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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by bungy, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. bungy

    bungy New Member

    I am level 94 with a mob of 23 (low I know) but I keep on getting put against mobs of much greater amounts in fights as below???

    Request Friends to Fill Elite Mobsters
    Mob Boss Mob Health Stamina Boost Attack
    Level 93 286

    0% Attack
    Level 93 537

    0% Attack
    Superior Terminal Ballistic Performance
    Level 93 557

    0% Attack
    Brook Shifty Moustache Zaffarano
    Level 93 504

    0% Attack
    Crazy D D Dano
    Level 93 523

    0% Attack
    Angel Ice Pick Siegel
    Level 93 198

    0% Attack
    Big Tim The Knife Turco
    Level 93 327

    0% Attack
    Patrick Yatachatee Siegel
    Level 93 229

    0% Attack
    Vince Baby Face Gravano
    Level 93 299

    0% Attack
    Gert Three Finger Farrugia
    Level 93 177

    0% Attack
    Lee Choker Bosco
    Level 93 267

    0% Attack
    Fred One Ear Corallo
    Level 93 555

    0% Attack
    Riku Shifty Bull Corozzo
    Level 94 40

    0% Attack
    Jroch Bullet Tooth Gotti
    Level 93 537

    0% Attack
    David Big Time Gambino
    Level 93 215

    0% Attack

    I cant compete with these mobs as they kill me each time!!!

    I have refreshed the page to get new opponents regularly but to no avail, your other games at least gives me a chance against mobs of my size,

    What should I do other than increase my mob..................thanks for any help...this is a great waste of a game if I cant compete with fights as it is a great way of levelling up!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Sorry to say, but mobbing up is the only way to play.

    I vaguely remember struggling to fight my way up with a smaller mob.

    Treat adding mob as a part of the game. Add 10 people a session. Be vigilant with adding them to your mob.
    Make sure people know why you are adding them as a friend. It's simple to add a personal message with LCN.
    Don't use the ingame messages. They get annoying.. and if we can reach you,.. it will get you listed :D

    In the meantime, you can beat a mob double your size.
    Adrenaline boosts. watch your feed for them.
    Use force. It will burn stamina but you can do it.
    Add at least 1 skill point to energy until you reach 500. Energy can help you level faster.
    Refresh your fight list at least 20 times before giving up.
    Do your boss fights, do other's boss fights.

    Good luck.
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  3. yes either you have to mob up or take Ice Queen's advice and use force(37%boost.)
  4. Doc Morpheus

    Doc Morpheus Member

    The only way to get any succes in this game, is to fill your mob. I had 500 mobsters before I hit level 10, and it has given me many easy skill points.
    So get to work on it ;)
  5. bungy

    bungy New Member

    Well I find adding people to my friends list (who aren't friends) who then have access to my private stuff via Facebook isn't worth playing this game...........which is a shame because I enjoy it.... Security on Facebook should be paramount.......I find Viking Clan and Pirate Clan (made by the same company) are more reasonable with their fights (at least I am trying to battle with people who have the same or a little larger mobs 20 - 40), why cant they make this game the same.........I am trying to fight people with mobs of over 500 and I have 23 (not really reasonable and I have no chance of winning)......
  6. Doc Morpheus

    Doc Morpheus Member

    I agree on the security issues. I dont keep that much info on FB, and it is possible to make different security settings for people on your friend list.

    I havent played Pirate Clan, but Viking clan has a different fight system, where you can only fight with a number of chiefs progressing as you level up. That is why you are able to fight someone who has many more chiefs than you have.
  7. what about defense ?

    it's awesome that you listened to alot of players and made katanas more powerful but now what about defense ? i have over 1200 sumo wrestlers to give me a balanced defense but now with the golden ak's and the katanas being 31 and 32 attack what good are the sumo wrestlers gonna do for defense ? :mad:
  8. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    Sumos still have the highest defense and are used before anything else. Nothing needs to be changed.

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