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  1. would anyone be willing to post the attack/defense/upkeep of the blacksmith items, I'm wondering if I'm better off spending favor points on limited warriors and items or if I should use them to refill energy and stamina to level up faster and get things like legendary flame weaver and legendary dvalin handaxe
  2. upkeep is 0..all blacksmith has 0 upkeep

    ill let someone else post stats since i aint got those
  3. The strongest weapon I have unlocked is Legendary Rock Tunic 66/66. For warriors I have unlocked Elite Frost Mage 50/45, Elite Berserker Chief 49/49, Elite Death Mistress 45/50.
  4. well the items like the legendary flameweaver are still quite a bit higher than that (in terms of level needed to unlock) so I suppose they could rival the limited warriors and weapons, but at this point it seems like I may be better off spending my favor points on toys rather than refills.

    If anyone has any higher unlocks please keep em coming
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    Legendary items will always be stronger than regular stuff, but I'd rather use those points to buy chieftains, at least until you get it maxed. Blacksmith equipment can be really useful.
  6. yes the chieftains are definitely my first buy, the information I'm trying to gather is whether the legendary stuff is stronger (so far the strongest item listed being 50/45) or whether the limited items are stronger (the strongest I've seen being the claymore at 120/50)

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