[LCN] August 14 Syndicate Wars Token Issue

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Aardvark, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Your Sxual Sedation

    Your Sxual Sedation New Member

    seriously???? that is such a crock.... how did you guys even determine what was correct?
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  2. Aapje

    Aapje Well-Known Member

    We got killed several times, purely due to the bug....not rolled back.
    This cost us kill rewards....not rolled back
    We had to heal a lot more at bad WP return....not rolled back
    We used our tokens inefficiently to use all the tokens....not compensated for

    Nice job.
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  3. B R I B O S S A

    B R I B O S S A New Member

    I want my stam back now i see you took my points away or simple start the WAR OVER !!!
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  4. killerboy81

    killerboy81 New Member

    What you did wasn't fair....warpoints gone,but no giving back stamina.
    A bug in the system...but the players paying the price for it.
  5. Aardvark

    Aardvark Orycteropus Afer

    The patch should now be live!
    I just want to mention again that this issue was caught fairly early and not many accounts should have been affected.

    If you refilled your Tokens using FP, you should be fine - this patch should not have impacted you. It was designed to remove only the WP accumulated from extra Tokens the appeared from the bug.

    We did look at a number of different ways we could try and fix this, including leaving it as, cancelling the event entirely, or removing everyone's progress and starting over. However it was pretty important to us that the time and effort players had put in not be lost - we didn't want anyone to miss out on XP or rewards they had worked for!
  6. I refilled my stamina twice to take advantage of what I assumed all syns were experiencing. I would like those 20 FP credited back
    12 Maineiac 20664 81624
    3066 980 108 7 0 528 3

    As you can see I spent 3500 stamina during the event in good faith. Thank you
  7. Aapje

    Aapje Well-Known Member

    I feel that the current outcome has little relationship with the actual effort we put in. The fact that the points on the Member page still show the pre-fix values really drives this home. I have no clue how I personally actually performed with regard to the points we now have.
  8. Geoff Heretic Wild

    Geoff Heretic Wild Active Member

    You have exceeded the max amount of refills for the day, please try again tomorrow
    I used 4 refills during that time - I'm sure I wasn't the only one...do we get those back?
    We too were killed by DOA once - did we get those points back we lost?
    Too bad really - that was the most fun I've had in LCN for some time.
  9. B R I B O S S A

    B R I B O S S A New Member

    we want our stam back !! and favor points this was not our problem it was yours kano glitch !!
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  10. B R I B O S S A

    B R I B O S S A New Member

    And BTW the rewards suck for this event too !!!
  11. alan michael

    alan michael New Member

    this is BS!!!! we are never ever in 27th place we do not feel this adjustment has been fair!!!!!!!!!!!!we lost too many points this is crazy it is your mistake or Facebook and us players are being punished FIX THIS MAYBE JUST CANCEL syndicate wars and start again
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  12. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    I'm going to save my complaining for Tuesday when SW is over. Then that will be dependent upon where we finish. in all seriousness though hopefully once Kano has time to look into the issue and research what happened there will be additional information provided regarding what happened and the formula used to determine the post bug WPs.
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  13. alan michael

    alan michael New Member

    not happy with your fix why punish players for your bug and now it does not look to be fair just my opinion but looks like you took away too much
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  14. alan michael

    alan michael New Member

    i agree start over
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  15. alan michael

    alan michael New Member

    wipe this event and start over a lot of players are angry how are you going to fix the fact that we were killed several times because if this
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  16. PIOVRA919

    PIOVRA919 New Member

    This all crap....why take away our points? I spend 4 refills and now what? How they really know whats in or out ? This my opinion and I'm all for it.....
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  17. alan michael

    alan michael New Member

    I WANT MY 4 REFILLS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  18. FreddySmith

    FreddySmith New Member

    What rewards?
    For 4 days of fighting you call that rewards? The "rewards" you gain for your finish position doesn't even make up for what you put in. The whole Synd war is designed to make people waste FP. Also, what about those syndicates that got killed multiple times and are now worth half as much when you kill them, can you reset that too? Anyone that was on and using tokens to keep up with the Jones' is now behind the 8 Ball.
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  19. Willie Bizon

    Willie Bizon Member

  20. Aardvark

    Aardvark Orycteropus Afer

    Hm, if anything we tried to err on the side of caution when applying the WP correction. I'll request we do some further review.

    What we wanted to was to bring player's WP totals back into the realm of what would have been possible in a normal event. When we did our analysis of the patch, less that 50 players stood out as having using more Tokens than would have been possible to get through normal regeneration.

    Again, players who refilled their Tokens with FP were taken into account, and WP acquired with those Tokens should not have been affected, but I'll ask that totals be double-checked.

    I know the adjustments are not a perfect solution. There are a lot of variables and we don't have the ability to account and correct for every aspect of the game that could have been impacted, however we are working to minimize the sting as best we can.

    If you were participating in the War while this bug was live and are concerned about how your FPs or Stamina were impacted, please send in a ticket to Support so we can take a closer look at your case!

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