is that correct?

    Several folks have asked me about bosses and I have advised the following:

    If you are trying to level off bosses, the lower level the boss the higher exp you will get per stamina hit. Is that correct? When I hit a level 20 Chimera for instance, with my health over 50K, I get more exp., as best I can see.

    If you are trying to collect drops from bosses, you will get more drops from higher level bosses. Is that correct?

    Linda did show me a tip:
    TIP: Health, Attack and Defense of your character including Armed Items are all factored in to the outcome of a boss battle.

    Is that new? Because as I recall when this has been discussed before health has always been the #1 factor that determined the amount of damage done?

    Finally, perhaps folks are looking at damage done vs. experience you get as one in same, but they aren't. Correct?

    Thanks much in advance for your response.
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    some players should not need to ask they should have learned all this with thier first account
  3. Linda

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    Alec, behave :p
  4. Deltan

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    Yes, higher health does permit more max damage potential. However, attack comes into play on amount of damage dealt. XP is rewarded based on your attack/defense versus bosses, depending on the boss if you are much stronger XP will be capped but it really depends on the type of boss. The tip Linda presents is not new, its always been the case. XP depends on your level, boss attack/defense and your attack/defense as well.
  5. Tracy Bingham

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    Some players did learn :) .. just wanted to make sure other players stop giving crappy advice.

    Thanks for answer Deltan... but you missed question about boss drops? Can you address it please?

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