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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by polishpimp, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Myself and others noticed that there has been a drastic change in the damage we're dealing to opponents across the board. Its pretty obvious that u at Kano have been monkeying around with the numbers again. My questions are, did this change affect all levels? Was the change in effort to help lesser levels with bounties? What exactly were your reasons?
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    Nothing has been changed on our end intentionally, all changes have and will continue to be communicated here in the forums.

    When did you begin to see a change? Is it possible that the players you are noticing the changes on are equipping themselves differently?
  3. Have you increased your health? I know that basically you are limited by your health as to how much damage you can do. I have 20000 health, so I can only do 6000 damage. Since no fight is that lopsided, I usually end up doing 2400 damage to their 3600. I lose a lot of fights.

    If they have lower health the damage will be less. Let's say they have 10000 health. They will be limited to 3000 damage (and in the same fight as above I would lose 1200 to 1800).

    You can determine what the other players health is by a simple formula. Add the damage dealt and damage taken and divide by 0.3. If the result is the amount of health you have, then the other player has equal or more health than you.

    Fight Lost
    You were attacked by Another Mobster with a Fight Boost of 5%. You lost the Fight losing $500,000. You dealt 1340 damage and took 2381 damage.

    Get stronger by Recruiting or Hiring Mobsters.

    Sometimes you will need to subtract one from the total damage result. The guy above has 12400 health. He could never attack and kill me because it take 4001 damage to do so, but he still tries.
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    week or so maybe. Some may have allocated , while other have not allocated at all. improving ones numbers via drops and blacksmithing has never done anything once u already lead in that category
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  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member change to my health or to some of the others. ty for the info.

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