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Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by Deltan, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Survival Streak 0

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    Well if hired squad slots are in play, no level 500 has a chance against anyone with more hired slots...Thanks, not interested anymore. :(
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  2. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Perhaps save your judgement until you see how the battle mechanic works. You still get XP when hitting those high level players and you will be taking off health, if you work together with other low levels you will be able to take down the big guys.
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    In existing fight mechanic you are correct, with this new roll mechanic you do. I understand that it may be a little difficult to get your head around, but depending on your build a level 500 would have a chance to be a say level 1500.
  4. Crexosis

    Crexosis New Member

    This is the first thread where I've felt the need to register a name and post because not only the significance this feature has to this game but due to the impact which will be due to the whole genre of gaming. Once in a decade does an idea come along which is so fluid, so smooth, to completely boggle of the mind of a normal man. Or who I deem a 'mere mortal'.

    I rated this a 10, only because I was not allowed to rate it a 12.

    The rolling idea specifically will encourage gamers to start combat and procure themselves kills. This will in-turn to lead to greater action and thus a level of fun that has not been seen in online gaming since Super Mario Kart: Double Dash. Of course there's a fine line that needs to be drawn for the chance a lesser level character has to defeat his high level opponent however that can be tested for and set.

    This idea and thread delivers the goods. Thank you KanoApps, you've made yourself a fan for life.
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    @ darkstratus. TYVM for taking the time to answer each of my questions....I honestly believe its the first time this ever happened and I greatly appreciate it!

    I understand that u guys are still trying to work out the details so you dont have all the answers....I look forward to hearing any new developments as they happen.

    Most of it sounds pretty good other than the participation cost differing for those of a higher level or income. I understand that the higher levels potentially have a better shot at winning due to potential higher health attack and def.....but i think that they rightfully have a slight advantage because they have in fact had to earn these numbers. I think the random rolls give every player a fair shot based on their numbers so participation fees should be a flat rate across the board. This is suppose to be a individual competition...but as Kendal said in a previous post...lower levels can team up and potentially bring down a higher level player (i assure u...this will happen). If i enter the competition and an entire rival guild starts attacking me im guessing i will be pretty much toast whether im winning or losing due to the fact that i can only attack one at a time and even with my high health I wouldnt outlast 25 other individuals health attacking me at once. Basically i would be paying a higher price to get my ass kicked is what im
  6. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Again this an opt in feature. And this is my opinion. So many of you guys complain about empty battle lists and having the same people target you constantly this might give them something else to do. If you do not want to participate do not participate simple as that. So many of us have been looking for a challenge and this can be it with a lot of tweaks into it that i am sure the developers will be fine tuning it for awhile until it's fair to all players. Just like anything in any games that is new some are going to be upset some are going to be happy. At least Kano when they roll something out that can be a big game changer they give you the options of joining in it or not joining it. A lot of apps do not do this.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I know u touched on this but I just want to be sure that stats r in fact going to be scaled one way or the other equally regardless of ones level or any other stat or circumstance. Basically the the formula that u use to come up with my "arena stats/numbers will be the exact same formula used to determine any other players with no difference what so ever based on level strength or anything.
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Whos complaining? This update is still very much in the idea stage according to Deltan. I believe its up to the players to play devils advocate in an effort to work out as many issues b4 they happen as well as offer new ideas. The Devs are a good group of people that have had some great ideas.....but who better than the people who play regularly to beat an idea like a pinata in an effort to make it more fool proof from the get go
  9. Hank Kershell

    Hank Kershell Member

    frankly not sure why I would play it

    missing one bounty is not worth anything I would get from battle arena, but that is just my opinion, lower God Points costs on the limited item stuff is something that should be address, don't know many people once they have good warriors and weapons, why they would spend 21-30 God Points on a item that isn't much higher than some drops from challenges, really the price should be 14-25 depending on the item, and also offer 2 for 1 days, where if we purchase God Points thar day with credit card or paypal we would get double points, you guys will be shocked how much more revenue you will bring in, don't price the players out of being able to play and have fun
  10. Craig Garner

    Craig Garner Member

    Sounds well thought out to me :) i like it
  11. Craig Garner

    Craig Garner Member

    like some of these ideas but some i disagree with...
    4. mainly dont think they should be hidded nfrom usual game play fight lists are slim pickings anyway but after seeing the war feature in operation id suggest it is made clear what attacks are arena and wich or regular different coulour text would work fine.
    8. anywhere i can gather favour points i'll take it so PLEASE award favour points randomly not just for winners.
    11. this needs to change every battle or players who get a crap roll simply wont take part they have to be given a chance to recoup their previous loss.

    no12. is a fantasic idea to prevent the arena been full of the same old players with the same old outcome....this must be included in my opinion
  12. Craig Garner

    Craig Garner Member

    it could be that way but doesnt need to be i see a lot of the "high" level players (myself included) posting ideas to prevent this happening where would the fun be for the high levels if all they get to do is beat on weaker players...we want some excitement too lol
  13. Craig Garner

    Craig Garner Member

    That wrote beautifully i can clearly see the higher the player the higher the chance but it is more than fair in the way it works as no matter what level you are that lvl 500 the underdog might just knock you the f&^% out :) Looking forward to this :)
  14. Craig Garner

    Craig Garner Member

    No what happens in the arena stays in the arena to many will take advantage of opened rival windows...hey im a boxer win or loose in the ring i shake hands and walk away i dont go looking for a re-match in the locker room.
  15. Craig Garner

    Craig Garner Member

    should be a special event not everyday. After each event the players can go away and work on building their boss ready for the next event every fighter needs recovery time :) besides if it pays real good xp the old game will be come obsolete as i wont leave the arena if it levels me faster and im sure im not alone
  16. Craig Garner

    Craig Garner Member

    one final note DONT RUSH IT!! get the mechanics right before rolling it out...i feel this will be a great addition to the game but if you guys dont dot the i's and cross the t's i can see it been a major flop and drama lol

    And thanks for the hard work guys we might not always show it but we do appreciate all your efforts :)
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Another reason the entry fee should be the same is that u said everyone will be getting XP whether they win or lose.. I dont think i should pay more to get less XP
  18. This point is interesting. So I'm guessing their will be a way to go attack a certain player and you wont be limited to a random arena battle list ?
  19. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    What we are currently thinking is that everyone would be visible in the arena to each other.
  20. Bobby Horr

    Bobby Horr New Member

    Two thumbs up and say bring it on !!!!!

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