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    Viking Clan - Basic Build (Fast leveling)

    For a "Fast Leveling"


    Energy - 250 (Achievement)
    Stamina - 1500
    Health - Equal to level until 3000 or 8500 (until later)
    Attack - Increase in Achievement amounts
    Defense - Increase in Achievement amounts

    From level 1

    Work on Energy and Stamina every level, while putting 1 into health every level up. (5 SP per level, 1 Health, 2 Energy, 1 Stamina) Any extra SP from Quests/Achievements put into Stamina and Energy. Continue this until you reach the 250 Energy Achievement.

    Now, pick a Attack Achievement you want to reach (125, 250, 500, 1500) and put the SP's you were putting into Energy into attack. (5 SP's per level, 1 Health, 2 Attack, 1 Stamina) Any extra into Stamina and Attack.

    Continue until you reach the Attack Achievement you choose. Do the same now for Defence. Pick an Achievement (125, 250, 500, 1500) and put the SP's you were putting into Attack into Defense. (5 SPs per level, 1 Health, 2 Defense, 1 Stamina)

    Keep swapping between Attack and Defense (Increasing to the next Achievement then swapping)

    By this stage you should be near 3000 Health, now's your choice to either keep increasing that to 8500 or put that 1 point into Defense or Attack every level up. Either way- Keep increasing your Stamina until it reaches 1500.

    By level 500 it becomes a little more flexible. You should have 5000 Health and at least 500 Attack and Defense. You can focus everything into Stamina for 50-100 levels to push it closer to the 1500 mark. Or continue raising Attack and Defense 1 at a time.

    By the time you have Attack and Defense Achievements done. You should have a good idea of what you want to do, whether it is more Attack and Defense. Or finishing off some Energy Achievements.


    My reasoning behind this "build".

    I suggest such a low energy because once you get this going, you will solo most of your monsters and level fast enough to finish off quests with a low total. Any higher and you will just be repeating a quest you have already done for 10-15 levels until the next 1 is unlocked.

    Why increase health so much? Ever read that little message you get when you start a monster fight? "Your health is to low in comparison to the bosses health" It's tell you increase your health to do better basically. As you increase your Health AND Attack, you damage as well as your EXP gained per hit goes through the roof.

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    Anyone is aloud to add.
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