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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Fusheng, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Rhenkle1

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    I only have 1 thing to say to poachers in the battle arena. You steal it from me I will be killing you. Yes I am smart enough to wait until you run out of defense time. Just know even if you sit in defense mode I will be keeping my eye on you. You attack number moves I will be on you worse than I am on some German chocolate cake( which I love) lol.
  2. JADES

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    Scary! LOL not..
  3. Linda

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    Luv it Rhenkle1 and in my experience, players who hide and wait and take the kill shot stealing the kill from the player that did all the work, is not only low down but nothing to be proud of. More and more I see those players paying the price and I hope that trends continues, it could actually turn the arena around,now there can be two targets to go after. Poachers beware.
  4. HammerTime

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    98% of the people ive taken down have been poached from me and half of them are taken from the members in the NO POACHER CREW, bunch of hypocrites if you ask me so i will do the same and cause im good at it people get angry, that's not my problem when people can't handle how things work.
    If you're gunna run people down then you do it with the risk of losing it to someone but also if you decide to poach, you do it with the risk of being taken out after, its swings and roundabouts cause it works both ways, you poach from me i poach from you, or as some are doing, you poach from them then they all gang up and kill you but its fine for them to take it from you, people take it way to seriously, its suppose to be a free for all, who cares if you go out first or win it, however you accomplish it. Play the way you want to play even if that means grouping up just to target certain players

    I think taking away the profile pic and replacing it with a BA pic would be a good idea plus instead of showing the amount of cash you gain after a kill, show it as high, medium or low that way people can't be singled out just from their payout, make it a true free for all

    You're not gunna be able to stop the groups forming cause there will always be people who just want to play to ruin it for others over the way they play, that will always take the free for all out of the game but sadly people don't understand what free for all means.

    That's my two cents on the matter, you can agree or disagree but to tell you the truth i don't really care
  5. Naughty Bear

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    Seems after all this time running now the BA timing is still skewed towards the northern hemisphere. The last BA started about 3pm Australian time and now the next one starts at 3am Australian time. WHAT happened to the 12hrs in between that may be convenient for us???????
  6. Aceman41287

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    Unfortunately it runs on a cycle which covers 12hrs with 4 start times within those times, but this is for PST/PDT which is 10.00,14.00,18.00,22.00 which works out different dependant on where you are from within the world. I understand this is bad for you guys in Australia but i dont know if they intend to change it for you or not??
  7. Naughty Bear

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    Its nice to know that there is no consideration on kano's part at all for anyone else around the world. Rather prejudice if you ask me, isnt it Kano?????? You have given an unfair advantage to people in the US.
  8. JADES

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    All due respect on times that KANO has set, but what happens when problems happen, their BATMAN UTILITY BELT wakes them up while asleep to resolve situations that might occur? The DEV's have a life as well, it is a job and I highly doubt it's in their contract to wake up at any given point throughout your time zones when they are "OFF" work.
  9. polishpimp

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    ugh...really? Kano happens to be located in the PST. One also has to wonder in what country the majority of there players reside. That aside...their is 4 diff start times that fall on diff days nearly every time.....what more do u want? with 4 start times....there is never a good time for u regardless of where u live....r u kidding me? As nice as it would be to cater to every time zone or player....that not very realistic is it? I live in the same time zone as kano....just a stones throw away (believe me...ive been and there is almost never an optimal start time for me because of the days they happen to fall on. They do what they can when it comes to this issue. Its a game, u either make time for it or u dont...but either way its on u. How many other live events change their start times to appease everyone in diff time zones? Perhaps next year the Nfl will start the super bowl at a better time for u...good luck with that1
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  10. So what

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    I only have 1 thing to say to poachers in the battle arena. You steal it from me I will be killing you. Yes I am smart enough to wait until you run out of defense time. Just know even if you sit in defense mode I will be keeping my eye on you. You attack number moves I will be on you worse than I am on some German chocolate cake( which I love) lol.

    You said it

    The cake ..........exactly ( almost sick with the laughing here)

    The wait .... I will sit and out live ur def mode should be removed once you hit 21 players

    The kill well yes you will die for nouncing around snipping

    Best THe best post of the year kudos to u
  11. Naughty Bear

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    Do you get free gf for putting up such feeble responses defending Kano. Why does the game run 24hrs if your excuse was feesable then it shouldnt. Do you think that the game only breaks while they are working an 8 hour day. Do you suppose there isnt some shift work involved in running this sort of operation. So why cant BA start at any 24hr period.

    Not 4 times 6 hours apart if that were the case then I wouldnt have made a post to start with. It is fine for you to say if you want to play make time but the first BA starts at 3am my time, and the last one in their schedule starts at 3pm. Between sleep and work when does one get a fair opportunity to play. By the time you get on you have lost a % of your health and all the easy kills are gone if you are even still alive.

    It's an internet game, marketed world wide.... internet goes further than just the US. If a game is presented to play worldwide then it should be fair to all not to those who happen to live in the same time zone or continent, otherwise LCN and the other Kano games should only have been made available to the US to play in the first place.

    BTW I remember that the entire swimming program had to be changed and the finals run during the day instead of at night during the Beijing Olympics to satisfy the US. And why the hell would i want to watch a boring pathetic game like the nfl's superbowl. We have our own sports, ones real men play without padding and helmets!!!!!!!

    Oh 1 more thing I find your posts offensive, derogatory and prejudice.
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  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Lol. Me....the defender of Kano? I take it u havent read many of my posts. But to be fair....I do defend/agree with them at times. Why u ask? Because sometimes they're right. I dont come to the forums simply to bash on Kano or other players...I come here to give my opinion and share my experience in an effort to make these more enjoyable and fair for all. Yep...Im pretty rough around the edges at times...but can u blame me? Look at some of the stupid crap that is said....take your post here for example....your complaining that start times are not optimal for you, as if somehow you are the center of the universe. Start times are not optimal for anyone....if they were then every arena would start at 12pm pst every other Saturday....last time I check not a single arena started at that time where I live. Sound a lil ridiculous? Maybe...but so does what your saying to me.

    Do u know how many time zones there are? There are currently 40 world time zones. There are 24 standard time zones plus up to 16 (or maybe more) areas of the world that that use time zones divided into 15-30-45 minute increments (ballpark figures). Do the math and while your at it...dont forget to include personal schedules and to observe every holiday observed around the What your asking for is simply unrealistic in more ways then one. For starters...theres has to be some consistency in scheduling or the majority of players wont know "who, what, where or when". The number of start times needs to be as minimal as possible yet still reach as many players as possible/reasonable. If there were 40 diff start times or even would multiply immensly the number of arenas that were inconvenient to even more players. Considering an arena is held only every 10 days it could be months before someone got a convenient start time....player participation would most likely fall off the charts. Should i continue?

    Basically what Kano had to do was compromise in an effort to reach their biggest audience while trying to make it as accessible as possible to furthest reaches of the planet in a simplified, economically feasible way. The time diff between Victoria BC and Sydney Australia is what...17 hrs? Start times here in the PST are 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm...that equates to what in Sydney..3am, 7am, 11am and 3pm? For me and I magine most others ...if every arena fell on a Saturday (which would be optimal for me and I would guess most others) Although inconvenient....I could work with any of those start times in either country, unfortunately....they dont always fall on Saturday now do they? Most fall on a weekday, in that case for me and my schedule 1 of 4 of the PST start times are what I would consider optimal(and thats stretching it), but 2 of 4 of the the Sydney times would work even better for me. In the End....Its gonna be different for every last one of us dependent on a multitude of variables.

    Its always gonna be to early in the morning, to late at night, an hour before i get off work, during Oprah.. blah blah blah for most of the people most of the time. All that can be reasonably expected is what we have here and thats 1 or 2 start times that come within an hour or two of doable for most. Theres no reason to hate or judge those that seemingly get to play every arena simply because they have a diff schedule, lifestyle, dont need as much sleep or are willing to sacrifice one thing for another. Just because u cant ...doesnt make those that do/can any better or worse. Its just a game, either get over it, if its that important to you.....sacrifice something.
    and make it happen.

    Players can start in Defensive mode if they cant make it at start time, if u dont have much time in Defensive mode....thats on you and u need to adjust your account to a more arena friendly account. Whats good for regular game play does not not always cross over well to arena play. If youve lost a percentage of your health....that means u were inactive for six hours. Are u kidding me that u cant work within a six hour window with 4 start times? If thats the case....Im not even sure why were having this conversation.

    As far as the Olympic thing...I didnt know that, but now that I do it makes perfect economic sense....good for them! As far as your American Football comment....what ever floats your boat broski, I actually like rugby....all though its a lil tame for me due to the whole lack of protection thing. I would argue that American football is wee bit more popular than your opinion would be in the minority on that one. As far as your comments...Yea I get that sometimes when dealing with some sincerest apologies for offending you. ;)
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  13. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I don't get chit, maybe just maybe, you should send in a ticket and ask KANO otherwise you are going to get answers like these. BTW small indie team :p
  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    The problem I have with this is that Im fairly certain a "free for all" is a fight open to all comers without rules, there may be other slight variations in definitions ...but as it pertains to the battle arena...this one seem to fit the best. So with this in does teaming up go against the spirit of a free for all? Another thing that struck me as odd is the idea of swapping out profile pics for the sake of anonymity .... i see this as doing very lil as far as anonymity considering there is much more valuable information that can be ascertained when trying to identify an opponent. Not to mention...I think anonymity also is not in keeping with the true spirit of a free for all

    If a true free for all is whats desired....than you would need to eliminate all handicaps, players would enter the arena with the stats, strengths and weaknesses they have in the regular game. Furthermore.....players pics and names would have to be their real pics and names. After all....If I was thrown into an arena for real with a bunch of people Ive been battling for pretty sure i would recognize them

    That may sound extreme....but that would be a true free for all. Any type of anonymity or handicap in an effort to level the playing field is anything but a "free for all"
  15. Naughty Bear

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    There you go again being a rude, arrogant .... I think its you and your countrymen who seem to think you are the centre of the universe. Thats why you have competitions like your superbowl and call them world champions, no one else in the world has ever been involved, how arrogant is that, and same with your baseball, it always gives me a good chuckle, just how full of it you Yanks are. Get your head out of your ...... Rugby Union, Rugby League, Football-the world game (soccer), they show English and European league results on the news here, never seen a gridiron result except for the superbowl.
    Anyway who really cares that is totally off track, suffice to say I would think 1 billion Chinese would probably have preferred to see the swimming finals at night in their own time zone, at the games they hosted.

    I doubt whether the US is the biggest audience for LCN, you know as you said with all the different time zones, there is no way with Europe and Asia that the US is the biggest audience for Kano.

    The original post wasnt that the times should be optimal for me, it was that the times should be rotated 4hrs each start time but for a 24hr time frame not a 12hr one. It seems to me you just enjoy putting people down, and reading crap into posts that arent there. All you have done is be derogatory, and unconstructive. I dont post on here often even though I have been playing the game almost from its inception. Why, because I dont see anything wrong with the game most of the time I just enjoy playing, but the game has to be fair to all. Their may be whatever number of times zones in this world, so what (I hope you didnt waste too much of your time on those calculations), but what I suggested is only to add 2 more start times. It doesnt necessarily mean it would be more or less optimal to me or anyone else, but it would be even, fair to all no matter where you live.

    BTW I dont think I have ever seen your LCN name come up do you still even play it?
  16. Fusheng

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    more drama
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member maybe Im rude an arrogant...but my whole country too? I dont think its to much of a stretch to say ya seem just a wee bit bitter...jealous perhaps? I appreciate you taking the time to give your opinion on how u think Im if u would be so kind as to go back and read your posts ;)

    Listen...I dont wanna argue all this petty crap with you as its taking away from the topic at hand. Perhaps I came across as a lil harsh and for that I apologize. Please excuse me for misinterpreting..."Its nice to know that there is no consideration on kano's part at all for anyone else around the world. Rather prejudice if you ask me,".... and what u actually meant was..."The original post wasnt that the times should be optimal for me, it was that the times should be rotated 4hrs each start time but for a 24hr time frame not a 12hr one."..... I definitely should have connected the dots on that

    "It doesnt necessarily mean it would be more or less optimal to me or anyone else, but it would be even, fair to all no matter where you live.". If adding more start time would be no more or less optimal for u or anyone else...what would be the point then ? My reply to your initial post was in direct relation to your comment and that indeed Kano did "consider" other time zones. If you remember....3 start times were added after the fact in response to concerns similar to yours. I also pointed out that more start time would actually be detrimental and that Kano had to come to some type of reasonable compromise. I feel ya...It would be great if everybody had a start time that suited them...Im just trying to be realistic because I actually want things to be as fair as possible for as many as possible. I have a tendency to look at things a lil closer than most...not in hopes of trashing an idea...but in an effort to see if it will actually work or not and what effects it might have on other things. Unfortunately..... some times people take this the wrong way and get a lil upset with me because its not what theyy want to hear, fortunately for me...I understand that and am ok with it.

    In the end...the way it currently is set up, most of the world has a start time that is within an hour or 2 of reasonable. Adding even 2 more start times as I said previously would only add more inconvenient start times. It would be a completely diff story if The arena was held a lot more often...but its not.

    I play on myspace mostly but even with that LCN is my least favorite of Kanos games because it just seems like a watered down version of the others and is far less competitive, but thats just my opinion.
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    Fallimento! An Error Has Occurred
    The developer has been notified about this issue. If this error does not go away please let contact us by clicking here. Anyone got this problem on BA? or is it on MS only?

    Edit: I checked FB and they don't got this problem...

    Edit 2: it's fixed.
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