[ZS] Battle Arena Schedule and Format Change Effective February 11

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Feb 3, 2015.

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    A true arena is fighting not hiding behind a big defense so get out there and fight, there has been plenty of time since the change so you could have made a choice to adjust your game for it .
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    hmm but what fun is there in that?? so everyone will go all defense and no one will do anything?? but i agree a smitchen tho maybe they need to make new goals in ba
  3. How does one hide in battle arena? Obviously I fight or I wouldn't have won some of the great rewards that I have won in the past and posted about and yes most of that is defense and defense mode it's not cheating to have good defense. :cool:

    I'm asking for a
    rethink on xp and where you finish while inside battle arena not just attacking people should grant you some UN credits xp and cash. If the game is attack only then we should not even have defense at all.

    People really
    hate the change. You can't dispute this. There are players my level with 8,000 attack points and they win BIG they can easily beat level 3,000 player and probably causes major damage to them and that increases their winnings. While someone like myself with huge defense can win when attacked by higher levels or strong players my level I get nothing at all?:rolleyes: It's way too much based on attack points.
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    The present arena is the only arena there is ,I suggest you start working on attack, IMO ya never build a game account based on one feature, if you do and you chose to , then you need to rethink things, why should things change to suit you? That seems one sided and there has been plenty of time to change things up for your account.

    Besides one of the reasons for the change, was because of turtle builds , too many where ranking with min actions, then hiding,not saying that is you, but this has been beat to death for a long time, and kano already had a change in mind, and made it.
  5. That's charming:rolleyes:. Let's think this through. In zombie slayers who usually wins factions wars?.....They get all the credits and xp and cash right almost every time. Battle Arena was an answer for lower level players like myself to get some free UN credits. By building defense again part of the game. :p Believe me adding defense is a good thing not a bad thing.
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    The long time player is expected to win, they put the time in, the arena was first implemented for the long time player, never was it mentioned years ago that it was implemented for new players, new players have a fight list, high levels didn't . If you are only playing 500 days you may not know that, Low level players always have the advantage of leveling quick, so they may get FP's , (UN's) that way also, now with Raids that has even increased the chances, for new low level players. Again I mention, to build an account around one feature, is not always the best choice as you can see, so why not start looking at your choice with an open mind and decide if you want to continue , or maybe change the way you allocate skill points . Yes Defense is a good thing but so is attack, health , stamina. :)
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    I like the current times
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  8. [​IMG]
    I have played in KANO games for a long time lets broaden the conversation for all BAs because the format was changed in all of them. I did my best in zombie slayers battle arenas because how I built the character in the first place. The zombie slayer achievements before the change.
    See the dates? (2014) this part of the game is totally gone now and I know I'm not the only one that hates the new format. I obviously fight people or I wouldn't have won something. The game says you have to fight in it.
    I don't believe I said it was?
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    At the last Arena I clicked as fast as I can, yet after like 10-15 minutes when I run out of my stamina using the 3 stamina slider all the time, I saw several players with 2-3 times as many attacks. Maybe there should be some reverse throttle message saying: You are not clicking fast enough, try harder.
  10. Xextreem

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    You thinking the are legit? Think again. Many of those "kind" of players use a 3 party tool i have a dude in zs that when i get over the 12k hp (thats the min hp you need to attack me) he instant hits me and killed me every time. So you can say its luck but no after 365 days later he still do that to me. So how about a ban? i can report those guys but the can not prove anything and thats the problem.

    There are people online doing (world bosses) that hit the world bosses over 100 hits (without the timer runs out) if i can calculate you need atleast every 4 hours later to even get those stats. So are those people legit? And i mean not just 1 time in the month no all the time for more then 1400+ days. In my squad. Even i`m playing allot. I can not get that high.

    I bet so sort of script the are using. I think a look in the google search engine will clearly light some stuff up.
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    enjoy the battle areanas :)

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