August 25th - Developer Update (Carnival Shooter and Map update)

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  1. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    A brand new feature has been released in Zombie Slayer today. We are introducing the Carnival Shooter which is a minigame located in Outbreaks for the United States of America where you can win Items, UN Credits, XP and Cash for shooting Zombie heads. The game does not cost any Stamina or Energy and here are some of the game features:
    • Clear the game within the time limit to win unique Item sets
    • Every shot has a chance at winning a prize payout which could include an Item, UN Credits, XP and Cash
    • Shots are reloaded periodically. Look at the counter in the Ammo box to find out when you get your next free shot
    • Ask for the help of you Squad to earn free shots
    To get started with the Carnival Shooter go to Outbreaks while in the United States of America.

    Also released today is a small update to the Outbreak Map. Each unlocked city now displays an Outbreak Radius that shows how infected that city is. In the bottom of the radius is the number of Zombies you have left to kill before you clear out that city and earn the achievement. As you kill Zombies the radius will shrink until you earn the achievement, at which point the radius will disappear. The second update to the Map is that it will immediately perform the 'Kill Zombies' action now when you click on a city's icon, whereas before it would just show you the Outbreak above the map. The functionality to only display the Outbreak without performing the 'Kill Zombies' action still exists if you mouse over the city's icon and click 'View' in the Tooltip.

    Like with all of our features, feedback from the community is welcomed and appreciated.
  2. SteveW

    SteveW Member

    I don't mind it as something else to do, although I didn't find it so easy locate. After a bit of thought I did go to outbreaks but what I'm saying is that it isn't very obvious.

    Maybe you could put a (1) next to the Outbreaks or something similar to the Boss tab to let you know it's still active.

    Maybe it deserves it's own tab if it's going to stay and if there are going to be more for other countries too. It would be just like the boss tab then and much easier to navigate.
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  3. Lyca

    Lyca Member

    I like it.. I think it's a great addition. I've already won some UN points.. but I only found it by chance when a help request popped up in my newsfeed so I agree that it was a little hard to find.
  4. jon french

    jon french Member

    When you complete level 1 you are awarded 1 achievement point. You cant allocate it and if you log off and re-enter ZS then it disapeers completely.

    Im not the only one this has happened to, there is a thread in issue/bugs with 4-5 of us with the same problem
  5. Angel

    Angel Member

    I like it! it is a good way to gain some itemparts without fighting the bosses and using stamina :)

    but I also agree with the others, this easter egg is not easy to find ^^
  6. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Fixes and Update

    There were a couple of issues with the Carnival Shooter, namely that the Skill Points were not being awarded when earning the Carnival Shooter achievements. Skill Points have now been awarded to all players who did not properly receive them.

    The other fixes and additions are as follows:
    • The # of shots you have available is now accurate in the Outbreak list/map.
    • Shot reload timer correctly updates the next reload time opposed to being 60 mins from when you last clicked on the game.
    • Clear Bonus item pictures can now be viewed in a much larger size if you mouse over each of the items.
    Thanks again for all the feedback and keep it coming!
  7. SteveW

    SteveW Member

    How about making it easier to find/easier to access as most people have mentioned?

    Good work on sorting the other issues so quickly by the way.
  8. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    This is something that we have been discussing and please bear in mind that this is a brand new feature that we are slowly rolling out. If the reception to the Carnival Shooter is good you can expect to see new Carnival Shooters added to each location. Furthermore, we have also discussed some kind of global indicator along the top where your stats are to indicate if you have available shots, or an active game etc.

    Stay tuned as the feature will continue to evolve.
  9. Athenis

    Athenis New Member

    I think it's an interesting addition and something to kill time. My only issue is that there are the same two heads used over and over.

    Also, is there a reason the heads get smaller on the different rows? I know in a real shooting gallery it would be to test skill, but with mouse clicks, it's hardly any more of a challenge to get the bigger or smaller ones. Just curious :)
  10. SteveW

    SteveW Member

    Reading my last post it may have sounded a bit demanding, I didn't mean it that

    Cheers for the response though, it's likes everyone likes the idea more or less so hopefully it stays and grows :)
  11. jon french

    jon french Member

    I think a Carnival shooter in each country would get old quickly.

    Could you not create a different mini-game for each country, its more work but ZS is heads above the competition on these style of games at the moment, be good to keep it better than the rest?
  12. Calder12

    Calder12 Member

    The carnival shooter is cool. The clear rewards leave something to be desired though lol. 9/7 stats on the gun? o_O
  13. Lyca

    Lyca Member

    Well maybe put carnival shooter (or a different mini game) for each city and the rewards could improve.. it would make sense that the first set of items aren't that good if they did that.
  14. Calder12

    Calder12 Member

    Yup, this is true. Good point lol
  15. jon french

    jon french Member

    when can we expect China?
  16. What ? Dont you have a takeaway in your town ? .... Their

    Sorry, couldn't resist...roflmao.
    I know, easily pleased.
  17. jon french

    jon french Member

    Lots of chinese takeaways, none of em have Zombies, Bosses or Outbreaks in em though :)
  18. SteveW

    SteveW Member

    How about Chad? :D
  19. It's only graphical to represent a shooting gallery....I
  20. Take a look in the Kitchen buddy, dont see them there then nip out the back after closing!!

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