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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Elise Falcony, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Where i can read this?

    I want to know why i hit player on 500hp and get 300dmg on one player and lose in other battle.
    I want to know why i do on serpent boss 2000 dmg (50def) on yeti -10000dmg (150 def).

    Where i can read Battle system theory?

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  2. Zues

    Zues New Member

    Well it depends on the boss's level, look at the boss's stats located under it. A level 50 serpent is gona be substantially harder compared to a lvl 1 yeti
  3. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    serpent 5lvl yeti 10lvl
  4. Zues

    Zues New Member

    serpent has very less health, yeti has a high health set, so your damage on serpent should be less than yeti, you have to take everything into consideration, im sure the devs have a good equation that could explain it all lol
  5. Zues

    Zues New Member

    thats my theory anyways haha
  6. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    it is your theory. but i want ot know facts from designers
  7. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    There are certain equations that Kano is not gonna give you, read the help section and the knowledgebase . Click contact Us at the bottom of this page for the knowledgebase ,click help on the game page.And also know that certain things are random and ignoring any aspect of your skills ,health,att , def etc, is not the best way to play these are PVP games, and a more balanced build IMO is a good thing to consider. It is also better for the forum if you kept all your questions in on thread, rather than making new ones .
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  8. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned


    there is no facts.

    each game have open info
    In WOW, Diablo i know

    How many mobs, bosses have attack, damage per second, defence, attack rate/
    I know how many dmg i can deal to bosses per hit in second, how many time you need to kill - it is normal/

    Viking game hasnt open information.

    I dont know how many other people have health and defence - 300 or 8000 but i deal to all enemies 500dmg.

    Bosse have different df, attack,health and there is no system.

    I do 3000 dmg to serpent boss and 10 k on minotaur.
  9. Linda

    Linda Guest

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  10. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    the higher your health and attack, the more damage youll do to any boss and the more exp you plays a bigger factor than attack but they both factor in. dont expect to get an equation from the devs, its just not going to happen
  11. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    i deal 3k dmg to serrpent and 10k dmg to yeti.

    with 3000hp

    If i up my health to 6000hp how many dmg i do to serpent?

    You know?
  12. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Attack and defence stats in battle


    I have hero
    600 lvl
    Attack 10
    Defence 10

    Chieftains - 500.
    2500 weapons "Surtr Fire Sword" [40/38]
    5000 warrioirs "Vidar Berserker" [25/23]

    Total attack weapons = 100 000
    Tottal defence weapons = 95 000

    Total attack warriors= 125 000
    Tottal defence weapons = 115 000

    Summary attack = 225 000
    Summary defence= 210 000

    Summary with personal attack and strench =

    225 010
    210 010

    If im up attack +10 and defence +10
    I get
    Total Attack = 225 020
    Tottal defence = 225 020

    Difference = 0,004%.

    Is it useful to up attack and defence?
    Or attack and defence have multiplier? What multiplier?
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  13. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Just a heads up that I've merged a couple of threads together. I understand that you have questions about the Battle system, but please don't create a new thread each time. Thanks. :)
  14. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Head post hasnt information and noone will be read another post. And i make new thread
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    No matter what u do with your numbers there are limits set in place as to how much u can gain from either attacking a boss or an opponent regardless of level. Kano wants players to have balanced accounts so the put limits and restrictions in place to steer us all into the same corral.

    multipliers are worthless if u are already getting the max for your level or the level of the boss or opponent.

    What Ive always found funny about bosses is that as they increase in level and become more difficult to defeat... is that the XP derived from them decreases while all else remains the same(drop ratio). It seems to me that the more difficult a boss becomes the better the XP should
  16. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    i know damage formula, it is intesting.
  17. George Burd

    George Burd Well-Known Member

    This is not WOW or Diablo it is not a game you crack and mod the debs have to keep some things private because when someone does stumble onto the information it is changed taking up their time to do it
  18. EliseFalcony

    EliseFalcony Banned

    This is black box. No info about game, about items, battle system, etc...
  19. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Interesting you were banned from the forum and yet still spamming everywhere. This is a game meant to be fun not dissected as if it were rocket science, sheesh take a breath and go play the game.
  20. Brosnik

    Brosnik Active Member

    No matter how much you try to work things out to the last detail you NEVER will succeed. You are playing against people not a computer. If you beat an enemy one time that enemy may change their build for some reason so the next time you fight you may lose. This game is quite fluid and all the parameters move and change constantly. That is why the best way for you to learn is to play and learn as you go along. If that is not good enough for you then go and play something else that works more like clockwork with fixed parameters all over the place. This forum is for discussion and tactics and fun. There is no mathematical way that you can work VC out so either just enjoy and join in the fun with everybody - or don't. Your choice.
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