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    A few weeks ago in the Spring/Summer Newsletter, we announced plans to make some changes to the game based on our research, as well as feedback from you via our new in-game survey. It’s been two weeks since then, and that means we owe you an update!

    Below you’ll find a list of our planned changes with some more detail about how we plan to roll these out. We’ve also included some notes on why we think this is a good solution, ways we’ve tried to address your feedback, and most importantly, when we expect to release them. These aren’t all set in stone by any means, so please let rip if you have questions or suggestions!

    Making it hurt less to be Hitlisted - estimated release date: August 2017

    We’ve heard of lot of concerns about griefing lately, and because the hitlist is the most powerful way for players of very different levels to interact, much of that feedback centers around the list. People don’t like being listed over and over to the point where they can’t do anything but heal and die repeatedly, and according to reports, many decide to stop playing and simply stay dead.

    Since announcing this idea, we had a number of players write in to tell us that hitlisting is one of their favourite parts of the game, and if we limited it further that’d ruin some of their fun. This is a core concern for us too; we want to see MORE hitlisting in the game, not less. If we can make it less painful to be listed, we should see more people heal and keep playing instead of just staying dead, meaning more targets and more people playing all around.

    Our plan is to prevent someone from being listed for a brief period after the last time they were put on the list. This should give them enough time to do some outbreaks, collect GP or fight bosses without being killed again, so you can get positive XP even while you’re on the list. This limits the ability to chain the same person back to back, but many players have a whole list of potential victims; once you finish listing them, your original target should be ready again.​

    Making Ambushes stronger - estimated release date: Late July / Early August 2017

    The Fight List is another area where we’ve heard complaints about griefing lately. The fact that attacks are limited to people in your level range means there’s less room for painful mismatches in power level. Over time however, some accounts have gotten strong enough that Ambushes are less of a speed bump.

    We heard from some of these players last week, and we definitely appreciate the hard work they put into designing very tough fighting accounts. On the flip side, just like with hitlisting, if people give up on healing or fighting back, that means less targets and less fighting overall. Increasing the boost percentage of ambushes should help more empire-focused players get some occasional breathing room, without making attack-focused players weaker in a straight up fight.

    We also have the option of adjusting the number of ambushes you’re able to set, but we’ll start with raising the boost percentage and seeing how that affects attacks and ambushes in the game.​

    More Promotions and Sales for More Players - estimated release date: Already out!

    You may have noticed a new countdown timer for FP sales recently. We heard from a lot of players that they wanted more opportunities to get cheap FP, so everyone now has the chance to get some for 50% off every two to four weeks.

    We have some plans for different sale packages we want to offer down the road, but our main focus is on game balance and player concerns right now.​

    Giving higher levels more to do - estimated release date: see below

    There’s quite a few things we’re considering to help with this issue. For one thing, we’re happy to report that the recent new Raid Bosses in Mob Wars: LCN and Viking Clan drove increased play at higher levels. It’s all very theoretical at this point, but we’re planning to double down on that by changing the format of future raid events to create more fun and flavour; imagine an extra tough boss with improved drops, or weaker bosses that offer more drop chances.

    These changes should be easier to implement, but we’ll need to take some time to balance the rewards and ensure they’re fun to play. The new PvP event we mentioned is a pretty big and exciting feature, so we don’t expect that to come out until sometime this Fall. We’ll share details on both of these as soon as we know more about what they might look like.

    New achievements on the other hand are a go for sure, and something we’ve heard from a lot of players about. The tough part with these is always determining how to set the difficulty curve, but we know some players have gone a ways ahead of where the next “step” would be if the curve stayed the same. Our first goal is fill in these gaps, which we expect to be done in August. After that, we’ll move on to setting some exciting high-level achievements with special rewards that you can expect to see sometime in September.​

    Faction War Rewards by Division - estimated release date: September 2017

    We are super excited about this change, because it has the potential to make Faction Wars much more competitive and exciting across all level ranges. Our plan right now is to replace one of the Faction War events in September with a new Tiered Reward event, in which the top 20% or so of Factions in each Division get a prize instead of just the top 20% overall. Spreading out the winners should allow us to offer better prizes, so if you fight hard and climb up the leaderboard, there’ll be a reward that makes your FP spent on refills worth it.​


    Thank you to everyone who sent in their suggestions about these changes! It’s always a pleasure to hear from people who want to help make the game more fun, and we’re glad to be able to share our plans with you.

    Keep your eyes peeled for more updates over next few months, and as always you can reach us Monday to Friday at http://support.kanoapps.com/.
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  2. Tony Cecil

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    I'm very happy about new achievements, but skeptical about this tiered faction wars thing.

    For example...If a B tiered faction happens to finish 3rd overall will they get the 3rd place reward as well as the reward for being the #1 B tiered faction. i also see possible manipulation of factions in order to achieve a better reward. There is also the age old concern/complaint that in order to win the war you basically have to spend 48 UN for a 20 UN reward. This is and has always been unfair. I'm hoping with all these new things being rolled out this will be remedied. Rewards should be more along the lines of battle arena. Winning should never net you -UN...Winning faction wars should at least be a 75UN prize. Possibly higher. Same with arena...because you devs at kano know it takes way more than 75 UN spent to win the arena.
  3. Survival Streak 0

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    ugh...no more money achievments :confused:
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  4. Scoughman

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    @Tony Cecil Right now the new system will be replacing the old system for this one upcoming event in September. This means there will be no prizes for overall faction ranking, only ranking relative to the rest of your tier. This was intended specifically to avoid people manipulating their factions, and since the divisions are selected automatically at the start of the event based on participant mix, it should be pretty tough to ensure you're in a specific tier.

    We are definitely going to change the rewards as well to help address that concern about the 48 UN for 20 UN, I promise!
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  5. Jared

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    What exactly does that mean? FP rewards for war rankings are going up?
  6. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    I can't say exactly since I'm not 100% sure yet, but we do intend to change the rewards you get from Faction Wars. For now we are limited in what we can award without more dev work but we definitely want to address the fact that you can easily put in more FP than you get out.
  7. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    After 3 years you're looking at this now? What, are the newer players complaining about that, too?
  8. Tony Cecil

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    Thank you. Better rewards has been long overdue...And i'm glad only one prize. But I wouldnt put it past people with time on their hands to figure out how to ensure they're a b or c faction. :p
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