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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by Deltan, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. pineappledog

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    I both agree and disagree with you Polish :D

    If you look back, the rewards are going to be level dependent so it does make sense that there should be some sort of level dependent entry also. BUT, I do think it should be much less based on income and more on level as well as less staggered than rewards.

    I do think it is hard to comment untill we have some figures to throw around and point at specific ones and say 'that one is too high' or 'that one is too low'.


    Level 1000 on LCN, 200 million to enter - 5 trillion for first place - 500 million for last paying postion it top 20%
    Level 5000 on LCN, 500 million to enter - 25 trillion for first place - 2.5 trillion for last paying position in top 20%

    How does that sound?
  2. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    If that was case i would be ok with it. I thought I had read that the winner would get the lions share of the entry money. Wouldnt be the first time i was wrong....Im just hoping it will be the
  3. pineappledog

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    I checked back after you said that and it does read a lot like the winner will take a cut of the pot.

    From Deltan's original post to save everyone going back :D
    It only specifically states the XP will be level dependent and the cash would be a cut.

    Reading this and now thinking about it, perhaps thats not such a bad idea! The higher levels have the obvious gains and higher likelyhood of winning or at the very least finishing in the top 20% but if it was cut of the pot then this would give lower levels more of a reason to really go for it with a reward great enough to face the repercussions of attacking the higher levels. I think if the reward were in the tens of trillions area for first place that is a strong enough reward to encourage a high level player to pay 500mil to enter with a strong chance of winning whilst also being enough of an incentive to lower level players put about 200mil in to 'have a go' and see if they can skillfully work through players their own level whilst getting a little luck also to come up trumps!

    I think this is also another tick for the event being more frequent, if it is once a month then the high level players are going to really dedicate their time to winning it but if it there were 2-3 a week it opens up the chance of a high finish more to lower players thinking 'perhaps the high levels are not all competing so hard in this one'. Also with tags and rewards similar to prove you consistancy with things like th numbr of top 10 places etc, this would be a good incentive to continue competing.

    One last point I just though up that would be a great incentive to keep high level players interested, how about making the most difficult achievement to date! Win the battle arena 50 times - rewards would obviously be very high including 50+skill points and an amount of GF/UN points to make it a sought after achievement!
  4. polishpimp

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    Ty 4 checking on that.

    I guess we will just have to see what kind of breakdown Kano comes up with in regards to entry and payout. This is just a what if....but what if the payout goes to the top 20......what if the there is only 20 players participating? In an event such as this, If i were to win....I may not even get my entry back being the one who has payed the highest entry and the top twenty places were based on a percentage of the pot. Maybe Kano should be matching the pot.

    I understand the whole idea of paying more because of the better odds of winning thing...but at the same odds of winning r 100% outside the arena. In essence i would be paying more to lessen my chance of of defeating an opponent for a chance at a pot that i paid more into then everyone else.

    I get that the lowers need an actual shot at winning to have the incentive to win....and they will because of the randomness of the roll. wouldnt be the most likely of outcomes......nor should it should be tough for a lower level to beat a higher level or what would be the point of being a high level? Besides the obvious good rewards....bragging rights would be huge for the fortunate lower level that defeats the extreme high level where as the same lower rated player wont feel the same agony of defeat a higher level player does when they potentially lose to the lower rated player.
  5. pineappledog

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    It is top 20% of entries that get rewards not top 20 players, checked it first this time :D

    But it does further strengthen the points that lower levels shouldn't pay that much less to enter than higher levels since again if lower levels were getting away with paying 5-10 million to get in then it wouldn't even dent the pot built by the higher level players. I can't see it being value for money to enter at higher level if the highest level's entry is more than 3-4 times that of the very lowest entry cost!
  6. Bianka Glaser

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    In other words, should I enter the arena opponents are not determined by level range and any high leveled player can choose and pick me as opponent, effectively only giving bullies a new base ..... that mixed with chance doesn't sound very attractive to me.

  7. Totally in agreement. I just read the devs statement that this feature would be for ALL levels and I was giving my insight that it really wouldn't be a feature for ALL levels.
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Oh great....another player who thinks because a player attacks and keeps attacking because they win in a game which rewards exactly that is a bully. How is this feature a "new base for bullies"? Do u have to opt in? regardless of u even know who else is going to participate b4 the match begins? Exactly how many levels does one have to be ahead of another to be a bully? Is the highest rated player in the game automatically a bully simply because of their level? Exactly how often DO U attack a player that u lose to? How many of your wins came from players with a level higher than your vs Being the same or lower? Is a player the same level who is just stronger a bully too if they continue to attack? Do players get XP from losses? Do they get Achievements for losses? Believe me....I could go on forever!

    These games origins were all rooted in fighting and to be successful u had to win...everything else has been filler for a lack of a fight list. The highest of levels which in most cases happen to be the most powerful have either played theses games the longest, spent the most bucks or both . These players are not "bullys"....they r players looking for someway to progress there game while being the segment of the game that has the least amount of content to do so. These players are Kanos most dedicated and loyal it really that odd that Kano should/ would want to enhance their games as well? Nobodys saying you have to enter the arena...its an opt in feature! There are low to mid level players that have some balls and are willing to give the big dogs a run for their money for the shot of a big payday and bragging rights while not fearing their precious stats will be blemished. These r the players that r undoubtedly Kanos next generation of leader board leaders, Why???? Because they r fighters and they dont go screaming bully every time they get their ass handed to them. Those r the players that grit their teeth, bear the pain, level, allocate and exact their revenge! Just like the guys and gals sitting on top now did.

    If your crying "bully" had no business playing this game in the first place. Because players who cry "bully " in a game all about stats such as slaps, attacks, kills and bountys are simply crying because they have been outplayed. Figure out what your doing wrong, try harder or go play farmville!
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  9. DoNRaDu

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    True! True! True!
  10. Relentless

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    Wow you really do love to see yourself dribble. I didn't notice that before.
  11. coolestcool

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    I disagree totally with that cause I if I cant deal more than 100 damage to an opponent, I shouldn't receive more than that.
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Not sure if your getting their point.

    The point being if say a level 5k player builds his account to the point they do 3000 damage when they hit a level 4k player, it makes no sense that the same 5k player does only 100 damage on a level 500 player. If anything....the player should be doing more damage(probably killing) the level 500 player. But thats not the way it is....instead of making the lower player accountable for their own actions (like not attacking , slapping or going for the bounty of a high level player), Kano has imposed limits that protect the lower levels from the highers basically negating everything the higher player has done to build the more powerful account. The whole idea of these games is to level and become stronger is it not? Well what good does it do to get stronger if u dont get to use everything you have earned?

    Do u honestly believe that if a level 500 cant do more than 100 damage on a level 5k...than the level 5k shouldnt be able to do more than 100 damage to the level 500? What would be the point of allocating to attack, defense or health then?
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  13. polishpimp

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    I guess if "dribble" means tired of of the term "bully" being tossed around in games that center around Vikings, Pirates Zombies and mobsters...then i guess your spot on. Funny...i never noticed that b4. ;)
  14. Relentless

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    I agree the term "bully" is thrown around very loosely. But not all those who cry foul are whiny little so and so's.

    Some have very good points.
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    That would be great had I said or even implied that "all those who cry foul are whiny little so and so's". Rather....I was replying to a forum member that stated that this potential new update was "only giving bullies a new base". This particular feature would have to be opted into and the sole purpose is to kill your rivals b4 they kill you regardless of level, I just dont see how bullying is possible in a feature such as this.

    As far as the term "bully" applies to the rest of the game....thats a hard sell as well. These games are made up of different aspects but at its core its all about fighting and besting your opponent. Sure...there r some players that would rather not fight and just sit there and do adventure and job helps all day....and thats just fine and dandy, but to be so arrogant as to think that their way of thinking/playing should apply to everyone else is naive at best. How many times have u heard a a fighting type player up here in the forums crying about some player going around and jumping on all the helps and they didnt get any? In the end the games are now made up of many aspects and regardless of what aspect any particular player wants to focus on doesnt mean that the rest of the game and its players have to stop doing what they do for them. I know full well if im busy whoopn someones butt I may very well miss out on a challenge help or a boss, just as the player who is out of the hospital doing bosses should know they are vulnerable to attack.

    Ive heard hundreds of players up here in the forums complain that they are being over attacked or chain listed and 99.9% of them say they didnt do anything to provoke it, I say that is utterly ridiculous....I guarantee they did something....Im yet to ever see a player that had a win loss record of 0-0. They may have not of attacked the player attacking them but they probably attacked a friend of theirs, were in an enemy guild, said something stupid in a feed etc etc. In the end it really doesnt matter because theres an answer to every last bit of so called "bullying", for starters its having a clan/armada./faction/mob that has your back because u have theirs. There is nothing more important than clan regardless of which way u choose to play these games.

    The majority of players want to level up, as they do their fight list grows smaller and smaller yet the Xp needed to level grows larger and larger and relying on any one aspect of the game makes it increasingly difficult to level in a timely fashion. So when u get to this point players need to to take advantage of what ever opportunity is afforded them, If this means attacking the crap outta a lower leveled player because theres nothing better available then so be it, what the hell was the lower level thinking putting themselves on the higher players rival list?

    These games are all about moving forward and getting stronger and unlocking whatever is next with the tools and features available within the game, as long as a player is doing that by any means within the rules and guidelines of the game then there is no such thing as a "bully", "boss hog" or "bounty thief"
  16. Relentless

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    See now i feel bad cause you've taken time to write all ^ an i have no interest to reading any of it.

    We have gotten off topic anyway. So i'll leave it at that.
  17. polishpimp

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    I understand. Maybe they should have stated most would be But I do think that there r a lot of players out there that would still like a shot at some of the higher levels and a chance at a big payday. At the very least I think its cool that they would have the opportunity if they wanted it.
  18. polishpimp

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    Yes...I agree ...u did take this thread off topic when u called my post "dribble". What I find odd though is that u arent going to read what I said in reply to your remarks, shouldnt you as a moderator be reading it regardless to make sure I didnt violate forum rules? Lmao....i know u read simply couldn't refute it. Better luck next time!
  19. slave

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    you guys keep whining about the cash....omg really? you dont have all the cash you need? then you obviously havent done something right, cash right now is almost useless, i would be much more concerned about how the xp payouts are going to be.
  20. :p
    I like this is a good idea

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