[LCN] August 14 Syndicate Wars Token Issue

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Aardvark, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Easy To Remember

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    Personally, I believe the Syndicate Wars are one of the most efficient ways to earn XP in the Game - there are only few events that will yield better XP than what Players can obtain in exchange for only one Stamina! At this point, I believe the most (and I italicize "most" because there simply can't be a reasonable solution that will please everyone) fair solution for the "glitch"/"bug" that took place would be to give every Syndicate that joined the War "First Place" Rewards (20 Favor Points, 50% XP to level, 100x Income). That is just my opinion, and people need to realize that there likely won't be a "solution" that will make everyone happy (also, my Syndicate is currently (and always) in the Top-5, so my proposed solution (and the same proposition as several others) is not biased! When I see people making Posts stating they want the Favor Points, Boosts, Rewards, etc., returned to them, I have NO problems with that - BUT if they're not willing to give up all of the XP they gained at the same time, then that is COMPLETELY unfair! A quick example to put this in better perspective: A Player was receiving 500 XP (on average) per Attack, they used 5,000 Stamina during the time of this "bug" and had to spend thirty Favor Points to refill their Stamina three times - the War Points they earned with those Attacks were taken away and now they want their thirty Favor Points returned, so Kano credits the Player's Account thirty Favor Points. Although the War Points were taken away during that time, the Player still earned 2,500,000 XP, which was NOT returned to Kano when Kano returned the thirty Favor Points to them (in my case, 2.5 Million XP would be SIX LEVELS gained, or 6.605 levels to be exact). Now, from that example one can clearly see how this would NOT be fair to the MAJORITY of Players who were not online during the time of this "bug", because when Kano returned the Favor Points they used, that Player was ultimately left with a whopping 2,500,000 XP for absolutely FREE! If that's the case, then I would like Kano to credit my Account with 2,500,000 XP and the thirty something Skill Points that come with it (in my case) from the six levels I gained from all of that XP!
  2. Sir Opinion Alot

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    As for the grammer you silly internet trolls, didnt know i was writing as a profession or at school. you guys kill me when nothing else to complain about you pick sentence grammer bahahahahah GOTTA LOVE TROLLS
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    As I said in an earlier post, I wasn't online when this SW started but I can't lie -- if I had been I'm sure I would have taken advantage of the 'glitch' and attacked groups with the unlimited tokens. Kano removed the points that they figured out people had gained using these tokens but they didn't correct other issues -- our group was killed 3x and we lost points each time -- also we spent (wasted) a lot of tokens initially trying to heal. I think it was a partial fix but didn't address all the issues.
    Our group loves SW because it is a great chance to play together and work as a group. That said, we've long been saying that it is a really poor return on investment. You spend 48 GF points and, even when you win first place, you only recoup 20 points. So each SW costs you 28 points….times that by 42 SW we've won…that is a lot of GF points that could be spent on weapons. Our group was already at the point of hanging up our SW hat - this has probably cemented that decision.
    Also -- Kano should have achievements for SW as well as for war mode, just as they do for Battle Arena. I don't play war mode but I might if there were achievement points -- same with getting more people to play SW -- achievements would entice more groups to give it a try.
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  4. Gogolak

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    i don't see any posts from kano about this. that leads me to believe that nothing else is going to be done. but feel free to post away, anyway.
  5. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    well chalk it up as lesson learned, DONT try to cheat the system or the system may cheat you.
  6. Gogolak

    Gogolak Active Member

    my thoughts exactly, no tissues for anyone that has posted here from me.
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  7. Tony_G

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    I took full advantage of the regeneration issue & helped take SOB down until I ran out tokens twice & the kill was stolen from me while I waited for my tokens to regenerate, that is how syndicate wars works if you aren't quick enough you loose, I spent 12FP on x4 refills too & I would like those back!

    Nevermind though the best kill of Synidcate wars was today for me when I killed SOB & I look forward to doing it again & again & again why because it's personal!
  8. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    you openly admit to taking advantage of this glitch then you say you want your FP back you used to refill what a joke
  9. Aapje

    Aapje Well-Known Member

    It's painful that I have to keep repeating this to those who apparently refuse to read (perhaps you can only read posts made up of 1 gigantic sentence?).

    People who just played SW at that time got hurt too. They didn't have to do anything different than normal to be effected. You can keep calling people cheaters, but then I will keep calling you an idiot.

    Anyway, I feel that this SW was unfair to my synd, so my ticket is in, asking for our entire synd to be given 1st place prize. You haters can just take a hike.
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  10. Gogolak

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    let's look at it this way. let's say the top 20 syndicates are full of 25 players each (which may not be true), and the majority of the rest of the player base either don't get a ranking or don't participate for one reason or another. that means that MAYBE 250 players were negatively impacted that are in the top 10, because the 250 players (at most) ranking from 11 to 20 wouldn't have ranked any higher anyway without this issue, and the ones that don't get a ranking or don't participate aren't negatively impacted at all.
    plus, the negative impact would be from placing number 3 instead of number 1, or number 7 instead of number 5.
    because of this, you want your whole crew to get 1st place rewards, when you might not have otherwise gotten them?
    and what about the other syndicates that feel that they would have gotten 1st place? should they get them, too?
    there is no other way to sort this out than it has been. a mistake was made. out of all of the wars that i've participated in, this is the first time that i can remember anything like this happening. suck it up and hope it doesn't happen again. kano has spoken, and the fix has already been done.
    if you live for the wars every 2 weeks instead of daily gameplay, maybe you should rethink why you're playing in the first place, since wars don't encourage DAILY gameplay.
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  11. Aapje

    Aapje Well-Known Member

    That is what our syndicate focuses on. As a synd leader I stick up for my people and I don't lecture them on how to play this game (nor do I lecture YOU on what to do in game). Some of our members spend quite a bit of FP each war, this time too. I'm not talking about the time when the bug happened necessarily, but mostly later to catch up.

    The war ended very closely, so there is a good chance that the end result was distorted by the 'fix.' The fix clearly was very bad. Just look at the synd that went from 300k to 3000. That simply doesn't make any sense if you listen to the explanation by Kano. It's also clear that some negative effects were not fixed:
    - WP loss due to deaths (we got hammered beyond your ability to heal, due to the bug)
    - Bad WP returns on healing, since we had to heal a lot while being attacked with free tokens
    - Lost WP due to the fact that we had low health during much of the bug period, so we often lost WP when hitting
    - If you got kills during the bug period, that actually hurt you. The points of the kills were often taken away by the fix, but the kill bonus went down anyway. So syndicate that did well during the bug period, actually got punished for it.

    The point of a competition is fairness. If it is not fair, then it makes sense to give synds with close results the same prize, since the end result was probably decided by the 'fix', not by actual performance. And as I said, I fight for my synd members.

    I think it is only fair that when players spend money on a broken product, they get a small compensation. That is how decent businesses treat their customers.
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  12. Jaegermeister

    Jaegermeister Active Member

    i would be curious to know what your focus was before the wars started, and what you do in between?
  13. Eileen2468

    Eileen2468 New Member

    Aapje, what syndicate are you in?

    Jaegermeister, I can understand his view. Different groups like different aspects of the game…for many war mode is their focus and their favorite part of playing. For some it is SW. I know we *were* very into SW as a group.
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  14. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    either way you knew better than to use all that stamina. Did you really think kano was not going to fix it fast. Either way it was you choice to use refills for a event that you never would in the first place. You tried to cheat you got the xp, and with that they can not take back the xp so for you choice you are stuck with losing those stamina in which you knew better to use. It is your own fault we all know that is not how SW's is played and you have no excuse. And anyone that did refill to take advantage well that is it in a nut shell you refilled to take advantage and the advantage you thought you was going to get got stripped and that is what your mad about next time do the honest thing and write support instead of rallying your troops. ONLY PERSON YOU CAN BE MAD AT IS YOURSELF. MAN UP OWN FOR WHAT YOU DID.
    One other thing comes to mind if you seen the problem why did you continue, the wise choice would be do nothing and wait for the fix, esp. with a so called "live event" usually kano is watching the start for problems and there to fix. There are many outlets to let them know, support ticket for 1, 2nd come here start a thread, 3rd write Mitch a message and put in the title bug issue for event and he will get it fix quick. But no instead of doing the right thing you went ahead and tried to cheat the system on wps and it did not pan out so stop complaining they did the best they could with what did occur. shoot i wish i was there to take advantage i would have got 4 or 5 levels out of my stamina, so how can they complain they did get awesome xp most are better and alot faster than a leveling partner and I know was a heck of alot better than using 20 on a regular boss 3 stamina attack pays as good as some boss most i seen was 2100 xp for a boss on normal is 2000 to 4000 for 20 stamina so yeah the xp is better. SIMPLE you took advantage "cheated" same thing or exploited a bug in the game either way you did wrong
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  15. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Member

    Just my opinion, but the "fix" was no fix at all. Truth be told, it looked like a poorly planned rush job to undo a mess. Be that as it may, I do think this may have a lasting impact on SW. I think honest players felt cheated and I don't blame them and they may not be so quick to sign up for the next one. I am blaming anyone, glitches happen, that's why they are called "glitches", but the game should have and could have been called and started over. Still love the game, still think the devs are great, but may not participate in the next SW, and I don't care if we win, I just liked playing SW.
  16. Deadly Walker

    Deadly Walker Member

    So what was "broke" that needed to be fixed? Apparently, something needed to be tweaked or we would not have had this problem to start with! Something stinks!
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  17. jahrista

    jahrista Member

    Aapje Active Member
    SW is totally broken on Kong now. Tokens refill automatically from zero to 300 in seconds and lag is huuuuuuge. It's crazy town.

    Aapje, Friday at 6:19 PM

    aapje was the first person to report the issue of the bug on these forums str8 into the syn wars feedback thread as it was happening lol
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  18. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    We just sent in a bug report :) and started to hit low syncs to get some xp, since we kind of guessed on a rollback or reset :) got 2 levels out of it.
    Would love to have this as a permanent event in sw, maybe just half the points gained in that period :D
  19. JARVIN

    JARVIN Active Member

    how about none of the points gained in that period? if you're willing to give back all of the levels and xp gained exploiting the glitch, i'm sure kano will be happy to fix the points properly. unless, of course, you object.

    EVILSPEAK New Member

    Well I'm happy. Sol from Kano refunded me my 10 FP's on Monday. Very prompt and polite. Thank you Sol, the balance has been stored.

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