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  1. Deltan

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    Using a modified battle mechanic players will fight one another in the Battle Arena to see who the sole survivor is. This new battle mechanic is a direct result of listening to the community. We want to address the concerns of high level players to be able to battle a larger list of players and create a battle system where all players can participate. We also want to capture the excitement of when a player performed a sell-off which is no longer possible. This will create a significant purse for players to chase as well as new leader boards for players.

    We would like your feedback, positive or negative. Please be constructive, being negative for the sake of it will result in post deletion. Thanks!

    How do you join a Battle Arena?
    • Players will join the Battle Arena by paying a cost based on their income. A Battle Arena will launch at a specific time for example once every two days. Players must be over a certain level to join in the Battle Arena (level 1000+ for VC / PC, 750+ for LCN, 500+ for ZS)
    Who can I attack in the Battle Arena?
    • Players will be able to fight anyone who has joined the Battle Arena.
    • Players will be given a randomly generated list of players in their Battle Arena. Players can scroll through this list to look at opponents and decide who to attack.
    How does the battle mechanic work in the Battle Arena?
    • Battle mechanics will be different from the standard game. When attacking, players will roll between 1 and their max attack this will be then compared to an opponent’s roll of between 1 and their max defence. The difference between the roll (if the attack roll is higher than the defence) or minimum damage (% of player’s total attack) will then be applied to the player’s Battle Arena health. Both players, the attacker and defender, will have an attack and defence roll and they will both lose Battle Arena Health when someone performs an attack. Each player will have a unique Battle Arena health. It cannot be replenished with coin and it is independent of the player’s regular health.
    • A player’s max attack is the sum of all of their attack points. We will take into consideration all of your equipped items(which will have a modifier to make them more powerful), all of your equipment brought to battle (Weapons, Warriors, Gear etc.) as well as your total personal attack strength and your total attack boost %. There will be no Critical Hit Bonus Attack.
    • A player’s max defence is the same as the attack except we look at the defence strength of everything.
    • A player’s Battle Arena health will be a modified version of their standard health. It will be much greater then a players standard health.
    • Every time a player is attacked they will receive a feed update the same as regular battles.
    What are my rewards for attacking opponents in the Battle Arena?
    • Players will receive XP for attacking opponents. You will get a base amount of XP for your level. Each player will have a minimum and maximum amount of XP they can receive from a battle. The more damage you inflicted in comparison to how much damage the opponent inflicted on you will determine how much XP you get. This means the bigger you hit and the less you take the more XP you get.
    • Players will also get battle drops. This system will work roughly the same in regular battles.
    What happens when I run out of Battle Arena health?
    • When a player’s Battle Arena health is depleted that player will be removed from the Battle Arena and be told which place they came and be given any rewards earned.
    What happens if I kill an opponent?
    • When you kill an opponent your Battle Arena health increases. The health increase is determined by the level of the opponent you killed: the higher their level the more health you gain. You will also be rewarded with bonus XP.
    • You also score a kill, which is a stat we track and give achievements for.
    How do I Win the Battle Arena?
    • To win the Battle Arena you need to be the last person alive. Or you must have the highest amount of health when the Battle Arena timer runs out. The Battle Arena only lasts a certain amount of time.
    What are the Battle Arena rewards?
    • Players who last the longest in the Battle Arena will receive an XP and cash reward. The cash reward will be based on the amount of cash collected from joining the Battle Arena and the place you come in. The XP will be based on your level and the place you come in. Only the top 20% will receive these rewards.
  2. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    So if i am understanding this correctly. It does not matter how big of a level you are in the battle arena it will be a hit and miss chance based off your attack. So say a level 10k pirate can be beat by a level 1000 perhaps am understanding this right.
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    That is correct, the higher level will still have a better chance of winning based on the likelihood that they will have higher attack values that they will "roll" between, but it is not as deterministic as the existing battle mechanic that has a very minor randomness involved.
  4. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Thank you Kendall i suggested a battle arena a long long time ago in rockin also thought in pirate clan tab somewhere but from the way you guys are doing it sounds so much better then my suggestion of how. 10 from me on this.
  5. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

  6. It will be the players choice whether or not to participate in the arena, right? It doesn't really sound like anything I'd be interested in. I hate relying on chance.

    If it appeals to others though, then go for it.
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  7. Chris Mend

    Chris Mend New Member

    I don't get that "roll" you guys are talking about
  8. Nelson Yoong JunNam

    Nelson Yoong JunNam New Member

    hmmm ... I think I'll love this batter :D

    Level 1521 Gardener
  9. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    sounds a different game completely shouldnt be included in the exsiting games more like a gladiator type game on its own not vikings or pirate clan
  10. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member


    Now we are talking. Thank you
  11. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I might have liked it better if the ZS min level was 300. I'm not gonna change how i play to level up and take random chances of winning some money. I can do that on the hitlist now.
  12. Shard Crimsonclaw

    Shard Crimsonclaw New Member

    good idea to me
    though it better be a substantial amount of cash, otherwise why would I fight when i get aprox. $250M an hour
  13. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    This sounds like a great addition to the game (I only play ZS.) I really hope this is tested out with real players before it is implemented. I just have a few questions: While you are in the arena, can you be attacked, listed, etc. outside of the arena? Can you jump back and forth? Can you be alive in the arena and in hospital or dead outside? I read that there is will be an arena kill stat, but do your wins and losses count in the regular fight stats or will there be additional arena stats?
  14. Craig Garner

    Craig Garner Member

    Not sure i like the sound of it but hey we can try it and if we dont like it dont enter....disagree with the entry fee been based on your income though lcn is already filled with players who have crappy income that take advantage of the increasing bounty i say make it a set HIGH price for all and give the cheap ass players a reason to increase their own income / bounty instead of annoying other players to increase their bountys for them.

    also see a problem with the attack points a good player has fairly even att and def ... i see this encouraging players to go all attack meaning everyone looses when been attacked and everyone wins when attacking in regular game mode..just my opinion but it may seriously unbalance the game we currently know and play especially if the xp earned from the arena is greater than usual game play

    What benefit will hired guns play? if you have a level 1000 with one 1000 mob in the same arena as a lvl 2000 with 2000 mob im guessing the odds will still be stacked highly in favour of the higher mob even if lvl doesn't matter so i correct?
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  15. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    Can I say "bring it" .. glad to see this! For those players that are looking for opponents etc ... they will have them. :)) If it goes well, perhaps instead of once every 2 days, it can be more frequent.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2012
  16. Shard Crimsonclaw

    Shard Crimsonclaw New Member

    heh maybe this will stop or reduce the amount of people who just sit around Listing and beating on players bully-style...though i doubt it
  17. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    something new! awesome so when does it start????
  18. Silas Drama

    Silas Drama New Member


    I guess we'll see. How heavy will the equipment etc play into outcomes? If it's similar to how it is in normal fights, even if I rolled a 1 and an opponent rolled their highest, I doubt any sub-700 has a chance of beating me unless they've purchased a ton of limiteds.
  19. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Ok...I'm interested a few questions though....

    1. Will we be able to fight squad members in the arena?
    2. Will hired squad slots be in play here? (lol if they are then I revoke my interest, I understand that the hired squad slots are an incentive for people to level as much as possable...+1 slot = +5% your top squad strength a very good incentive to level, but would render a level 500 with 3 slots useless in the arena against say a level 900 with 6 slots)
    3. When? :cool:
  20. pineappledog

    pineappledog Member

    I love this idea, I don't really think anyone can disagree that strongly with it since it is going to be optional to enter.

    I also agree that the higher levels having easier access to many more hired guns may give them a huge advantage, perhaps to keep an earned advantage there you will get +1 max attack for each hired gun you have rather than them counting as part of your mob. If hired guns factored as they did in normal battles then it would give me an advantage over people lower level than me as I have max mob and a reasonable amount of HG's it would be very hard even with a roll for someone several hundred levels lower than me to win due to my mobsize advantage and obviously the same for me vs people several hundred levels higher. If it were switched to 1 attack per HG then this advantage would be maintained but would remove the near certain outcome of the fight.(Which I believe is the point of attack and def 'rolling'.

    I also think that as an incentive for lower levels who are likely to lose most fights even with the rolling atk and def, fight losses should also reward some XP, somewhere around 50% of your mentioned minimum battle XP for a loss. If someone right at the cut off level requirement is still going to lose 80-90% of their battles the XP would be very low and make them unlikely to finish in the top 20% meaning they will lose their income whilst gaining almost no XP and prize.

    Finally, what about power attacks? These could be unlocked after a certain number of battles in the arena adding a percentage to your max attack and defense? Just a thought :)

    10 stars!

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