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  1. The Hammer

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    Hi, I looked all over so I apologize if I missed the answer some where, but when can you start blacksmithing? I know I have the option, but do I have the stuff needed to make anything? I am level 97. What is the earliest I will be probably have the items needed to actually make something?
  2. SkylerF

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    Go to the Blacksmith page and look at the recipes. If you can craft one, it will say so. If you cannot, it will tell you why not (out of 3).

    I checked and it appears the Hero's Warship unlocks at level 100.
  3. hyperfixx

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    Thunderstoke Mace

    Where do I find a Thunderstoke Mace?
  4. pretty sure thats a world boss drop

    i think phoenix but i could be wrong
  5. hyperfixx

    hyperfixx Member

    Thnx for the info! :D
  6. Ace

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    Not sure of which of the two World Bosses but yes, it's a World Boss Drop, from level 300 or 600 onwards, I'm not certain.
  7. It is a reward for the Phoenix (N. Midgard World Boss). It unlocks at level 300 and you must do at least 12 attacks on the Phoenix to earn it.
  8. hyperfixx

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    Thanx for all the info. :)

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