Battle Arena Discussion (Round 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric, Jul 9, 2012.

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    lol. if nobody was allowed to refill their stamina ...the arena would take weeks if not months to finish.
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    LOL....its u thats not getting it. refilling stamina is a must. Everyone has the same opportunity so it is fair. Because you choose to not buy stamina refills does not make it unfair in the least....thats just on you. If stamina refills were not allowed the arenas would take forever to finish
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    Its still strategy with or without stamina boost, are u saying that u or anyone else would win if u had unlimited stamina? There can only be one The game is only based mobs...its obviously impossible to make games such as this mirror real life, even if they could....did mobs battle arenas back in the day?

    Kano has to make money or there wouldnt be any games.

    If stamina was based on our in-game stamina and then had to be earned....guess what? The higher levels would even have it easier it would just take longer. Higher levels usually have a much larger percentage of SP allocated to stamina because of the XP needed to level so they would have much more stam to begin with and a much larger Perk. They would still be stronger than lesser levels. Lower levels would have far less stamina, less opportunity to get stamina, still be weaker and probably wouldnt even be able to take down nearly as many if any other low levels. In the end....high levels have more stam so they would have more opportunity to gain more stamina, your idea would actually be handicapping lesser levels or low stam careful what u wish for.
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    I agree that inactive players should not be eligible for the end rewards and that the threshhold for what is considered to be "active" should be quite high.

    What I dont agree with is where u said stealing kills is not a strategy ....of course its a strategy....not only is it strategy but a unecessary strategy for the majority of arena participants....without this ability then most those players would stand zero chance.
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    I'm being logical and reasonable. Your the one complaining on the forum. Oh people are doing better than me because they are inactive. Oh people are stealing my kills. So take your negative comments else where. people join the arena for the chance to win prizes. They dont have to participate in the action as it is not a requirement. A lot of the high levels dont really go after the inactives as they are no threat.. Thats why they rank higher.. Even if they dont participate, its their loss. As the arena is a great way to spend your stamina rather than blowing it off on bosses
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